buzzsprout custom domain

In the top right corner, we’ve included buttons that make it easy for people to connect with you on social media and you can customize the look and feel of your website by choosing a banner color or uploading a background image. This will easily distinguish the URL as being your podcast but will allow the page to live on the Buzzsprout domain. Give your listeners an easy way to follow you on Social Media by adding your social links to your website! It should look something like this. Episode Transcription ... Buzzsprout’s services are month-to-month with no contract to sign. Your Buzzsprout account comes with a lot of great features including a public podcast website! These are the formatted show notes you create for your episode and are displayed here in addition to all the podcast directories where your show is listed. Over complicated URLs can be hard to remember and easy to mess up. You can also use your own domain/URL to add the finishing touch to your custom podcast website. Pro Tip: Your background image should be a minimum of 1250x260px and less than 800k (.jpg or .png). Click on the Color and Background tab to customize the look of your site. Check out our help page about your Buzzsprout website if you want to learn more about the website and how to customize it! If you use Buzzsprout’s internal integration with Temi to transcribe your episode, that transcript will appear here. For all the details on customizing the URL check out this help article: Customize your URL, If you already have a website, you can hide your Buzzsprout provided website for simplicity. Podcast Websites: Do I need to create one for my podcast. Solved: I'm trying to connect my domain on Godaddy to my podcast hosted on Buzzsprout. When they find one they’re interested in, all the person has to do is click on it to navigate to the Episode Page. Click on the Social Media Links tab and add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. We want you to be able to launch your podcast as soon as you can so we have built a podcast website for you! Whenever you want to preview your changes, click the button that says “Preview Website” to see how it looks. Not anymore! Buzzsprout Pricing. Follow these steps to set up your CNAME Record: Check out these help guides for a more thorough step-by-step process of creating CNAME records: Note: If you have an existing CNAME, then you will want to update the value field to point to Additional Cost. Instead of counting Megabytes like most other podcast hosting companies, Buzzsprout keeps things much more simple and charges by the number of hours you can upload each month. This website will give your listeners a way to access all your episodes, podcast information, and podcast listings! If you create Chapter Markers for your episode, those markers will appear under the third tab as well as within the Wave Player. Here’s the truth: your podcast needs a website. Learn more about that here: Embedding, Introducing the New Buzzsprout Podcast Websites. Next you will create a new CNAME record using this information: In Step #3, write in your URL, including your domain. Sometimes building and designing websites can be time-consuming and delay the launch of your podcast. On this page we are going to talk specifically about the URL for your Buzzsprout website! To do that click on the Hide from Search Engines tab and select the option to hide your website. Sign-in to your website hosting account and go to the. Click on the Color and Background tab to customize the look of your site. From there you can set the color and background image for the top banner (defaults to the color you have selected for the episode progress bar), include direct links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, add links to your podcast in the major directories, and more. If you’re into podcasting for the long haul, I recommend you buy a custom domain from – an affordable domain registrar. That will allow your Buzzsprout URL to use your personal domain name. Then you can embed episodes directly on your personal website! As someone scrolls down your homepage, they’ll see a list of all of your published episodes. Just make sure to enter the public URLs for those pages! $.25/minute. A website for your podcast is a great way for your listeners to access your episodes and it can be indexed by Google to boost your visibility! The new Buzzsprout Podcast Websites were designed to meet the needs of 95% of podcasters (and we think they do that quite well), but what about the other 5%?

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