baby bobby stories

Mommy stuck the bottle in the microwave and peeked around the corner to check up on her little one. “As you can see for yourself, Timmy here wouldn’t have been able to satisfy you anyway,” Mrs. Patterson remarked caustically. But for whatever reason, there hadn’t been a lot of attention shown her by the hot guys at school lately so she decided to give the somewhat geeky Tim a chance. “Yes, based on what you’ve told me about Brian’s wetting habits.”. A place where readers can find my stories, unedited, in their original form. How dare the little sneak try and go out on a date behind her back! Brian’s eyes misted with tears and he began whimpering in protest. It is the second largest AR/AP story collection on the web, with stories that can not be found anywhere else. Betty's Pub is a non-profit organization & support group for the transgendered, & Fetware community. baby bobby stories. “Yes?” Mrs. Patterson demanded imperiously. The youth blushed bright red and looked away in shame. Unfortunately, that merely had the affect of encouraging them, and they taunted him with their usual epithet of ‘sissy-Timmy’. She was a great Mom. Tasha was struck by the difference in their sizes–Mrs. “Uh, he invited me out on a date with him,” she replied flippantly, not to be intimidated by the old battle axe. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. As they passed through the spacious dining room, to her surprise, the older woman picked up a stout wooden rectangular paddle with numerous holes in its face and continued down the hallway. “Here you are honey–some sweet smelling baby powder.”. His mother completely ignored him, jerking down his pants and wet underwear before throwing him over her firm lap. Updated Daily. Not a chance,” Tasha replied emphatically, “You can have him.”. But to think that he was going to be punished like a child, with an old-fashioned spanking, almost made her giggle out loud. His mouth went dry and his heart rate skyrocketed. Completely defeated, Tim submissively raised his arms as his mom lowered the emasculating top over his head. Clearly, she had decided that diapers and plastic panties were going to be a part of his life for the immediate future and there was nothing he could do about it. He was out of breath, and his heart was racing but it wasn’t just from the exertion. “Is that heavy?” Mrs. Evans asked as she showed her to the living room. There were some other wetting accidents as I went through puberty, and also when I became bedridden because of an ankle injury, but my mother was always very understanding, and helpful towards me. She controlled every aspect of his life, what his activities would be, and including who his friends would or would not be. It seems like the weather turned hot, and my mother gave me permission to sleep naked, if I wanted too. “You’re certainly welcome, honey-bunches,” she replied with a beautiful smile, “I think it’s just what you need.”. Tim’s hand shot down reflexively to try and cover his tiny little package but his mom slapped his hands away. Tasha shrugged and followed Tim’s mother into the immaculate interior of the house. The walls were covered with nursery style wallpaper and fuzzy pink curtains diffused the warm sunlight filtering in. Last October,i recieved my Sacrement of Confirmation [10th grade] and had to wear a white dress and veil with white tights.My parents required me to wear the diapers and rubberpants under my tights for the whole day! He had never been so ashamed in his entire life. Worse yet, it was mortifying having his little rosebud so humiliatingly exposed before this stranger. That was many, many years ago but I still start to shake with shame when I reflect back and re-live those times. “Yes, you might as well keep wearing them the rest of the evening–it will help you get used to the feel of being in diapers from now on,” she explained matter-of-factly. This usually happened with baby boys. As I kept peeing, my mother eventually put her hand over my penis, blocking my pee stream, just like she did with the babies in her nursery. Audience Overlap Similar sites that share the same visitors and search keywords with this site. Their jealousy and envy notwithstanding, Tasha was arguably the hottest cheerleader on the school’s team. Her tone carried the absolute minimum of politeness required. Her son blushed slightly, feigning innocence. When I was around 12, or 13 years old, I noticed that sometimes when my mother removed a baby’s diaper, the baby would start to pee everywhere. She had made it quite clear that dating was strictly forbidden to him. Early the next morning, I woke up, and found myself laying naked on top of my bed sheets. ... A small pink dresser was to the side and one of its two drawers was open revealing a multitude of plastic baby pants. Try searching for a popular competing website instead, and then look at their traffic statistics. “Hi! I have been bedwetting for over a year now and i too have to wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night! Poor Tim had pleaded and begged with them, offering them all of his future lunch money if they would only let him go just this one time. Tasha stood above him, slowly shaking her head as she crossed her arms over her sexy, imposing chest. ( Log Out /  “You can tell them you’re a bedwetter and these are to protect your mattress and sheets,” she replied simply. I then heard my bedroom door slowly open, then slowly shut. “Do I have to keep wearing these?” he bleated. Mrs. Patterson’s tone lightened and she forced a smile. The latter shuffled his feet, wanting desperately to leave, and uncomfortable being the subject, yet not part of this humiliating conversation. “So…you thought you could sneak around behind my back, did you?” she snapped. Tasha’s cute nose wrinkled distastefully as she became aware of the sour, pungent aroma of stale, wet diapers surrounding her. I have had to wear them under my dresses on Easter and christmas! Marissa’s other hand contained a big glob of diaper rash cream and she slowly and thoroughly coated his curvy little bottom with it. Well let me tell you mister–when I’m done with you, your little friend here is going to see exactly how lying, sissy bedwetters are dealt with in this house.”. Seeing his hesitation, Mrs. Evan’s hand rose up and swooped down hard, slapping his fat, diapered bottom harshly. ( Log Out /  Tim’s cheeks flushed even redder if that were possible. She had lived alone in the old residence that had been consistently occupied by Pattersons for over 140 years, ever since her husband had died ten years previous. My mother then started gently rubbing my leg, and softly humming, to slowly start waking me up. “I think you may be surprised if you were to learn about Timmy’s living arrangements here,” Mrs. Patterson said. Involuntarily, a stream of panic induced pee let go into the front of his pants, creating a big, humiliating dark spot. Note to the reader; This is a short prequel to my other story Seven Wet Nights. The saving grace for me is that my friends all accept me wearing them and when i have a friend or two over for sleepovers,they wear them also to level the playing field.The worst part of it is my parents require me to wear my diapers and rubberpants for holidays and special occassions! It seems like I stayed naked most of that morning, and I helped my mother remove my very wet bed sheets, and put them into the washing machine. Whimpering to himself as he bit hard on his fist, Tim walked slowly down the hall, his legs becoming wobbly and weak under him. 24.05%. The plan flops when the effort to "erase" a man goes awry at the last minute. adult diaper sissy stories. Mrs. Patterson’s expression darkened further and her face flushed angrily. identify link building and partnership opportunities to help grow your authority and traffic. Sign up for a free trial find marketing opportunities using our tools for: Estimates are based on traffic patterns across millions of web users throughout the world, and use data normalization to correct for biases. Who on earth could it be? Tim struggled and kicked desperately but his mother was much stronger. It was hardly bigger than a grape! Tasha was shocked by her rudeness, but then, many women were rude to her, which often stemmed from petty jealousy. “I think these are going to work just fine,” she said with obvious satisfaction. “What are you thanking her for, Brian?” his mom prompted him. Tim wailed piteously as more blistering hard swats followed in swift progression. identify the sites and topics your audience cares about most. A relative level of audience overlap between this site and similar sites. “Would you like to pick out a pair of baby panties for our little bedwetter?” she asked Tasha. Brian gulped hard and shuddered as he considered her warning. After ten minutes of nonstop, scalding swats, she finally finished. When I was around 12, or 13 years old, I noticed that sometimes when my mother removed a baby’s diaper, the baby would start to pee everywhere. “I’m also going to put a bedwetting chart on your wall–and when I see seven nights in a row of wet diapers–you can count on taking a trip over my knee.”. Tim sobbed with shame as Tasha looked down upon him, amazed at how truly minuscule his penis was. This story hits home. A moment later her 13 year-old boy came into the room silently, carrying a model airplane in one of his hands. Bobby was sitting on the floor of the pediatricians office playing with some building blocks, trying to figure out how he got himself into this predicament. Brian stamped his feet as his mom cleared off his toys and books from the top of his dresser and began stacking the diapers and plastic panties. At the time, I had many opportunities to have had her add even more shame to my punishments but was so devastated and traumatised, I could only beg for her to stop. Brian kicked his feet in frustration and Marissa pulled the thick cloth up between his legs and pinned the sides together with a large, clown headed safety pin. *************************************************************. She was fully expecting the brusque woman to say no, and she made ready to get back in her car and forget all about the nerdy guy, who clearly, didn’t deserve her. “What an excellent idea!” Mrs. Evans quickly agreed, “Brian, you can run along and play now–I’ll check up on you in a couple hours to see how you’re doing and if the panties are chaffing.”. Although the multiple layers of soft cotton ensured it wouldn’t hurt, Brian nevertheless bucked forward and he gasped in shock. … It all started when his mother caught him wearing a diaper a few days ago, Shortly after she made a call to her friend, and set up this appointment. Mrs. Patterson certainly knew how to wield a paddle and she was giving her son his just reward and then some. “Th-thank you, Ms. Marissa,” he stammered belatedly. A place where readers can find my stories, unedited, in their original form.

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