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Finally, the dealer told him, You're just not used to the new generation of cars. They say working on it. ", "Album art only shows while vehicle is in Park on 2018 Camry with Entune 3 plus. ntuyen01 Posts: 7. People actually get excited over Camry? Browse Forums by: or: > Howdy, Stranger! A sudden loss of engine power could increase the risk of a crash. ", "Vehicle is so awsome that anything out of the ordinary is noticeable. ", "They can't seem to get the squeak to stop". I've been waiting in anticipation for the new Camry and was planning on upgrading next spring. I have a $99. ", "The 2018 Toyota uses Entune 3.0 for the infotainment center. ", "this is a known problem with the camry for that year; it hesitates at start of acceleration", "The new 8 speed transmission is not ready for prime time. ", "Sometimes the LDA works and sometimes it doesn't. An eight-speed automatic transmission is new, replacing last year's six-speed. Customers will flock elsewhere as folks like me aren't going to screw around with Scout & apps. Scout navigation system needs iPhone connected (USB). ", "Category for sunroof not listed. it frequently refuses to connect. I didn't know there was a problem, until I received the notice. On certain vehicles, an oil passage in the rotor of the vacuum pump may not have been machined properly and could result in oil not being distributed throughout the pump. This feature works perfectly fine with a Samsung 8 phone (Android). subscriber survey for about 420,000 vehicles, our reliability history charts give you a rundown Returned to dealer with complaint. Also, sometimes it tells me the system is not connected to my cell phone, and sometimes it doesn't tell me that. "after slowing down I try to accelerate and nothing happens for approx. Toyota grudgingly admits that there can be problems sometimes but blames everyone else. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 RedFlagDeals.com. I have not discussed this with Toyota". I can unsubscribe at anytime. ", "Sometimes the pairing is automatic (after having done the first pairing automatically). I just took my Camry in for a 6 month checkup and they did update the firmware of the Entune. For example, when I take a call in the car, they can hear me just fine, but when I enable voice control, it never gets the commands correct, or it ignores them entirely. Haha figures sandikosh would get excited about a camery refresh. View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Toronto, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Montreal, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Calgary, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Ottawa, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Edmonton, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Hamilton, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Vancouver, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Mississauga, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Winnipeg, View all 2018 Toyota Camry Deals in Saskatoon. All rights reserved. Locks up when multiple applications running. I am seeking an answer on my own and plan to go to the dealer if I can't. I don't like its exterior, don't like its interior, don't like turbos, and don't like CVT's. Same problem 2007 camry and 2011 Avalon. The told me this is how the car was built and other Camrys display the same amount of wind noise. On March 4, 2020, Toyota expanded the recall to include certain 2014-2015 Toyota 4Runner and Land Cruiser, 2018 Avalon, Corolla, 2014 FJ Cruiser, 2017 Sienna and Lexus 2018 ES 350, 2018-2019 GS 300, 2013-2014 GS350, 2014-2015 GX 460, IS 350 and LX 570, 2014 IS F, 2018-2019 IS 350, LC 500H and LS 500H, 2013-2015 LS 460, 2015 NX 200T and RC350, 2017 RC 200T and RX 350. The dealer did not want to deal with it. https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/46639/toyota/camry/2018-toyota-camry-lease-questions/p1?new=1. The recall began on May 9, 2018. Kirkland signature full synthetic oil 0W20 4.73L x 2 $29.99. It doesn't receive the automatic updates either. The whole ceiling collapsed while I was backing up. The system has shown there is a communication error and it will not load. TOYOTA COULD CARE LESS. I may opt for the LE for it's comfortable ride and lighter steering if it handles as well as my SE or better. ", "entune ,uses scout navigation.Very poor uses data from your phone. Very disappointed Toyota! I don't use Pandora because of privacy issues. I use the Nav too much to deal with something that cumbersome when I need to get somewhere quickly or on a long trip. I had tested it by going over the center line to see if it's working. ", "I cannot get my iPhone to connect with Bluetooth because of the Entune app system. I blame the dealership. On March 19, 2020, Toyota expanded the recall to include 2015 Lexus GS350 vehicles. Internet search revealed others with same problem. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. I spent $5,000 extra on every electronic package because that is so important to me and I GOT SCREWED!!! Will freeze up when it does work. Obviously, driver behavior can be modified to comport with the new operating system, but this probably should be a red box large print caution in the 150 page guide to the 700 page owner's manual. The salesman told us this system was great and after 2 frustrating weeks I went back and asked if I could exchange and upgrade our car to the V6 to have an embedded map. I have to un-install and re-install the application on my phone constantly and then it only works for a day before it freezes up or has some type of problem", "It is too complicated for us to hook up our phone. Original Equipment Camry Tires. Owners may contact Toyota customer service at 1-888-270-9371 or Lexus customer service at 1-800-255-3987. ", "Connecting iphone with entune doesn’t work in certain situations. But in spite of its new looks don't expect this car to drive much differently than its predecessors: Despite Toyota's insistence its new platform architecture will improve the car's dynamics, this car remains a distinctly middle-of-the-road vehicle designed to appeal to as many people as possible. Correction: Dealers will inspect the fuel delivery pipes for proper installation and connect them, as necessary. ", "Apparently the new cars of any model now have a feature where the engine shuts itself off when you stop at a stop light or stop sign. A little jerky and hesitant for my liking. It easier to use Google Maps or Apple Maps. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! ", "Dealer does not know how to fix dash noise or brake squeak. Can be dangerous. The salesperson was also unable to pair my phone. There is no internal mapping or GPS installed. ", "It was a recall. Then they changed the calipers. You can override this by pushing the ECO button or stepping on the gas. That's a little annoying. I got bifocal sunglasses to read the screens. ", "System operates to extreme in highway traffic. In between times I haven't tried to change any settings. The problem was intermittent and still occurs after the dealer kept the car for two days repairing the system. I know it doesn't work below 34 mph, but that's not the problem. Turns on at times when no one is back there. So far with close to 1,000 miles on the clock, I love it. I signed the lease on Oct 28, 2017 and have 33 payments left. 3-5 seconds. Bluetooth), voice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface (e.g., iPod/MP3 player), backup or other camera/sensors. The car has to be taken to the dealer to receive the updates. ", "There was a Special Service Campaign on Intelligent Clearance Sonar due to improper programming. ", "The right side would not always indicate a vehicle in the blind spot area. ", "I have taken it in several times, but it is still going blank", "The etune system and especially the Scout navigation system are terrible. They have given up and are no longer talking with me although I have been polite. What good is a safety alarm if you cannot hear it???". Note: This recall is an expansion of recalls SRC R95/SRC R96 and SRC RA2/SRC RA3 (Transport Canada Recall Numbers 2020-005 and 2020-088). The new Camry looks so great with respect to everything else. You are better off using a Garmin or the Google map on your phone. ", "Noises from the dash. ... 2018 Toyota Camry SE. ", "Volume of the Rear Cross-Track alarm is totally inadequate & unsafe. © 2020 TRADER Corporation. Then they want a subscription after three years, who are they kidding. At less than 8000 miles the paint was peeling off in large chunks near the front surfaces next to the grill. ", "Voice control is unusable unless phone is tethered (does not work with Bluetooth)", "I can't ever get the on board voice controls to work properly, despite the microphone working just fine. Phone apps to make most (restricted) options work do not work. Gives me a good impression to use for work. "When I turn the turn signal on to change lanes all is well. New parts ordered and installed without charge last week. Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, clutch replacement. Software updates have not fixed any of the problems as the system is poorly designed and Toyota has not seen fit to improve it in any meaningful way. We drive the fully redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry, a midsize family sedan that is better in every way. Fuel consumption estimates vary trim to trim, but a couple of representative figures are 8.4/6.0 L/100 km (city/highway) for the popular LE trim, and 10.7/7.4 L/100 km in XSE V6 trim. when mandatory software update are installed setup data may be forgotten. MY WIFE SAID NO CAR TRIPS UNTIL WE GET A NEW CAR IN 2021, IT WON'T BE ONE OF THESE. Correction: Dealers will inspect piston production date code and, if an engine contains a piston from the affected production period, the engine assembly will be replaced with a new one. "Transmission does not downshift properly sometimes, especially when coming to a complete stop. i'll be shopping 2018 camry LE versus 2018 sonata SEL. I just sat in a 2018 SE. ", "The Entune 3.0 system is worthless. USB connection stops working while usindg entune gps app.

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