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[38:36]Yeah, I can see both sides of this one. He also held management positions in finance in several Swire Coca-Cola bottling plants or business departments. I mean, it is one of the reasons that people are speculating that Ant is not listing in the US, and choosing a dual-listing in Hong Kong and China instead, although the company insists this was always the plan. The Chinese fintech giant's chief executive, Eric Jing, sets out his big idea ahead of an eagerly awaited IPO, tipped for next year. All rights reserved. Solving practical problems with technology has always been the product logic of Ant Financial. Literally as we are recording this episode, for example, the government announced that it will cap loan interest rates to 15.4%, which will likely eat into Ant’s margins, since it is so heavy on CreditTech. China offers three paths through which consumers can save for life after work, including the national pension system, voluntary occupational pensions, in the form of annuities, and private savings. That’s because everything still had to go through your internet banking system, and completion rates were low. Every person has a different myth related to it. 71: Industry trends in China’s COVID-19 recovery, with Mu Chen. Ant claims to use “AI” to pair consumers with the best investment products for them. (The graph below shows the current businesses distribution of China's fintech market, it shows that the third-party payment business still counts for the largest proportion with a nearly 90% market occupation, followed by wealth management sector with a share of 4.9%.). But the Chinese government isn’t the only one who is keeping close tabs on what Ant is up to. Hey don’t look at me, I’m not an insurance expert, I’m just quoting you what Deloitte published on the sector. [54:30]Thanks for listening and don’t forget to write us that review for your free Extra Buzz subscription. You pay a monthly fee into a giant pool of money along with other people, and if you get one of 100 pre-agreed critical illnesses — mostly cancers — you can submit a claim to Ant, and if approved, you get paid a one-time payment of up to $43,000. We mention it because Jack Ma has been very public about his love for blockchain technology, which is probably why Ant has topped the blockchain patent charts in the last 4 years. Why not just have partners take responsibility and just provide the “technology?” Right now 98% of the credit balance through Ant is underwritten by partners or securitized. The Philippine insurer has also raised its cash holdings amid fears of a lingering impact from Covid on the local economy and stock market, says chief investment officer Arleen Guevara. He was named Chief Financial Officer of Alipay in September 2009 and Ant Financial’s Chief Operating Officer in October 2014, before becoming President in June 2015. It’s still very, very low compared to normal insurance premiums, but remember that it’s also got very limited coverage, and there’s been horror stories of Ant denying payouts, as well as using all sorts of growth hacking tactics to get folks to unwittingly sign up, all of which have brought controversy to the platform. It’s not your credit score. Jack Ma, though, was not content to let Alipay be a part of Taobao. We go over the whole story in Episode 11, our first Tech Buzz show on Ant. And until the government figures out a better solution, this is how it’s going to be. [34:48]And what’s great about the InsureTech business is that the revenue Ant collects is 20% of the premium value transacted. The con is that no one knows what’s coming down the line, and it can be kind of scary to operate, when you have regulatory uncertainty like this. No wonder then that the CreditTech products like Huabei and Jiebei are now bigger than Alipay revenue-wise. Alibaba Group would receive fees from the newly named Ant Financial spinoff for now, and have the option of converting to one-third equity ownership in the future. I’d say that’s a positive indicator, but it also shows us how much government policy can affect this business. This reflects the entrenched advantage of established e-commerce players with huge client bases. As someone once said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” The source of this quote is in doubt, but the wisdom contained within is not. Trump is in the process of attempting to force the hugely popular video sharing site TikTok, owned by private Chinese company ByteDance, to sell its US operation to an American owner or face being shut down. And that’s kind of what Ant CreditTech is doing, indeed. “This is the first time AUM has fallen below $3.5 trillion since Q4-2018,” says Preqin. The National Internet Finance Association of China owns 36%, and all the rest of you own 8% each. And anyway, we are talking here about the biggest IPO not just on the HKSE, or STAR, but of all time. EqualOcean is an international information service provider and investment research firm that aims to become a global platform for industrial innovation. It’s prohibited. We first covered Ant Group over two years ago in Episode 11, titled “After Alibaba, Team Jack Ma’s Newest Centacorn: Ant Financial.” At the time, Ant had said it planned to transition from the payments business, which accounted for over half of revenues, into a company that would rely mostly on “technical services” for revenue. A company that made $18mm in profit every day the first half of this year and grew 38% year-on-year, in the middle of covid? The China insurer has tactically increased its allocation to China government bonds as yields rebound, its group CIO said in a webinar hosted by. Or both. Shareholding Structure & Executives Background. However, the coverage and information sufficiency are much below the developed countries. Given how young China’s credit system is, I can’t fault users for being confused about how this all works. In addition to Tech Buzz, you can also find Sinica which covers current affairs. After decades of financial trials using Alipay and direct involvement in the Chinese financial service market, Ant Financial built up its fintech ecosystem in two years, providing services such as Alipay, Yu’e bao, MY Bank, Ant Fortune, and Ant Insurance Service. Like other start-up asset managers, the Asian private debt fund house is finding it hard to secure capital amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As of Sep 30, 2019, AUM totaled $68.8 billion, down 14% year over year. OK but fintech can be pretty profitable in general, let’s not get too wow’ed there. As many people have pointed out, this was as revolutionary as Robinhood with their no-fee trading and fractional shares. wary of what they see as the high marketing costs, Ex-BlackRock exec joins Zerobridge to lead fundraising, Market Views: What China’s next five-year plan may bring, CIC seeking more non-US partners for co-investments, Private assets make up 13.7% of portfolios: Schroders survey, AIA Philam Life eyes illiquid assets beyond property, New methods of portfolio balancing – a multi-strategy approach, Ant Fortune president talks product selection, Ant Financial's IPO underlines US insto desire for China, Alibaba debuts mobile fund platform in new fintech push, How Ant Financial’s vision is taking shape, CPIC Life buying China govt bonds, private equity, Asian instos favouring real assets amid instability concerns, New rules to crimp super fund fees, boost passive strategies. So like all unintuitive things — and I would say insurance is unintuitive — it’s going to take some time. Anyway, aside from the U.S., we have all been watching the Indian-Chinese relationship deteriorate. In fact, we can basically do some simple math and arrive at the conclusion that Ant is only getting something like 0.05% of each transaction. Investment experts are mulling potential outcomes. But, there are whispers of changes to antitrust regulations in the pipeline, and that could hurt Ant as it tries to grow. That figure would indeed make it the largest public offering the world has ever seen. Yeah. Although that only amounted to $8Bn in revenues, or0.05% of the transaction volume. You just might encounter a lot of speed bumps on the way there, that’s all. Institutional investors still believe private asset investing comes with extra challenges, but that the diversification and return benefits make it worth their while. Alipay – a mobile wallet app supports make and accept payments. What are its weaknesses? We predict there is going to be one company and one company only that’s the king of China tech headlines this month, and no, it’s not ByteDance, exciting as the drama of its TikTok spinoff is turning out to be. With the mission of "bring the world equal opportunities", Ant Financial is dedicated to creating an open, shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations. And they already have the record for “largest ever” single private fundraise. Which is why when Huabei said it would also start plugging into the nationwide credit system this summer, people started freaking out and were debating whether or not to abandon the product. But you can borrow quite a bit with Jiebei. Available for everyone, funded by readers, Spokeswoman voices fears over openness of UK market after MPs say Huawei is security risk, Tit-for-tat move follows measures by Ottawa, Canberra and London over new security law, Observers link apparent decision to growing hostilities between UK and China, Ex-governor of Hong Kong tells Tory lobby group an alliance is needed to protect rule of law. While Huabei credit limits do go up to $7000, your average user is much lower than that. Although I still think in the long term, the promised liberalization of Chinese financial markets is acompelling tailwind. They were previously unavailable to Chinese consumers until the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the first batch of 14 funds on Monday. We didn’t really talk about it because this falls under Ant’s “innovation” revenue segment, which accounts for less than 1% of sales, but if you’re into blockchain, the TL;DR is that Ant is really focusing only on the boring use cases of the blockchain, no tokens, no coins, no DeFi … just pure utility. In order to correct that misconception, Alipay spent the next several years establishing partnerships — such as with gaming companies, so you could prepay for your World of Warcraft gameplay, for example — and even expanded abroad, dipping its toe in the international market by going into Hong Kong in 2007.

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