12 ethics of walking the red road

Mindfully practice this incredible act of humanity and the Red Road will be an easy path to follow. - Gaspesian Chief, Taken from 365 Days of Walking The Red Road by Terri Jean, Elder’s Meditation of the Day July 22, 2018. It is your road, and yours alone. Paint her portraits, swim in her waters, tend to her flowers, stroll through her glorious forest, and care for her many children: all plants, people, and animals. Respect human siblings by only speaking of their good qualities. Crystal Wind Forums - Discuss, Debate, Share, Socialize! It means being thankful for what we have, to only take what we need and to give back. “I fear no man, and I depend on the Great Spirit.” - Kondiaronk, Huron, late 17th century. Show respect to all people and bow to one….” - Tecumseh, Shawnee, 1768-1813. Make a pilgrimage into your soul... 365 Days of Walking the Red Road captures the priceless ancient knowledge Native American elders have passed on from generation to generation for centuries, and shows you how to move positively down your personal road without fear or doubt. Listening to your elders. Like the native Indians of the US and the aborigine of AUS. With the natural elements. Celtic Symbol : The White Hound Or The Stone When one is materialistic, one is not right with the Red Road. Speak up when wrong, and apologize. Own your thoughts. Honesty is the test of ones will within this universe. We can fall and stumble on the Red Path, but we also get up and keep going. View all posts by BRIDGENIT, Reverend Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff, Minister Of Health, Ministry Of Consciousness Ceremonial Offerings, Consulting ~ Coaching Business ~ Personal, 404 Error, content does not exist anymore, FUNDING FOR NON PROFIT MINISTRY OUT REACH IN URBAN FARM PROJECTS, Nate’s Mother Lori Open Up About His Healing 10 years AGO. Respect that opinion. To value and appreciate what you have to know that you are loved and save under the limbs of the Tree of Life, is to reject materialism and to live a life of virtue and appreciation. Thank You Josie. Traveling along the path of the Red Road is not an easy one, it is full of disappointments, obstacles, and temptations. I am their Chief. It means taking care and respecting ourselves and the Creator. I listened to the sound of the waves, the rhythm of the ocean, the cries of the birds. VIDA: A place for unique designs by a Metis artist, so much to love! Mother Nature is not for us…she is part of us and we, like everything else that lives and breathes upon her, are her children. Pray often. Without truth you cannot achieve inner balance - balance within yourself, with other beings, with Mother Earth, and with the Creator. If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan…” – Zitkala-Sa, (Red Bird), Sioux author and activist. The Crystal Wind Oracle Mobile App (Free Demo), An Astrological Overview of November 2020, Archangel Gabriel Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 3, 2020, VLOG 191- Holding Sacred Space During USA Elections, © 2008-2020 CrystalWind.ca.

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