are hedgehogs sensitive to sound

You might have noticed that your hedgehog sniffs the ground often as it walks, this way; it can smell food that is buried as deep as an inch into the soil. A female is friendlier than a male and a nervous hedgehog will make a clicking sound before attacking. Hearing will also play a big role in your hedgehog’s senses. They also can detect other hedgehogs by scent. Hedgehogs are very sensitive to sound in that most ball up or “prickle” when they hear new or loud noises. On the other hand though they might have no reaction I mean I watch stuff on my laptop and my boyfriend plays video games and again my hedgie sleeps on. This is why it is important to keep your pet hedgehog in a quiet place so that the animal does not feel any discomfort. These guys are always sniffing as they walk, able to pick up the scent of dinner under as much as an inch of soil. In addition, rabbits have very sensitive hearing and are perpetually alert to sounds around them. It can smell and identify you yards away. As good as hedgehog hearing is, it's only their second most valuable sense. ( Log Out /  Hedgehogs can even hear at ultrasonic range. Heavy honking, barking, etc., can cause them to feel scared, forcing them to leave their crib and go out. It will use hearing to detect danger, find its food and even to familiarize itself with the new environment of your home. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Their eyesight is poor, but their keen hearing and sharp sense of smell help them get by quite well in the world. It was born blind but its sight improved with age. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. Yes, your hedgehog is extremely sensitive to strong smells and odors. I can almost never hear anything from any other room in the house unless it's a really loud noise like the TV is up really high or someone yells or our dogs bark. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This probably means that you should stick to one scent of perfumes, shampoos, bathing gels, soap and so on. Empower Her. Talking to your hedgehog while holding, snuggling, bathing, and other enjoyable activities will help your hedgehog associate the sound of your voice with comfort and enjoyment. I’m planning of getting a hedgehog this summer and I’ve been doing lots of research so I can be as prepared as possible. Daphne hates it all with a passion. All hedgehogs are different but they have really sensitive ears so I recommend doing things that are too loud but I think a flute would be fine. That's OK, however, because they don't really use their eyesight all that much. ( Log Out /  They can't hear low-pitched sounds as well as humans can, who can hear down to 64 Hz, but it's much higher than the human range of 23,000 Hz. It is also this very same sense of smell that a hedgehog will use to find other hedgehogs and to recognize any danger.

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