broom finish concrete pros and cons

The concrete can be dyed in the truck, or a colored release can be used. It was commonly used in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to put a 4′ walkway around three sides of the pool, with some extra for a table and chairs. Jeff Beneke. Brick Pavers around pools in Michigan are not such a good idea. This is a great challenge, but also a great opportunity to learn new things.

A concrete contractor gives a wet section of concrete a broom finish by carefully dragging a broom across the concrete's surface. The exposed aggregate, while it looks pretty also offers areas to stub your toe, and a rough, uneven surface for walking on. You have the option of using a regular household broom but it is recommended that you employ a concrete broom that professionals use to broom finish concrete for better results. Various color options are available, too. Common Patio Types for Swimming Pool Patio. You may be fine in the long run, but if you are not, it will be a very expensive issue to fix. To get the shiny look that is often seen in this type of patio, the surface can also become slick when wet due to the sealant used on the patio. Ask the Pool Guy® All rights reserved. They often create geometric patters and designs that are eye catching and nice to look at. It is difficult to match colors if several trucks will be used to deliver the concrete – so we always need to have a plan for which will work best for the patio situation.  • Rebuild Your Home To Fit Your Life, Top Signs You Should Choose Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation, Invest in Kitchen Remodeling to Gain More Tools for Cooking, Property Investment Guide To Foundation Inspections And Repairs To Protect Your New Invest, The Synthetic Decking Material Guide To Choose The Right Durable Surfaces For Your New Deck Project. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. If the concrete walkway is on your property, you'll be responsible for keeping it clean. Pro: Extra Traction . The drawback of this style pool deck is that it looks very plain and basic, and if you have spent time and energy investing in a creative and artistic pool, this style patio will not necessarily offer a finishing touch. A brushed finish is a popular choice, but here are some pros and cons to know. A brushed finish is a popular choice, but here are some pros and cons to know. Pin Share Email slobo / Getty Images . Legacy Color Release Samples (pdf) *actual colors will differ from what is represented on your computer screen. A polished concrete pool deck would simply be way too slippery. Pretty = Yes, Slippery = YES! If the floor becomes badly cracked, it is possible to patch, grind, and refinish the floor to restore its sheen. Required fields are marked *. Hold the bristles of the concrete broom at approximately a 45-degree angle with the cement. When you hire a concrete contractor to install a walkway outside of your business or home, he or she will ask you a number of questions about how you envision the concrete will look. Salt finish concrete is a form of concrete surface finishing work where salt crystals are embedded into the surface of the freshly placed concrete using a roller or afloat. Concrete is a favored material for driveways, and for good reason. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of popular decking materials: Concrete. The drawback around a swimming pool is that you hardly dare to walk on it barefoot. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. • When brick pavers are used, there is no prevention of water from getting between the patio and the pool, and all of that water can float vinyl liners, and it can cause ground water pressure to become high surrounding a gunite or fiberglass pool. They are typically more slippery when wet than a concrete finish which is why there is no running around the pool! Pros and Cons of a Concrete Driveway. If you have the option to choose anything but brick pavers around your pool in Michigan, please do. You will also want to take off your shoes and do the touch test to see if it works for you. Updated 06/22/19. It includes using basic concrete, in it’s lightest base color, and finishing with a broom for a relatively smooth surface (without polishing). Jeff Beneke is a home renovation and conversion expert. Textured patios can be sealed to keep in the color, using a seal that penetrates into the concrete rather than forming a glossy layer on top.

It’s a great idea to visit some patio styles and determine what your options are before making your choice. Abrasive blasting: Shot blasting or sandblasting is the method …

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This will usually result in a patio that is warmer to the touch, and extremely slippery when wet. (*The combination of brick pavers around this pool, as well as pumping too much water out of the pool may have contributed to this pop-out issue). If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

This has required a lot of creativity and I believe I have learned a thing or two about home construction. Hello, I am Lisa Kerr. We’ve found that the textured patios with slight color variations offer a good experience for bare feet in terms of warmth, ease of walking on, and texture to prevent slipping.

When the gum hardens, it's more challenging to lift off. Stamped Concrete Patio is also a pretty option. Traditional stamped patios offer a universal design in the concrete finish. With all of this knowledge, I just had to share it with someone and I decided to create this blog. There is typically and expansion line left in between the coping and patio to allow for some ground movement, and then this line is filled with self leveling joint compound to prevent water from getting in between the patio and the pool. He has also edited and written multiple articles and books on the topic. It is not recommended to tile the surround of an outdoor pool, especially in Michigan, where weather and other elements would be to much for the tile to handle. Some smooth areas of concrete can be slippery when they're wet, so if you're concerned about traction on the walkway during inclement weather, you'll appreciate a broom finish.

We do anticipate the area around the pool getting wet with swimmers and pool side activity. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. With a broom finish, the gum can get pressed into the tiny grooves in the concrete and be a challenge to lift. Copyright. Your email address will not be published.

Dry_Pigment_Color_Card (pdf) *actual colors will differ from what is represented on your computer screen. Brick pavers look lovely. If the colors are added directly to the truck, these are the Solomon Color Choices. We have seen too many instances of a fiberglass pool popping out of the ground, cracking and shifting when there are contributing factors to instability. The natural texture lines also allow for some disguise of the results of pouring concrete in Michigan.

This style concrete also dates a pool. It offers a nice textured finish that is a great design element, as well as easy to walk on with bare feet. We often have customers do this while choosing colors and styles of pool coping as well. Legendary Escapes offers a special process of coloring and texturing concrete for your pool patio projects. Your IP: Remember as well, the darker the color, the warmer or hotter the patio will be to the touch – and bare feet are sensitive. Applying a broom finish to a concrete walkway is more work for your concrete contractor, which means that the project may be a little more expensive than if you were to choose a plain finish. After the concrete sets, the salt crystals are washed out with a stream of water, leaving behind numerous shallow indents giving off a subtle texture to the concrete surface.

Concrete pool decks can be either broom finished or stamped. Stamped concrete can resemble stone, tile or brick. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Learn how your comment data is processed. Regular concrete's smooth surface makes it somewhat easier for you to get a sharp blade under the gum to lift it.

Concrete floors can be susceptible to settling and cracking over time, and this is a more frequent problem when an existing structural slab has adapted to a finished residential flooring surface—such as when a basement or loft condo has been converted to living space. Everyone has seen plain concrete walkways, and the average person might see this type of element several times in a given day. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Exposed Aggregate Patios are certainly eye catching and beautiful. The two options can also be used in a combination. It may look pretty, but if you can’t walk on it or sit comfortably dangling your feet into the pool, it may not be the best choice for your pool. Pretty = yes, Slippery = no, Comfort for bare feet = good! Your email address will not be published. Poured concrete is the most popular – and usually most affordable – pool decking material. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecd93220f14fdfe A salt finish is a simple and inexpensive way to dress up what would otherwise be plain concrete flatwork. Salt Generating System – Pentair intelliChlor, Tru-Tile by Latham Industries in Vinyl and Hybrid Pools, Weekly Cleaning – Weekly Service – Weekly Cleaning Service, Colored/Textured* (Clearly, our favorite).

Take a concrete broom and run it across the concrete surface. Keep in mind when choosing your pool patio style that the darker the colors in the patio, the warmer the patio will be. However, make sure the aggregates should not be damaged or overexposed. Pros and Cons What is Salt finish Concrete? Pretty = Yes, Comfortable = Maybe not so much. While concrete with a broom finish is popular, it's not nearly prevalent as a standard finish. While dirt will usually come off concrete with a pressure washer, a big obstacle that you may face is chewing gum stuck to the concrete. The washing and brushing method can be used to expose the aggregates up to the desired depth. Broom finishing creates a standard concrete look. If the colored release is chosen, on a Legendary Escapes pool, typically three or four colors are used to create a unique looks that has variations of color. •

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