chimera ant arc

The king and his royal guards had a plan to kill most of the citizens of East Gorteau, and those few who could use Nen would be turned into Chimera Ants in service to the King. The Chimera Ants discovered that some humans had the mystical ability of Nen, which made them stronger. Chimera Ant arc introduces the Chimera Ants to us who turn out to be a huge threat to the entire human race. Which, if you ask me, is kinda bizarre, considering how dramatically different this arc is from the rest of the series, tonally speaking. Plus, it lets you do a bit of guesswork whenever you see one. The Hunter association was sent to deal with the Chimera Ants. It makes the threat they pose feel all the more real. The Chimera Ant arc is arguably the best arc in the entire Hunter x Hunter series. Press J to jump to the feed. After their adventures in Greed Island, Gon and Killua get reading to meet Ging, Gon’s father. When the Queen begins to feed on humans, the Chimera Ants become frighteningly powerful and it’s up to the Hunter Association to stop them. There’s also a little more insight on how the Phantom Troupe operates. I guess the CA arc feels differently than the others because the aspects of being a hunter other than being fighters doesn't really come into play. This arc is the final one to have been adapted from the manga into the 2011 anime, and is, as expected, one of the best in the series. 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The whole sequence of him eating part of the Royal Guard to make them smaller and then fully heal himself seemed really silly to me. Although they’re all very loyal to the King, they all express their devotion to him in different ways and have different opinions on how best to serve the King. Then the beautiful Greed Island Arc which is likely my favorite considering it incorporates a MMORPG element with the already awesome world of HxH. During this encounter, Killua is attacked by a small ant called a Chimera Ant, a creature that consumes others and passes on the traits of what they eat to their offspring. The queen inhabited a reclusive country called the NGL. The story picks up immediately after the end of Greed Island, with Gon and Killua warping to the mysterious Nigg. We as the audience understand perfectly just what will happen if they aren’t stopped. And let us not forget the Gon, Killua and Hisoka three-way grab with Hisoka putting his all to help Gon get a complete win. The arc focuses a lot on the development of the two and more than anything, it introduces the concept of Nen properly to us. We see him unable to conquer this pathetic weakling of a human whose neck he could snap in a split second, but he realizes that it isn't a physical confrontation that will feel like victory. Meruem was shown to be ruthless even to the other ants, and he left with his royal guards to conquer the Republic of East Gorteau. Hell, this part of the arc is dense! Quite the opposite. I mean I don't totally hate it at least not until the very end but it's such a drag to get through, more than half the time it barely feels like Gon and Killua are main characters. It was decent, and it definitely had some fantastic moments (lots of character development, even with some of characters that initially seemed not to matter, Gon and Killua's growth and acceptance of their shortcomings is great, Mereum's transformation is great too, as are some of the fights), but it definitely had some very bad pacing issues, and I felt like Togashi could have used this time to deepen more existing characters (Kurapika, Leorio, the Phantom Troupe, the Zoldycks, and Hisoka especially) instead of adding a lot of new characters that I cared little about (mainly the Squadron Leaders). Yet after Gon is carried away by Killua we have what at least 2-4 episodes where they aren't even mentioned. The hunters ended up attacking the palace in East Gorteau in order to separate the royal guards from the king. To achieve this goal, Gon takes part in the Hunter Exam and is joined by Kurapika, Leorio, and ultimately, Killua. To put that into perspective, Greed Island was 16 episodes, Yorknew was 19 (excluding the two Whale Island Ging focused episodes that preceded it), Heaven’s Arena was 9, the Zoldyck Manor was 6, and the Hunter Exam was another 19. The Chimera Ant arc is often the one people point to when they recommend Hunter X Hunter. The other commenters have posted extensive insight on what makes the Chimera Ant arc a masterpiece as a piece of writing. Well to place it in the most simplest way without really having to go on and about what makes it great or why it seems boring is the subject matter of the Chimera Ant Arc. The queen in the story was a giant ant from the Dark Continent. Homeworld Closure? I disagree that Meruem didn't change his position on mankind being subservient to antkind. I've seen people say that the Chimera Ant arc had a different feel than the other arcs, but no one ever tells me specifically why. Several hunters were dispatched in order to stop the king and his army. Siper - Killed by Illumi Agon - Sliced across the chest with a card by Hisoka. She ordered her soldiers to capture humans from the NGL to consume. Hostile Species The imagery in this arc is also impeccable. This is also the arc where we got some of my absolute favorite Hunter X Hunter music! Meanwhile, Gon aims to get Kite back and undergoes a great change when he finds out about his death. For example. The arc sees Gon and Killua get caught up in the troubles of NGL, where a species known as the Chimera Ants start to cause trouble. Here are all the known story arcs in Hunter x Hunter ranked by how good the fans think they are. Reader discretion is advised. Humanity/Human Psychology and Development, Moral and Ethical Values, and finally the different routes that it takes into the end. After this, most of the chimera ants learned Nen, an tried to feed human Nen users to the queen. Those are not the actions of a person who still thinks that mankind ought to be below the ants. She reproduced and created soldier ants. He ended up more sympathetic towards humans. His physical power ranks eighth among the Troupe. Thus, he’s troubled with the belief that he doesn’t deserve to be Gon’s friend. Some people champion this value, often putting it in a stark contrast against the crushing conformity of our soulless machine… Although he wasn't weak by any means, he was far from the top-tier characters in the arc. You are always more than welcome to share your thoughts on this blog or arc in the comments below. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you expected me to cover this entire arc in one article, y’all are crazy. Ging’s poor parenting skills are pretty questionable but it’s also just who he is as a person. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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