anisa jomha reddit

Edmonton, Alberta. 536383, File: 1521773557566.jpg (498.96 KB, 998x580, anisa jomha has downs syndrome…), Anonymous 03/23/18 (Fri) 02:55:46 AM No. 503872, Anonymous 02/15/18 (Thu) 10:16:49 PM No. 560469, Anonymous 04/20/18 (Fri) 06:35:53 AM No. Anisa is so bland she keeps stealing aesthetics and styles from other people she likes. 548102, Anonymous 04/06/18 (Fri) 05:13:15 PM No. 538203, File: 1522012122030.png (299.79 KB, 609x691, Capture.PNG), Anonymous 03/25/18 (Sun) 09:24:26 PM No. 576059, File: 1525724812207.png (835.69 KB, 1530x618, anita sarkeesian idubbbz.png), Anonymous 05/07/18 (Mon) 08:33:50 PM No. 555711, File: 1523741651015.jpg (484.29 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1284.JPG), Anonymous 04/14/18 (Sat) 09:41:13 PM No. 471121, Anonymous 01/15/18 (Mon) 08:59:31 PM No. 473308, Anonymous 01/17/18 (Wed) 11:02:01 AM No. 521552, Anonymous 03/06/18 (Tue) 08:50:53 AM No. 486565, Anonymous 02/01/18 (Thu) 07:07:35 AM No. The site's in read-only mode. Apr 13, 2020, 10:31 am* IRL. 538339, Anonymous 03/26/18 (Mon) 01:15:15 AM No. Kailey and creepy old men, such a loyal fan base to have, God damn I just saw a pic of kaylie damn Anisa is pretty compared to her, how come twitch didnt ban anisa when she let the n-word slip on stream, I still laugh my ass off at this one, bitch looks like a mom trying her hardest to look hot, lmfao. 526715, Anonymous 03/13/18 (Tue) 10:43:01 AM No. Her extensions are getting ratty as hell, also why does she always post pictures where she looks mentally retarded, sage for dumb question but do you guys think ian will fall from grace any time soon?the cc is the only "good" content on his channel nowadays, Her latest pics remind me of this classic Vine…. It makes her #different, she had a another berakdown on stream today because of "real life stuff", nothing, Hey I don't normally post here I just look sometimes but I asked sky if he was doing a video on anisa still and he said yes (about 2 weeks ago) it's on twitter somewhere, Sorry that idk how this works, but sky confirmed a video on anisa coming soon. Here's a link to a user-made PULL discord server: Sign in to follow this . 576248, Anonymous 05/08/18 (Tue) 12:31:27 AM No. He has 3 different channels on Youtube which are iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames. Viewers. 522182, File: 1520363221799.png (86.17 KB, 750x832, IMG_0737.PNG), Anonymous 03/06/18 (Tue) 07:17:39 PM No. TikTok. 578414, Anonymous 05/10/18 (Thu) 09:40:20 PM No. 575519, Anonymous 05/07/18 (Mon) 03:52:54 AM No. 550592, Anonymous 04/09/18 (Mon) 01:40:17 PM No. The reason people fucked anisa because she is whoring,cheating,leeching, and a titty streamer. Hahaha would love to see what you guys look like. 518858, Anonymous 03/03/18 (Sat) 04:32:06 PM No. He's been dating Anisa Jomha for a. Twitch streamer and iDubbbz's girlfriend Anisa Jomha is now banned on Twitch following controversy around the YouTuber. Pear has been quiet about being "IDUBBBZ GIRLLLLFRIEND XDXDXD." 550596, Anonymous 04/09/18 (Mon) 01:50:30 PM No.

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