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It’s more versatile than other box graters, too, since it can cleanly zest citrus and slice potatoes as well as shred foods to different thicknesses. During our tests, the shredder was able to handle a stack of up to eight sheets at a time, but it was a struggle. Unfortunately, most shredders will eventually jam, especially if you exceed their capacity or they overheat. The holes in the Santa Cruz Shredder’s grinding plate are an average size, and they yield a medium-coarse grind that works equally well with vaporizers, recipes, or pipes. If you have ever tried to undo a jam in a paper shredder, you know that it can take valuable time out of your day. What We Liked: Although limited in capacity, this paper shredder has a price that fits every budget. The best models, though, felt precision-machined, with seams that disappeared from sight and would quietly glide across their threads. Instead of full threading—requiring you to unscrew the lower pieces of the grinder—Cali Crusher uses a quarter-turn twist lock system that was faster than traditional threading but just as secure. None grated tough nutmeg as easily as the Cuisipro. Some models felt cheap, made squeaks and groans when we unscrewed them, and had large, visible seams. The Cuisipro is not good at grating mozzarella—but to be fair, very few other graters are. We looked for paper shredders listed under $200 from major manufacturers. Along with user reviews from Amazon. " Capacity isn’t just about the number of pages your feeder can handle. When looking for the best graters, we wanted to find a single tool that could tackle all shredding and grating tasks with ease. That’s ideal for many vaporizers, especially conduction-based models or hybrid conduction-convection models. The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Shredder and Fellowes Powershred 79Ci each build in reverse features so that you can back your pages back out in the event of a jam. And, online customer reviews mention the shredder's relative quietness, pointing out that it's easy to have a normal conversation while it's running. Has continuous operating to let you work non-stop. The Cuisipro also has parallel grooves extending vertically over the entire face of the grater, a unique feature. Learn more. Fellowes AutoMax 130C Shredder for Office Use, 5. You can shred anything from staples to CDs. Our team of experts spends hundreds of hours analyzing, testing, and researching products so you don't have to.Learn more. That’s an acceptable compromise, though, given the price difference—no shredder we tested was quiet enough that you or an officemate could take calls while you use it to destroy evidence. But unlike many knives, a grater can’t be easily sharpened. HSM Shredstar 20-Sheet Shredder for Continuous Operation. It threads together with ease, plus glides and grinds more smoothly. Although it doesn’t feel as well-made and isn’t as smooth to use as our other picks, the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder gets the job done better than all other inexpensive grinders we tested. Here’s the best versatile vegetable shredder/slicer available in the market – the Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer. Some are so compact you have to fold a sheet of A4 paper to fit it in. This model of cross-cut paper shredder is able to shred pieces diagonally and into small pieces typical of its type. But when the bin does get full, it’s easy to pull out and empty, just as on the 15-Sheet Cross-Cut model. Let you shred a lot of paper in just one sitting. Whichever shredder you use, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on what you should and should not shred, as well as how many pages to feed at a time. Though we didn’t consider the Magic Flight grinder because it’s offered in only a two-piece design, the holes on the Gr8tr V2 are similarly sized. The best grinders have teeth that will slice through these buds instead of binding while you try to force them through. Microplane 5-in-1 Elite Box Grater: We really liked this box grater, which had sharp, fine teeth that rivalled the Cuisipro’s for shredding hard vegetables and zesting. It has an automatic turn on the feature and also has manual reverse to clear the paper jams. The need to revolutionize shredding beyond thin strips of paper came from a 1979 raid of the American Embassy. This shredder might be best in a professional office with high-volume shredding needs, as it has a high page capacity (16 sheets), but to get that option you pay nearly twice as much as for our top picks. We like the comfortable, curved handle of the Cuisipro, which conforms nicely to the shape of your palm. And compared to a food processor, which takes longer to set up and to clean, a grater works well for preparing smaller amounts of food and can live on a kitchen counter for when you need it. So how did we end up with three recommendations for AmazonBasics models? *At the time of publishing, the price was $17. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald, We zested lemons on the finest holes of each grater to see which models could do the job cleanly.

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