arkansas mallard mecca

Gun Stories host Joe Mantegna talks about the origin and history of the Browning A5 shotgun. I can provide website links with more photos/descriptions. The wind picked up, which didn’t help, but we eventually scratched out a limit, soaking our clothes with every volley, as water poured down the backs of our waders each time we sat up to shoot. Ten people with limits by 10 a.m.," he says, "and they did that all but one day of the entire season." EASEMENTS: Electric high line (Credit: Josh Newsom), The walk in had been so tough for out-of-shape me (and I think the guys thought I was too slow) that they suggested I walk to the opposite treeline and take the road behind it, which we all assumed would loop around to the truck. The problem is, shock collars can often be mis-managed or misused altogether. There are some prime hunts to be had around that region. With a special autographed box and a laser engraved call body, the Cowboy Classic is a perfect way to honor the legacy of the 1959 world duck calling champ and inventor of the double-reed duck call. Stuttgart is one of those bucket list spots waterfowlers dream of with waves of big greenheads floating down through the hardwood limbs. "It's a mighty damned big state," Russell says. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. For more information go to: The next closest state? An affordable hunt at $250 to $300 per day, and it's not too expensive to get to, because any major airline flies to Baltimore or Washington D.C. We are between two major flyways: Bayou Meto WMA and the White River National Wildlife Refuge. The realism and durability is tough to beat.”. Gun Stories host Joe Mantegna talks about the origin and history of the Browning A5 shotgun. Terms of Use | Central Saskatchewan — It is hard to beat an early season mallard in what is referred to as the "Bread Basket" of the Canadian prairies. One of the biggest bodies of water on the East Coast is home to massive ledges where deeper waters come right up to oyster shoals and the hunting is terrific for white-winged, surf and common scoters. We moved the blinds a second time among some drier grass, knowing the birds really wanted to be about 50 yards over to our right. TERRAIN: Flat to slightly rolling Stuttgart, Arkansas — Still considered the duck capital of the world and legendary for mallards in the timber, it has to go on a list of mallard hot spots. And, of course, it was worth it. *discount for new memebrs only*. The last four days before my arrival had seen snow, ice and temps in the teens, but overnight it warmed up dramatically. Here are five top locations for killing a pile of snows this spring. 5. They can’t get out of there. Great mallard hunting is a given in central ND, and the state's laws are set up so outfitters have to play by many of the same rules as regular hunters. It's a simple outing and affordable for this ultimate trophy. "My kid out there mowing grass this summer could afford this hunt. Thousands of acres of impoundments and standing flooded corn are routine on private lands, and you can bring your boat and hit the Columbia, McNary and other spots scattered around the big river's many refuges. MINERALS: None Lessons for Women Learning to Waterfowl Hunt, Testing the Savage Renegauge on North Dakota Waterfowl. As legal light arrived, birds were everywhere, headed north. All Rights Reserved. I like to know what section of the field the birds are using, and hunt accordingly. From the Grind Waterfowl TV: “The Grind heads to Goose Farms in Arkansas to meet up with J Paul Jackson from Excel Boats. Stuttgart? A dainty English setter suited for the uplands has the drive for waterfowl. Oklahoma hasn’t been let out of the bag quite yet. There is an avid core of local hunters that quietly enjoy some of the best gunning for Pacific Flyway mallards on the west coast. Manitoba is a waterfowler's dream. ... this beautiful U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment is a water sports mecca … But we do it, and we love it, and we gripe about it, and we’re a little relieved when season is over, and we can’t wait til season opens next year, and we’ll do it all again for as long as we’re able. If you're willing to put in the work, there's no better place than Arkansas to knock down rice field mallards. We hopped up and moved the blinds 20 yards away where we had a little more foliage, but that didn’t seem to satisfy them, either. There is nothing better than a good guided hunting trip and few things more frustrating than a bad one. The wind was blowing 20 mph at our backs, and the birds had trouble lining up in such strong winds, but we shot singles and pairs and a few gadwalls. Missouri, more than 250,000 birds behind. Good thing for us it was 60 degrees out, because the layout blinds had four inches of water in them before we even got settled in. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Ready to grill up some delicious, juicy waterfowl burgers? Arkansas is consider by many as the mecca of Eagle Watching during late winter, Primarily because of its many large and open winter waters. 4. Yes indeed, the Snake River is a duck hunter’s dream. Mallard Mecca Farm, LLC is an Oklahoma Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 6, 2013. Idaho. I personaly would love to share this with fun loving outdoor enthusiasts. The Grand Prairie is still king when it comes to killing green. Last I checked they kill a few birds here, some of them are even mallards. With a seven greenhead limit and tornadoes of pintail, wigeon and Canada geese flocking through eastern Washington, this is one of the most consistent bets in the country. So I’ll save the clichés of locked wings and feet down and get right to it. 20% Off Your First Year Annual Membership! All Wildfowl subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. The Mattamuskeet Refuge area is the hub of hunting North America's largest legal waterfowl. Mossy Oak's Prostaff manager, Mario Friendy, looks skyward and grins just thinking back the days when he guided there for well-known local outfitter Mike Franklin at Pacific Wings. Learn how to create your own. EXPIRED: 35 +/- Acres in Burt County, Nebraska for $259,900. So, whether you want to extend your duck- or goose-hunting adventure to Manitoba or want to go there just try your hand at these birds alone, check out the amazing opportunities for Sandhills just over the border in Canada. Day two. There’s no doubt that Arkansas is still the Mecca for mallards. "Texas has always been the place to go to shoot cranes and it hasn't slowed a bit." Historic Chesapeake gets all the hype, and Delaware Bay is not on the radar of many waterfowl hunts, but it should be. It was glorious — the exact kind of mess duck hunters live for. SHOWINGS: Showings are by appointment only and Buyers representative must be identified upon first contact and accompany Buyer on all showings to participate in any commissions. Everybody knows about the great duck and goose hunting this province offers, but what many hunters from the States don't know is how great the hunting for Sandhill cranes is here. The cool thing about mallards is they can be found and hunt them in just about every state in the country. It's the place to go to get your hand on a beautiful plumed out swan for taxidermy in January. For duck and goose hunters, this is a paradise, and it's no longer a secret. Stories will be told and supper will be served. 6 permitted water wells and 3 irrigation pivots “If I could only hunt one more place, it would be in Arkansas. 3. These elements combined with the Outdoorsman Persona is what makes this site exceptional. "Instead of seeing a few you will see hundreds if not thousands, and when you get your swans you can chase pintails, scooters, long-tails and all kinds of fun stuff." “Less pressure tends to keep birds around longer.”. Guest will arrive to our newly built 5,000 sq ft lodge near Wilmot, Ar the day prior to their hunt. Access is relatively easy, and the birds hang around well after freeze-up. Mallard Mecca 465 Ac Fort Cobb, Oklahoma GENERAL DESCRIPTION: World class waterfowl hunting for ducks and geese on managed waterfowl impoundments and agricultural fields near the famed Fort Cobb Refuge. “While I enjoy every minute of the hunt, I want to be in and out as soon as possible,” Wallace continues. He grew up chasing mallards and Canada geese on the Illinois River with his father and continues to pursue his passion for the birds as the associate editor of Wildfowl and Gun Dog Magazines.

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