canadian tire mastercard cash advance limit

Hello, What are the requirements to be be approved for this card? Here are a few more features of the Cobalt Card: If you’re looking for a low-fee card that gives you way more than the Triangle Mastercard, the American Express Cobalt Card is the card for you. I think it's fair to say this option may not be around forever, but if you can, go for it! - Earn Canadian Tire 'Money' On The Card awards everywhere you shop(1). Thanks. Actually thought others might find the topic interesting as well. For more information, refer to the application page for more detailed information. This is an extremely convenient benefit for those of us who aren’t great at keeping track of all the paperwork in our lives. Get our special report highlighting the 4 tools you need to build wealth and protect your assets in 2021. It's a credit card that allows bill payment. Then the balance transfer rate would be around 27.99% and you may be better off keeping this card’s balances low. It is encouraged to review all information before making a final decision. TD Rebate Rewards VISA (first/oldest card, barely use), Amazon Chase VISA (Amazon purchases + travel card, no FX fees), Tangerine Money-back Mastercard (everyday card), Edit: There seems to be some confusion on what I'm trying to do. Keep posting! That was over thirty days ago and they still haven’t bothered to respond. Other readers have commented that their applications have been slow, too, which may be a consequence of COVID-19. As a Canadian Tire member, you do enjoy some perks that come with their Cash Advantage MasterCard. I noticed CTFS had been reporting the account to my credit file since it was first opened back in March 2019. Now there are many more players in the market and competition is also stiff. It has been more than 15 days since I applied for the Triangle Elite master card. Cash back is automatically applied to your account every year, and there's no limit on how much cash back you can get. Personally, I was never a collector as you had to use cash or debit to get any ‒ and I always found myself opting to pay with my credit card because credit card … You should be able to withdraw the entire $2,500 as a cash advance if you choose, though you’ll have to spread the withdrawals out over the course of several days. The 4% CTM earned with the Triangle Mastercard only applies to the pre-tax purchase amount, not the total amount, which means that the cashback you’ll receive will be less than 4%. Hi Laura, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to add your supplementary card online, but I suggest reaching out to Canadian Tire Financial Services directly by calling the phone number on the back of your card. EARN UP TO 4% BACK IN CT MONEY® ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES AT THESE RETAILERS: Earn up to 3% cash back at Canadian Tire stores. Only once you purchase more than $3000 would you get a 1.5% cash back rate. The only way to get a better 3% cash back rate is to fill up gas at Canadian Tire gas bars. Wondering how that process works if you have any knowledge on it. Can I use my triangle MasterCard to purchase at Amazon? It offers you far more bang for your buck than the Triangle MasterCard, and we’re certain you’ll be glad you applied. Received Canadian Tire Cash Advantage Mastercard to pay OSAP, low credit limit, unsure of how to proceed Discovered that the CT Options Mastercard and CT Cash Advantage Mastercard are the only cards in Canada that can be used to pay bills - OSAP included. I was told a Mastercard account was approved back in March 2019, I was assigned a credit limit of $3K and I had a zero balance. They charge an (APR) annual rate of interest of 19.99% on purchases. You must have a good credit score to be eligible for this card. I never heard of that before but OK, so I did. I've only got the $500 limit. Get the wide acceptance of MasterCard affiliates and PayPass. If you still don’t know what your credit limit is, you can call the number on the back of your card. I've got the full amount sitting, ready to pay off, but ideally I'd like to get the 1-1.5% cashback for paying with the money I already have. Please advise how I can apply for a secondary card . Is there such thing as a two day grace period Following the payment date. Hi Maureen – yes, the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, both in Canada and around the world. Here’s where you can sign up, I hope it helps. The more you use your card throughout the year, the greater the percentage of cash back you'll get. When you use this card it might take a little too long to accumulate enough rewards. I don't personally bother/care for interest rate, since I'll be paying off the card in full immediately as I spend on it. Why is it unorthodox? I suggest calling them back to see what they need to know. Just got the Mastercard can I toss the points card? Can I pay my Triangle balance in a CT store? Thereafter you may earn 0.5% when you shop till $3000. Yes. Hi Aslam, congrats on being approved for the Triangle Mastercard! When I initially called about why they decreased my limit when I used the card, they were suddenly rude for no reason, irrate, and claimed that they can do what ever they want out of hte blue. Can I secure to the limit with cash? Hi Paula, we don’t recommend paying your bill after the due date, because then you will incur interest charges on your overdue balance.

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