chatham university police

Consent may also be withdrawn at any time. Chatham University ("Chatham") is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe learning, living, and working environment where healthy, respectful, and consensual conduct represents the campus cultural norm. All residence halls and apartments are locked at all times, and students are issued an id/access control card that controls access to the Residence Halls and most of the apartments. The paraprofessional staff is comprised of Graduate Resident Directors who live in the residence halls sharing responsibility for the well being of all residents. Students are educated as to the importance of safeguarding their id cards and room keys as well as the need to properly secure all doors and windows. Students living at the Duplex, Haber, and Hicks Estate Annex access the building and their apartment utilizing keys. 800-837-1290. “If you’re with a fellow officer that’s either overly emotional about an incident or kind of ramped up, up here, you need to step in. In addition, the Pittsburgh Police Department assists with criminal investigations and crime prevention awareness programs offered to all community members. Chief Hadley says the duty to intervene has always been part of their policy. | Woodland Road Check out our October E-edition! All incident reports are forwarded to the Director of Public Safety for review and potential action, Investigators will investigate a report when it is deemed appropriate. Fire Drills are conducted in student housing twice a year by Student Affairs, Facilities Management and Public Safety. If the missing person is a faculty or staff member, their office/department will be checked and Academic Affairs or Human Resources will be notified. The following policies and programs are meant to ensure the wellbeing of all members of our campus community. To report a crime or an emergency, call the CUPD at 412-365-1111. Chatham Co. Police officers receive intervention training Mariah Congedo 12 hrs ago Clemson University has found 604 unmarked graves on its South Carolina campus. Step back let me handle this because you’re too elevated in your emotions to handle this the best way possible.’ That’s what we have to do,” Chief Hadley said. Consent cannot be obtained through the use of coercion or force, or by taking advantage of an incapacitated individual. A - Alarm by pulling the fire alarm and notifying Public Safety at 412.365.1111. Each residence hall is managed by a Graduate Resident Director (GRD) who is available to provide counseling and advice, to supervise the Resident Assistants (RAs) within the building, to manage facilities, to enforce community standards, and to provide emergency coverage to address other major issues within the residence halls. The system uses three types of alerts. Disclose crime statistics for the campus, public areas immediately adjacent to or running through the campus, and certain non-campus facilities. Campus police will interview the person making the complaint in order to obtain the information to determine the reason the complainant is reporting the person missing. If you are a student CSA (e.g., a student Resident Advisor or Assistant, a Residence Hall Desk Attendant), you should continue to use the Student Affairs/Residence Life Incident Report to report any drug, alcohol, or firearms violations. Founded in 1869, Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA has an enrollment of over 2,200 students and over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs in our areas of excellence: sustainability & health; business & communications; and the arts & sciences. The Public Safety Department has certified SHARPS instructors and offers SHARPS training free of charge to community members. The Public Safety Department maintains an excellent relationship with the Pittsburgh Police and can communicate with the local police by direct radio link. All officers must attend mandatory in-service training sessions, which address a range of topics relating to police work and are updated on a regular basis. For the purposes of this policy, "weapons" include; The items described in clause c) include but are not limited to knives (except small personal pocket knives with folding blades that are less than (3) inches long), teargas, chemical substances, brass knuckles, clubs, or chains. If a person is mentally or physically incapacitated or impaired so that such person cannot understand the fact, nature, or extent of the sexual situation, there is no consent; this includes impairment or incapacitation due to age, alcohol or drug consumption that meets this standard, or being asleep or unconscious. Other types of cooking devices are not permitted or have restricted use to the community kitchen in each building. Each student is issued a key to their individual room. To contact the Chatham University Public Safety Department, please. 374 0 obj <>stream Firearms in the possession of University Police Officers; Firearms in the possession of on-duty law enforcement officers; Firearms such as handguns, shotguns, rifles, pellet guns, machine guns, stun guns, Tasers, or electronic weapons, Explosives such as bombs, grenades, blasting caps, fireworks/smoke bombs or other containers containing explosive substances. Voters are divided over key issues in their vote for president, according to the preliminary results of a nationwide CNN exit poll. The Pittsburgh Police also service the campus community and can be contacted directly through the regular emergency numbers. Prior consent does not imply current or future consent. To contact the Chatham University Public Safety Department, please email or call 412-365-1230 to speak with an officer. October 28, 2020 . He says with this training it’ll reinforce its importance. Residence Life staff members work in cooperation with Public Safety as well as Facilities Management to provide a safe and secure living environment for all residents. Download the 2018 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report (Clery Report). With your permission, the Director or a designee of the Chatham University Public Safety department can file a report on the details of the incident without revealing your identity. Such prohibition extends to individuals having weapons in briefcases, purses, tool boxes, personal vehicles, or other personal property or effects. Police officers in the Public Safety Department at Chatham University are certified under Pennsylvania Legislative Act 120: Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Act and/or Legislative Act 235: The Lethal Weapons Training Act, and are armed. You need to say, ‘Hey, let me take care of this. All students receive a copy of the Chatham Student Handbook, which describes all residence hall policies and procedures. In accordance with the “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000,” the Chatham University Public Safety department is providing a link to the Pennsylvania State Police Sex Offender registry. Students may file an emergency contact person with the campus police. Admission & Aid. Several officers are certified crime-prevention officers through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. Chatham University's Title IX Policy defines, Sexual intercourse (anal, oral, or vaginal), including penetration with a body part (e.g., penis, finger, hand, or tongue) or an object, or requiring another individual to penetrate that individual with a body part or an object; or. Fires should be immediately reported to the campus police at 412-365-1111. The Student Handbook, issued to every student, contains the complete policy on the possession and use of alcohol and drugs. A surge of Americans cooking at home has spurred demand for Tupperware goods. Please DO NOT report emergencies on the Chatham Police Department Facebook page or through Private Message.

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