chinese atv carburetor hose diagram

There are vacuum line diagrams in the tech section. This is what allows the fuel to flow through the petcock. You should have one vacuum line going from the fuel petcock usually to the intake manifold. I have a 2008 Shanghai-Shenke 50cc scooter that I can't get to run. Next, connect the in-line Fuel Filter and connect the second section of the Fuel Line to the upper nipple on the Fuel Valve. Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Help Files, and PDIs, Manuals: Non-Chinese (Japanese, Taiwanese, etc. ), Manuals: Generic, Standards, and Collections, In Memory Rich Carman 1953 to 2015 RIP ScooterDoc, TUNING TIPS Gasoline is the typical fuel used for internal combustion engines. H�ĖM�� �O�;���6�c_��r�E�E�HZ�z����$���Y���c����ծ��廕oH(#[�?�o����lя��&��F���)�e� ��)e/H2�Q��6��l7O�X�O���=�u��]���N�_N}����G���" '��UBL6f��DY!j@�(&_Մ��d�ၜ��&D��� # �c�hl��WJl|���k��)���ѰGI�C�re����D,Y��ju�|�ʼ&߶83�Ee#�(cI�� Y r�tY�s��A�3Q���̥�#l$��Ք�%��FQ�=�ζ� �\dk �!�f>����KJ����)ջ`�sUuZlT6a�\����fD��}y�������U�����NhR���r�N1. 62 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 64 /H [ 820 395 ] /L 298578 /E 62270 /N 6 /T 297220 >> endobj xref 62 19 0000000016 00000 n trailer << /Size 81 /Info 60 0 R /Root 63 0 R /Prev 297210 /ID[<55e9efe8e76eff2c68cb582cce934358><0684d3be11a5bd6d81ab54e0b3ddcc84>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 63 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 59 0 R /Metadata 61 0 R /PageLabels 58 0 R >> endobj 79 0 obj << /S 207 /L 324 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 80 0 R >> stream Here is a good Video on what to test and how for a NO SPARK. ���qh�REG�q(��h``K��B*���`!�0�I�-"��6����n ��z`7��Ϙ&. 0000040509 00000 n Yes, when I put my finger over the spark plug hole it does get blown out when I crank the engine. endstream endobj 142 0 obj <>stream First, connect the Fuel Line to the brass nipple on the left side of the Carburetor and fasten with the butterfly clamp provided. Fuel flow to the carb is good, yet the spark plug appears dry. 0000001611 00000 n One way to test it all out is to put a bowl under the carb drain tube and open it up. It seems that vacuum is an important component, but I don't have a vacuum flow diagram. 0000022109 00000 n It should be routed down for proper draining. In some racing applications methanol alcohol is … 0000003605 00000 n This is what allows the fuel to flow through the petcock. Thanks for the info, I'll check the Tech section for the diagrams. The hose attached to the bottom of the carburetor is for fuel overfl ow from the bowl. 0000003171 00000 n You should have one vacuum line going from the fuel petcock usually to the intake manifold. 0000001660 00000 n The spark appears weak but there is spark. 0000000727 00000 n A PDF flow diagram would be real helpful along with any other ideas. 0000002352 00000 n GOKARTSUSA.COM (800) 603-1437 0000040285 00000 n 0000001572 00000 n I think I have good compression but the plug hole is smaller than the adapters I have for my cars. I apparently have an EVAP system according to a tag I found. ADAPT, thats what the chinese factory does when they get a pile of new parts in....they make it work. 0000001215 00000 n Welcome Guest. Please Login or Register. A couple of pulls on it and you should have fuel going into the bowl, if not your fuel petcock is bad, or the fuel line is clogged somewhere. 0000000820 00000 n I've replaced the carburetor (CVK type), ignition coil and spark plug, still no go. H�b```"9``e`�sdp}y�g'P���S"Wf ��P�tF���#b�'56������w4^تŹ���粎V�0�aH�G�������-"�1yʯR� Could it be my CDI? I don't understand what that is or does. 0000037608 00000 n Then take the vacuum line comming off the center of the fuel petcock and suck on it. I installed a new coil w/plug wire but get the same result as the old coil. 0000022031 00000 n 0000001369 00000 n �A���=/mm6ÌJӯ%�g%c�Fݷ'E�z���ߨVOvC���F��d���E����U��k� �Ԝ BN�� � ޘ��y�%���,t��Ont�"h�>����z�pv�]����=�j��z>���|�pi��ј͊�C�ѨkF��N�G�W�דr���Y��8��E�d������$��7�Y�.�ֱ�b�p��?^�^ ��"���vD\��-�bT�}Ũ��B@6=�'�x(?�,�Q���ٿ�K ?��tZ���40$�cH����wa�O���ƹ=�R��M� ��� 0000002926 00000 n %PDF-1.3 %���� 0000001876 00000 n 0000001194 00000 n X-PRO ® 26mm PZ26 Carburetor Repair Kits for ATV, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts $25.95 $19.95 / 23% off X-PRO ® 27mm PZ27 Carburetor Repair Kits for ATV, Dirt Bike, Go Kart Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Fuel pressure requirements are 1-3 psi. I've blocked the plug hole with my finger, tried to start and my finger tip is dry. I also have very weak (and sometimes no) spark at the plug so I'll chase that around. There is a ?vacuum canister?, why? One way to test it all out is to put a bowl under the carb drain tube and open it up. There are vacuum line diagrams in the tech section.

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