cat limping and has fever

Severely torn claws should be seen by a veterinarian. There are a number of causes including trimming the claws too short, declawing, trauma, systemic disease which affects the cat’s immune system and compulsive nail chewing (beyond normal). Shes lost interest in eating and drinking. Surgery will be necessary to repair severe cases. Ask Your Own Cat Veterinary Question. Your kitten may have injured herself. She disappeared for about 8 hours(possibly up a tree)then, much to our relief,appeared at our door meowing to come in! I will add spinal injury in the next day or so. Regularly trim the claws. In some cases, an infection can develop at the surgical site prolonging recovery and increasing pain. Red, inflamed pustules on the head and feet with areas of hair loss. Heartworms are parasitic roundworms transmitted via the bite of an infected mosquito. My kitten just fell about 9 feet from a banister. She jumped down and I noticed she had a limp and wasn't putting pressure on her left front paw. Is there any swelling on or around the joint? I suspect nerve damage and need to know what to do please! Missing fur? This involves removing the head and neck of the femur. Declawing is a procedure in which the claw and bone up to the first joint are surgically removed. Cage rest while your cat recovers. Damage to Your Cat's Soft Tissues. Trouble rising, jumping or climbing stairs, Bilateral lameness which becomes worse after exercise, Decreased activity or exercise intolerance. Thanks for that, you’re right, I have. A sudden increase in inactivity can lead to relapse. Watch for signs of infection such as redness or discharge. She ate a bit, did not drink. Surgery (arthrodesis) to fuse the joint surfaces. Intermittent transfusions may be required for bleeding events. She’s not crying anymore but whines when you try and lift her leg. Reposition the tendons to re-align the patellar, Tighten the tissue surrounding the patellar, Brittle, thick and overgrown claw which if left, grows into the paw pad. If the cat has received a bite from a venomous snake, additional symptoms can occur such as dilated pupils, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding (mouth, nose, gums), collapse. Her meow is now raspy and quiet. The treatment is multi-factorial and focuses on lifestyle changes, medications, nutraceuticals and where necessary, surgery. should we try to bring her out of hiding? Fractures can be open or closed. Anaplasmosis: Mildly affected cats may require no treatment at all. Your veterinarian will conduct a complete physical examination of your cat to determine the location and extent of the soft tissue injury. Injuries that can cause limping in cats might vary widely in severity. Your veterinarian may suggest physiotherapy in certain situations if needed to regain function. My cats 10 and his front left leg was swollen a couple of days ago but has since gone down. Most soft tissue injuries resolve themselves with time and prognosis is good. Even tho the swelling went down he has been kind of lazy( not running around like normal, not coming to the door to greet people, avoiding stairs) hes eating and drinking normal, bathroom normal just kind of seems like his foot or ankle? Cats with congenital deformities may require surgery. All her shots are up to date and before last week she was a happy healthy crazy kitty. I recently treated a cat who was feeling very badly. I accidentally ran over the back half of my lil baby kitty ran away dragging his hind legs but is now walking but I can tell he's sore he's eating and drinking somewhat but he just tried to go potty in his box and nothing came out and he howelled a bit after and then laid back down is he going to be ok or .... Hello- Cancer is the unchecked growth of cells and can develop anywhere within the body, including the bones and joints. Infection can lead to transient arthritis. Thank you for your question. They can also provide pain medication as it sounds like he’s very uncomfortable, and your vet will be able to tell you his prognosis. If an obvious cause cannot be determined (abscess, foreign body, injury, overgrown claw(s) etc), he may wish to perform the following tests. Bandaging may be effective in providing compression and support to a strained or sprained soft tissue injury. Abscess . Swollen and painful joints close to the affected area, Inflammation and discharge at the affected site, If third-degree frostbite has occurred, the skin will feel hard. Severe patellar luxation will require surgery with several options: As cats age their claws can become thickened, brittle and overgrown, and eventually curl in on themselves, cutting into the paw pad. Its not always, but I have seen it. I am sorry for the delay in answering, this platform is not set up for urgent emails. See your veterinarian if you are unable to remove the foreign body or if the cat has a burn injury as infection is common and will require antibiotics as well as dressing the area to protect it. Post-surgical pain is common. Treatment of spinal injuries depends on the underlying cause but may include: Chronic limping is limping which develops over a prolonged period of time. This surgery is cheaper than a total hip replacement. I haven't seen her pee in days but has pooped alot and it's really light and runny I can't hardly get her to drink any water and her belly between her back legs is swelling really bad and all the way down her left leg and feels like a bag of jello that just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. Have you noticed any other symptoms in addition to the limping? He is now dragging his hind legs and from mid back down he's smaller. Thank you for your question. The extremities, such as the feet, are the most commonly affected areas and cats who are wet are at greater risk. Symptoms. A sprain is a strained ligament and can range from being a moderate to a severe injury. Cats are at risk of bites and stings due to their curious nature, the forelimbs are most vulnerable, especially to snake bites which can occur when the cat hunts. Claws may be torn or in some cases have been ripped out completely which is extremely painful. Thank you for your question. It may be necessary to remove the nail plate (which will grow back) to help clear the infection. It should be treated as if it has a minor cold. She hasn't had any diarrhea or vomiting. Not Eating. He appeared to have no use of back legs. Here are some common causes of cat limping. The cruciate ligaments are two fibrous bands which form an X shape in the knee, a rupture is a tear in one or both of the ligaments due to trauma, such as a sudden movement which twists the knee. The legs are a common site of injury in cats and most broken bones (fractures) occur as a result of trauma, such as a car accident or fall from a height.

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