brass mechanical clock kit

Would this be compatible with a smaller clock and what would the swing be for a 2 inch bob ? The boards just can’t be so wide that the pendulum rubs it on the back of the movement. Wall Clock kits are the most popular kit to build. Look at adding special dial faces to your project. However it is not always triple chime because some are Westminster only. Either a phase of the moon style, or just the hump top that says Tempus Fugit. Best to go with a spring drive kit for that one. To select the width of the bob, you need to first measure how wide the waist of the clock is. We have … If the dial is found, you will need to drill winding holes. Klockit is a family-owned business located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is chain driven with an 8 day run time on a single wind up. James and Donna Stoudenmire 124 Goss Hill = UPS Mailing PO Box 339 = USPS Mailing Huntington, MA 01050 USA [email protected]. All this makes for a nice tall case unit with variable width options. The movement can have a pendulum or no pendulum but of course the pendulum is most popular. For over 43 years we’ve been committed to offering quality products at competitive pricing, and supplying you with everything needed to build a beautiful heirloom quality clock … So fastening it well is very important. That's easy! From our Tower Clock Kits that can span 3-feet, to our more contemporary Hardwood Wall Clock Kits with multiple bezel finishes, and our ever popular CD Kits. By purchasing all of your components before building, there is less chance for error when making the case. Additionally, many of the modern clocks have a seatboard that is 16 inches wide and is 2 and a half inches deep. Includes a Tempus Fugit style dial that is 11 x 14 7/8. If the situation calls for this type of clock dial, you may want to chase a different clock design to make, it is not often it works out well unfortunately. Having the luxury of the components suspended in front of you to measure at will is a wise decision. You can use the white Arabic dial as is, glue decorations or logos to it, or use it as a template to make your own clock dials. Of course, the movement sits on this with cables or chains. The Mechanical Clock Kit options brass rod pendulum is different than the metal lyre pendulum as its just a brass rod going straight down with out all the decor. Chain driven clocks are the only style that does not need winding holes in the dial. Triple chime, Westminster only, bell strike, bim bam or gong strike. In other words every 15 minutes it will progressively play part of the song. Culver City, CA 90230. It is wise to get the Mechanical Clock Kit before building the clock case. To know how long the actual pendulum is, subtract 15CM from the options with the pendulum length. This enables the hammers to engage with the rods for the chime sound. It is important to order the clock kit before building the clock case. In other words there are all these various ways to make the clock play a song or make a noise. The ideal dial or other parts may not exist in the size that the case requires. The pendulum itself, the leader it hangs on, and the suspension spring that the leader hangs on. This goes on the back of the clock case. It has two square shaped outer plates made of brass with the puzzle of gearing between them, and then it has the hammers on the back, 4 on one side for the chime and 4 on the other for the strike. This is based on a small bob diameter, if a larger bob is used the length will be slightly longer. If you were to take the pendulum off the clock and measure it from tip to tip off of the clock it would be around 42 inches. Grandfather clocks back in the day had large Clock dials with ships on them. This is the case with many others as well. At the top of the hour it will play the complete song then strike out the hours. Of course we have lots of clock movements and hands, but we also have a unique CD washer that is black on one side and white on the other. These include Gong strike (coil gong on the back or below the movement), Bell strike, or Bim Bam (sounds like its name, on two or three strike rods). It is a shorter clock overall than a grandfather clock. With the movement mounting in the air, all that needs to be done is have the chime block mounted. ... Moore Clocks. Mechanical Clock Kit Styles are in the list below. Then the seat board screws and washers can go up into the movement’s arbors on the bottom. This is a floating and rocking wheel on the top of the movement and operates more like a watch balance. Mechanical Clock Kit Styles Available include wall clocks, mantle (shelf) clocks, and floor clocks. Kit includes three polished brass tone weights that are 47mm in diameter. Includes a high torque quartz movement, wall mounting cup, 14” hands and 12 standard 4 inch by 6 inch adhesive backed Masonite photo frames. This category features a surprisingly large group of products. Basically if the CM is 94CM the pendulum itself will be about 35 inches tip to tip off of the clock, and the 114CM option would put this same measurement at approximately 44 inches. Chimeblock will mount to the back of the clock case by the included hardware. Our series of Antique dials and hands are unique in our industry. Nothing is worse than making a beautiful case only to realize there are no components that will fit it. Typically cable driven with three weights and triple chimes. There is the quarterly sounds that play a tune ever quarter hour, the most common of the songs is Westminster, Or there is the triple chime that includes Westminster, St. Michaels, or Whittington. This is an approximate length that depends on other factors such as bob diameter and weight of the pendulum. If the clock has three places to wind with the key it is a quarterly chime unit. A wood stick pendulum will come unstained so it can be stained like the case on the customers end. Assembly is quick and easy. Our Clock Maker Kits include American Made black cherry table clock kits, a C cell battery powered high torque movement with a 14 inch pair of hands, hand assortments and our antique dials with antique hands. This means it is either Triple chime or Westminster only. Next hang the weights and pendulum. High Torque Clock Movements (extra power), Standard (C Battery) Size Clock Movements. A stick pendulum for a more antique or shaker look or can be swapped out for a more contemporary metal lyre style instead. We offer predefined kits at Clockworks, however we can't include them all as it would be overwhelming. The reason is simple, we have the best selection of clock stands. This is why it is important to buy the clock kit before building the case. Tall-Case Grandfather Clock Kit with a German made clock movement. Floor models includes the granddaughter, grandmother, and grandfather series.

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