bell morningstar kevlar

it's a great boat. steal of the season. It is a very good universal boat. In conclusion let me just say that this is the only canoe with crossover capablility I have thus far paddled that I can honestly say does everything well! Eventually, if the boat is all Kevlar, it will leak. "Just 55lbs. Mroning star is the model name. • Skin coating attempts to eliminate the weight of gel coating a hull, which can weigh 6 lbs for a mid sized tandem. I know I’d consider trading my royalex Bell Drifter for it, but I’m in Nebraska, bought, the guessing will be a lot more accurate once he reports the actual weight. MADE OF ROYALEX: This canoe is made of highly desirable Royalex, which developed a reputation over 35 years of production as one of the most durable materials for building canoes while still being flexible, buoyant and lightweight. For the big guy, this makes a great solo canoe with plenty of capacity left for camping gear. Gel coat is a plastic layer sprayed 8-12 mils thick. Weighs around 45 pounds. My typical paddling venue is a very scenic nearby lake of about 450 acres. Even with myself and my 8yo nephew, I can paddle straight and makes all kinds of turns without issue. Upon further inspection after getting it home, seems too “brittle” to be as claimed and although I don’t have the exact weight yet, it is very light. . I just tried this same thing in a different canoe and almost went for a swim. Can anyone clear up which layups used the foam reinforcements and which did not (if any)? When soloing it is not as nimble as smaller / thinner solo canoes so you will have to paddle more aggressively to catch eddies and surf. My six month old puppy (45 lbs) did not exactly stay still while paddling but I still felt perfectly comfortable. Read reviews for the MorningStar by Bell Canoe Works as submitted by your fellow paddlers. As to questions about which layup the O.P. with Royalex hull whichis as rugged as they made 'em!Bounces off and glides over rocks!Care free aluminum rails accentuatedby solid Ash Hardwood seats & bracing.BEAUTIFUL CANOE! Not too small to be tippy or sluggish and not too big to be a bear getting off the roof rack. . The bow seat slides to and fro to help trim canoe accurately. I rate it a 10 because I don't think you'll find a better crossover solo/tandem canoe that can handle flatwater to whitewater. this is what the website says about it...NORTHWIND 17Our most popular tandem tripper. I'm 5-11 and 140#, and even my skinny butt seems to overlap the uncomfortable edges. I outfitted it with a kneeling thwart, because of its asymmetrical shape which prevents you from turning the boat around, and paddling it solo from the bow seat. Built to the highest standards in Minnesota for the boundary waters. I cannot imagine how it might leak." -, Bell Northwind 16' in Royalex. It is fairly fast for it's length, good initial stability and very good secondary, turns well especially if you heel it a little, paddles well solo or tandem (just don't get it bow heavy), does well in wind, handles moderate rapids well, is light enough to carry easily, handles a good load for tripping solo and it looks good. I've owned & paddled quite a few Bell canoes now, and my out & out favourite is my Bell Seliga. You don't notice it until you're with a group on a trek. I found that if I angled her just right to the wind I could paddle without any correctional strokes (j or pitch stroke). Nice glide, I wouldn't say fast, but definately not slow. Royalex - 59 lbs. I wouldn’t sell that just yet. I remembered how fun those river trips were and wanted back in the game, but.... With six canoes hanging from my rafters, this one has a special place close to the door. Looking for a 16-17 footer., The floatation tanks and elongated hexagon-shaped core mat indicate that it is composite, not royalex. Just weighed it again and it said 41, so I'm not sure which is closer. I was a little surprised at how well it tracked while being poled. My boat's layup is Royalex and the one improvement to it would be to go with Kevlar and reduce the weight from 58 to 40 pounds. Cash and carry. Being new to "high end" canoes, I didn't know what to expect and was worried that my weight might be too much for any boat to float. It is a 10 as far as I am concerned! Wh, This is an immaculate, beautiful, 15-foot hand-laid fiberglass decked canoe built by Bell Canoe Works (which now is called Northstar Canoes)--it's their "Rob Roy" model. Now I'm new at this but for my purpose so far I rate it a ten, I don't know what else I could want in a canoe.

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