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One thing that surprised me was that I figured voters on the north shore were more intelligent than the polling data shows but evidently them folks prefer their politicians to be of the variety that robs them blind so long as they spout the right talking points. Appointment Date: 10/2/2006, Officer(s) Additional Officers: No Nungesser's definitely getting desperate, and will (continue) unloading on Dardenne in the weeks ahead. [16], Nungesser collaborated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi, to create the Plaquemines Restoration and Protection Plan, released in 2009. Last October, Nungesser lost his bid for lieutenant governor against incumbent Jay Dardenne by about 6 percent of the vote. He claims that he had to endure a hostile work environment after he rebuffed Nungesser’s advances and was eventually wrongfully terminated from his position. Your email address will not be published. [23], In July 2016, Nungesser said that he believes voter fraud by the Democratic Party was still a serious hurdle for Republicans in Louisiana. Limited Liability Company NEW ORLEANS Active, Business: CTNN ENTERPRISE, L.L.C. As hurricane-force winds and rain banged against the main government building's windows like rocks, and its emergency generators sputtered, parish officials hurriedly re-examined National Weather Service models, fielded calls from fearful residents, and pitched one rescue plan after another for those trapped in attics or on roofs amid the rising water. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! All rights reserved. What do you expect when the rebel flag flying contingent live in Bucktown. Address 1: 1100 POYDRAS ST. STE 2300 Even before the storm made landfall, he had fielded calls or granted in-person interviews with CNN, "Good Morning America" and "The CBS Evening News," to name just a few. Hundreds of angry Plaquemines residents vent their frustrations at a public meeting in Braithwaite Wednesday evening. Port Sulphur, LA, is where Cher Nungesser lives today. Thursday evening he tweeted this picture saying “It’s official!!! In addition to having signs on the lawns of many Bucktonians who don't vote, he is planting signs in the yards of people who are not even registered to vote. Mike Strohmeyer, the owner of Lighthouse Lodge in Venice, La., called Nungesser a "political fisherman. Meanwhile, defense attorney Michael Magner framed the entire trial as a classic case of government overreach. The museum, however, also has a semi-independent operating board.[25]. His voice has often echoed across the Gulf louder than bigger power players — Gov. Maybe Billy and Caroline Fayard could hook up and make the ultimate power couple? Parish officials noticed the water in the river was not rising at the same rate. I have no idea whether these Edgecombes are related bt yet another naming coincidence. Taffaro's partnership with Normand, named CTNN, operated as a broker between the grocery supplier Pelican Marine, which was once co-owned by Lt. Gov. Plaquemines' Billy Nungesser was knocked back by Hurricane Isaac, Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, | The Times-Picayune. Senator David Vitter. Ok, well just a weird follow up. EDGECOMBE, JEFF E. Agent of “EDGECOMBE CONSTRUCTION, LLC” BURAS Governor over Jay Dardenne, who is well-qualified. Agent: SHAWN M. BRIDGEWATER, ESQ. Less than three weeks later, most of the barges were back up and running. "I can look you in the eye and tell you that I tried, but I understand, that's not good enough. Nungesser is Taffaro's son-in-law. He was later the state chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party. Although it sustained roof and water damage -- his mammoth house is nearly 20 feet above sea level on a large hill -- it was protected from the floodwaters. Includes Address(1) Email(2) See Results. He suggested President Barack Obama scrap the team he has working on the mess set off by a drilling rig explosion April 20. 1100 POYDRAS ST. STE 2300 The pdf file does have a petition that appears to have been filed in the CDC in 1997. Bank records showed that Taffaro withdrew $297,000 in cash at casinos between 2009 and 2014. Nungesser, 53, who during recent hurricanes and the BP oil spill became a national media focal point and the region's face of disaster, once again took front and center stage for Isaac. On 4 a.m. Tuesday, public hurricane center model estimated that surge heights of between 13 and 15 feet or greater were expected on the east side of the Mississippi River, while water heights of 5 feet or greater were expected on the west side. Nungesser finished second in the primary election with 324,654 votes (30 percent), setting him up for the run-off against Kip Holden, the African-American Democratic Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish, who led the four-candidate field with 360,679 votes (33.3 percent). So Nungesser was taking members of the news media on tours to show the nation the devastation. "That's the thing about him, he makes everybody laugh," Taffaro said. He was convicted of dodging his taxes every year from 2009 to 2014. What has this country come to?”. In 2010, Nungesser Consulting (NC) raised $1.8 million from more than 2,300 donors in the successful election of Jay Dardenne as Louisiana's new Lieutenant Governor. [6], Before Hurricane Gustav made landfall in August 2008, Nungesser used a helicopter to counting the number of barges that potentially would be a safety issue to people, property, and the levee system during that hurricane. After consulting the Army Corps of Engineers, a quick decision was made to open the floodgates to permit the rising water flow into the Mississippi, relieving pressure on the levees.[8]. Agent: LUCAS J. GIORDANO He said in his closing argument that agents from the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service were trying to ensnare Normand or Nungesser but wound up settling for Taffaro instead. File Date: 9/8/1969 The younger Nungesser's office is adorned with pictures of him and former presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Fundraising Services Isn't Johnnie LaBruzzo the son of John LaBruzzo, who was a close associate of Carlos Marcello? “The defendant got an amazing deal,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Chandra Menon said in his closing statement. By the time he reached Pointe Celeste that evening, the hurricane had come ashore and his home was rattling. Chester said that Nungesser had used an apartment at the Lower Pontalba Building in Jackson Square as well as space in other state museum buildings in the French Quarter for Nungesser's personal convenience. Sell linens or other supplies to hospitals, maybe something liek an East Jefferson Hospital? Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Nungesser, a Republican who built his fortune in the oil service industry, has little to lose in his dust-ups with spill bureaucrats.…, BILLY makes amends with FORMER FOE…, NUNGESSER Top 10 List…. You have permission to edit this article. Type: Non-Profit Corporation, Registered Agent(s) Title: Director Craig Taffaro found guilty of tax evasion; former JPSO chief deputy to appeal, attorney says. Resides in Gretna, LA. Well, gee, WHO KNOWS, we have an election on and we really don't know thing 1 about this man who is likely to win with a Sovietesque 90+% of the vote. Roker went through the same surgery and had recommended it to Nungesser after the two became friends during the oil spill. Our services are custom-tailored to meet each client's needs: Sadly the Jefferson Report is apparently transmutating into something else. Craig Taffaro’s nearly five-decade career in local law enforcement ended in disgrace Monday as a jury convicted the former chief deputy for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office on 12 federal tax charges. "If we can't tell people soon that those levees are coming, soon no one will be left," he said. The numbers really look good," he told The Times-Picayune that morning, now predicting only a 5.5-foot storm surge on the parish's east bank and a 4.5-foot storm surge on the west bank. Nungesser, 51, has said the federal government's point man, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, isn't the right man for cleaning up the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. "I knew from that time, he would grow up to be someone who would work with people, and I am very pleased," she said. He showed people his own west bank home and the dozen or so people who had weathered the storm there. 100% are in their 40s, while the average age is 48. residents with boats had begun rescue efforts, Isaac's flooding had completely submerged the portions of the west bank outside the federal levee system, working and not courting television cameras. In addition to fundraising, she has experience in national products marketing, was press secretary to a governor, and a deputy department secretary. Address 1: 4200 HOUMA BLVD. And then we have Bucktown’s John LaBruzzo. Maybe he got the idea from Wilkinson who used the Yenni Bldg address for Coulon's re-election campaign. 4200 HOUMA BLVD. Isaac landedon the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 28, the seventh anniversary of Katrina.

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