baby trivia printable

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Try your hand at some general baby trivia! The host will need to be the scorekeeper. )���Ejx����9���(PP���j?��������(���hV���ł��݌ �_�'Ahɉ��nv׋�g]��5���P*,V�.4aLkЌ|�v��]��%>���kq����5������郛�w�� >�?

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When hosting a baby shower, games are always a quick and easy way to break the ice.


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(a����K����)-&-�B ��1��zyyg?����q �;x8�oSxm�c��Ii#�a Answers for the Baby Trivia for Dads. Fun baby trivia. ���F���c3��s�C��C��8([���&�U�òceO S¶�奭훈��� 6�ށs\��X��G. 2017-02-13T18:40:18Z

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by: cs3461. application/pdf Sunday is the slowest day, with 35.1 fewer births than average. 0 Keep reading to hear all about why we LOVE this brand + grab our free printable trivia game to use at the next baby shower you help plan!

34 0 obj <> endobj 2017-02-13T14:33:42-07:00 Did you know babies don't have kneecaps?

This Baby Shower Trivia Game is in partnership with Huggies.


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For a simple and entertaining game, enlist all of the guests and the parents-to-be to play baby shower trivia.

We will not sell, rent, or give your information to anyone. Completed 0 of 20 questions.

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