a worn path scholarly article

It may also be significant that throughout her journey, Phoenix communicates with each animal she encounters. 16, No. The concept of exposition relates to the explanation of both settings as well as of character. In A Worn Path by Eudora Welty we have the theme of struggle, sacrifice, determination, perseverance, selflessness and love. Taken from her A Curtain of Green and Other Stories collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Welty may be using the setting of the story to explore the theme of struggle. Keep up the good work. option. I read this a while ago and remember thinking that one possibility for the ending is that the grandson is dead, but Phoenix makes the journey by habit (maybe she’s in denial through grief) and the nurses give her the medicine out of kindness, so long as she shows up. Welty’s “A Worn Path” is a narrative told to show self-sacrifice, love, and perseverance. The implication of the story is that humans show compassion for the vulnerable and even those people who need help. institution. institution. Another tense episode happened when Phoenix meets a white hunter who initially appeared friendly (Welty 5). Required fields are marked *. She also meets various people including a hunter and the nurse. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The primary theme in the story is that of the undying love of Phoenix Jackson to her grandson. She struggles against intense fatigue as well as poor eyesight. The white man (hunter) who encounters Phoenix as she is going to town calls her ‘Granny’, while the young woman who helps Phoenix tie her shoe lace calls her ‘Grandma’. How to highlight in papers 3 political effects of the industrial revolution sarah vowell nytimes easy courses to take in college carnegie mellon english phd opening a cafe with no experience larson calculus 10th edition pdf. Throughout the story, Jackson suffers through many cases, and at times, feels the need to just give up. The hunter mistakenly dropped a nickel, Phoenix picks the item that made the white hunter point the gun at her. By doing so Welty may be highlighting Phoenix’s capacity to love despite incurring difficulties. UNC Press is also the proud publisher for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture in Williamsburg, Virginia. However, her unwavering love gives her all the strength she needs to face her adversities. However, one of the negative aspects of technological advancement is the increase in violence and use of …, Tattoos are marks made onto the body different purposes depending on the person interested in getting tattooed. Academic Master is a writing company that provides free essays to the students all over the World. Perhaps Phoenix is her grandson’s sole guardian. Copyright 2003-2019 | Academic Master is a trading name of HighEnd Technologies LTD. Every essay on this website is copyrighted by Academic Master. Similarly the attendant in the hospital also calls Phoenix ‘Grandma’ and ‘a charity case’. Helping others speech. However, through the plot, Phoenix is seen to be in direct conflict with the outside world. Welty calls for the society to embrace love and self-sacrifice. “A Worn Path” narrates the journey made by an elderly woman known as Phoenix Jackson, who walks on foot to the city of Natchez to get medicine for her unwell grandson. Also the nurse in the hospital calls her ‘Aunt Phoenix’. Despite the difficulties that she has had to overcome Phoenix has been selfless with her only priority being to help her grandson and get him the medicine he needs. For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions Why are black men absent in this short story? Another theme that comes out clearly is self-sacrifice. UNC Press publishes over 100 new books annually, in a variety of disciplines, in a variety of formats, both print and electronic. The fact that Phoenix lives so far from town may also be significant as it is through distancing Phoenix from others (and those who live in town) that Welty may be highlighting the racial isolation that existed at the time. Each of these incidents may be important as it is possible that Welty is not only highlighting to the reader the struggles that Phoenix encounters on her journey into town but it is also possible that Welty is highlighting the struggles that many (if not all) African Americans at the time the story was published (1941) encountered while trying to make some progress in their lives. Phoenix had to rise again out of hardship through her life in order to meet her desires and those of her family. Get an essay WRITTEN FOR YOU, Plagiarism free, and by an EXPERT! I would need to read the story again to answer your question. Welty explored the ironical nature of events, “A Worn Path” is an example of the application of irony as a literary technique for making the story with its intended connotation. I think there’s some kind of holiday in the town, so maybe it’s also an unspoken need to connect with people, after living remotely and after the death of her grandchild. "A Worn Path by Eudora Welty.". The fact that Phoenix is not scared may also be important as it is possible that Welty is suggesting that aggression against African Americans (again at the time the story was published) may have been a common occurrence. Furthermore, she also sees apparitions that do not exist in her struggle along the lonely path to get to town (Welty 12).

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