armadillo grill bar rescue episode

Nightlife expert Jon Taffer helps struggling bar owners overcome health hazards, mediocre staffing and branding issues in order to become profitable establishments. Bar Rescue Updates has all of the updates for the bars that have appeared on Spike TV's Bar Rescue. Stop in and grab a plate and drink or order fresh food delivered directly to your door. Brenda’s Inferno is ready to meet your expectations as a literally cool place to hang out for a few hours. With businesses open again, you can enjoy a carefully crafted cocktail made to your taste. Rate. Stay cool, eat well, and enjoy a refreshing drink during one of the driest summers on record. Still, we highly encourage guests to sit six feet apart, wear a mask when not eating, and avoid common areas such as the pool tables. Premiered: Jul 2011; Episodes: 196; Followers: 261; Rank #1454. A bar owner's drunk antics chase away customers and force her husband and their investor to pick up the slack. You can always bring friends. Watch Episodes. 1. Converse over classic Southwestern pub fair or a craft cocktail. Rate. He bought a bar and bowling center as a tribute to his father, but the business is heading into the gutter and in danger of shutting down for good. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. Jon attempts to rescue The Sandbar as an investor and owner battle over control of a sinking bar. We want everyone to enjoy fresh food and drink in Arizona. 4. We have all the information about your favorite TV series. Bar Rescue. Jon is at The Armadillo Grill in Phoenix, AZ, to help its beloved owner Brenda who is in over her he Feel the heat with a southwest chicken sandwich or steak sandwich topped by hatch chilis. Rate. Can I still have a fun night out in Arizona? A retired Vietnam vet's family's legacy is at stake. Jon goes to Northern California to save The Grant Bar for a know-it-all owner who blames everybody but himself for the failures of his establishment. Rate. 9. Menu. From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes. Armadillo Grill: Phoenix, Arizona: September 13, 2020 () Specials. Brenda’s Inferno, formerly the Armadillo Grill, serves meals from scratch to your door or on location. We bring the spice to your night with dishes inspired by the west. Bar Rescue. Where can I visit a sports bar in Phoenix? Air date. Rate. Rate. A Silver Dollar Saved Is a Silver Dollar Earned, March TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, March TV Calendar: Series Return and Premiere Dates. Season 7 Episode 16, The Mother of All Failures. Owned and operated in the Triangle since 1993 Armadillo Grill combines the highest quality ingredients, with outstanding service to deliver an exceptional casual dining experience. Copyright @ Brenda's Inferno 2020 - All rights reserved. Error: please try again. Enjoy fresh fried shrimp from only a state away as well. Arizona continues to be hard hit by the coronavirus. Season 7, Episode 16 of the series Bar Rescue - Jon is at The Armadillo Grill in Phoenix, AZ, to help its beloved owner Brenda who is in over her he Episodes & Videos. Rate. Jon sets out to boost membership and raise funds for a struggling New Mexico VFW post; a rescue that is close to his heart. Our drinks, many from our Bar Rescue episode, bring the Southwest to your table. Sign in to Watch. Season 7. Jon Taffer helps a defiant owner take responsibility for his failures in order to save himself from ruin. You're blocking our ads. We are ready to serve and continue a legacy left by John Tapper and Bar Rescue while respecting the needs of our customers in this trying time. 2020 Breaking Brandon. Jon is at The Armadillo Grill in Phoenix, AZ, to help its beloved owner Brenda who is in over her head and oblivious to a filthy kitchen that is hazardous to both employees and patrons. S7 • E16. Two absentee owners see their bar as more of an investment than a business and refuse to engage with the staff or customers until Jon Taffer comes to intervene. Add Image. She isn't showing proper leadership and the bar is falling apart with nobody being held accountable. We try new dishes to tickle your taste buds. Where can I visit a sports bar in Phoenix? 26K likes. Log in or sign up. 6. Rate. The Armadillo Grill, now Brenda’s Inferno, is doing as much as possible to keep customers healthy while they enjoy our fresh fare. Rate. What precautions do I need to take when visiting a bar in Phoenix? T-Pain and Jon Taffer travel to historic Old Town Sacramento to resurrect an owner haunted by the ghosts of his past, as well as his failures as an owner. 3. New cases surged into the thousands this June. 0. The Armadillo Grill is also known as "The Dillo" and is owned by Brenda Lambrecht who borrowed money from her father to help buy the bar. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user.

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