bearikade blazer jmt

How much money would you save by renting versus buying? First of all, finding a tree that’s tall and strong enough to hang from, with just the perfect branch, is not straightforward. Add your own review » But there is a lot you can do to make your bear canister capacity go as far as possible. Bear canistersJMT hikers must properly store their food while on the trail by using an approved bear canister (which protects your items not only from bears, but also from rodents). It’s ok to have your day’s snacks and meals outside of it while hiking, but do be careful to not leave your pack unattended during the day in this case. In my PCT attempts, the BearVault was only not enough in one 107-mile part of section K of Washington state (between Stehekin and Steven’s Pass, southbound). This may seem like a lot of options, but when you look closely, most people will find that only a couple options really work for them. Whether it’s backpacking, day hiking, trail running, skiing, or biking, you can often find me outside somewhere beautiful. Bear canisters do also protect your food from bears. It’s not the lightest, but it’s not the heaviest, and it has the lowest price of any comparably sized bear canister in the list. We've got more for your new Blazer bear canister, if you need any ( Also keep in mind that people can share a bear canister. For most people the decision will come down primarily to size, then to weight and price. These canisters are designed for shorter trips, and/or medium trips where each hiker carries their own food. With this in mind, place your bear canister: Consider marking your bear canister with bright or reflective tape, so you can find it more easily if it ends up somewhere unexpected (or if you need to get into it during the night). It’s also a great value. June 3, 2017 Before putting the canister in its overnight location, check ALL clothing and pack pockets. JMT hikers: if you’re hiking in a pair and considering a Bearikade, here’s a tip. At least 100 yards away from where you’ll sleep, preferably downwind if you can figure out which way that is. He carried the bear can, I carried basically everything else. Thanks for reading! Compare that to the BearVault BV500 at 700 cubic inches and seven days of food at 2#'s, 9 oz. Layer your canister by day, not by food type, so you don’t have to unpack the entire thing to make a full meal. In this post I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about backpacking with a bear canister, including: A bear canister is a hard-sided cylinder used to hold food while backpacking in bear country. The longest stretch without resupplies is MTR to Whitney and I plan on 20 mile days. If you’re interested in renting a bear canister but can’t do so through the land management agency where you’ll be hiking, here are a few other bear canister rental programs: And finally, consider that used bear canisters can be bought or sold on eBay, GearTrade, REI, etc., reducing the cost or allowing you to recoup some of it later if you end up using your canister less than anticipated. The BearVault BV450 (small size) and BV500 (medium size) are classics. Nice stickers, Bryan! Make good use of the space around the edges of the canister. Use the list published by the area you’ll be hiking in, if there is one. If you’ve ever done a long backpacking trip on carefully rationed meals, you’ll be able to imagine the hungry horror of a bear wandering off with all your food in the middle of the night. I find it to be a good compromise between protection and weight. In short: Short answer: anything that smells (and bears have a very good sense of smell). This is a great place to wedge a few extra protein bars even after the canister seems full. average rating If a bear plays with your soft-sided bag for a while, your food will likely end up crushed and contaminated with bear drool. Most backpackers should shoot for 3000-4000 calories per day depending on your size and daily mileage. (2#'s, 2.8 oz). They come in four sizes, from small/medium up to large. My goal is to help people like you explore our planet with skill, care, and curiosity. Might be a great product but the paying customer is at the mercy of this company.

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