choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city analysis

My parents chose one of the whitest, richest schools, thinking it would provide the best opportunities for us.

and Comments (RSS)| Partnerprogramm Theme, Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City. Not long after, the nation began its retreat from integration. Has anyone ever considered changing the way tax money is distributed within school districts, so that the traditionally black schools don't end up being the "poor" schools that white parents don't want to send their children to? In January of this year, the education council held a meeting to vote on the rezoning. Davenport commuted from Connecticut, but her car was usually the first one in the parking lot each morning, often because she worked so late into the night that, exhausted, she would sleep at a friend’s nearby instead of making the long drive home. Everyone's kids end up better off with fully integrated schools because there's virtue in being exposed to people of different backgrounds and how good a school is depends an enormous amount on the percentage of parents with the money and free time to be involved in the running of the school, so it's to everyone's benefit to spread those parents around rather than segregate them to a handful of schools.

De Blasio and his schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, have acknowledged that they don’t believe their job is to force school integration. When the first tenants moved in, the sprawling campus — named for David Farragut, an admiral of the United States Navy — was considered a model of progressive working-class housing, with its open green spaces, elevators, modern heating plant, laundry and community center. “It was one of the best schools in the district,” she reminisced, sitting in a worn paisley chair. “I don’t hear good things about that school.”, That May, as I sat at a meeting that P.S. They had managed to secure seats in the more diverse and economically advantaged magnet schools or gifted-and-talented programs outside our area, or opted to pay hefty tuition to progressive but largely white private institutions. 307 were zoned to the heavily white P.S. While the Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling in Parents Involved tossed out integration plans that took into account the race of individual students, the court has never taken issue with using students’ socioeconomic status for creating or preserving integration, which is what these parents were seeking. 307. The improvements for black children did not come at the cost of white children.

Internally, I started to exhale. Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City In the spring of 2014, when our daughter, Najya, was once turning 4, my husband and I determined ourselves going through our hardest selection due to the fact turning into parents. LOGIN. Congress passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, pushed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, which prohibited segregated lunch counters, buses and parks and allowed the Department of Justice for the first time to sue school districts to force integration. Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City: The New York City public-school system is 41 percent Latino, 27 percent black and 16 percent Asian.Three-quarters of all students are low-income. education is sold as a tool against poverty because the idea appeals exactly to the middle class: those people who have won the golden ticket out of the bottom floor. I don’t recall it being bad, but I do remember just one white child in my first-grade class, though there may have been more. “Why not in our own neighborhoods?” Integration advocates lambasted her for what they considered a callous portrayal of integration as nothing more than a cultural exchange. It was kind of terrifying how absolute she did a 180-turn when the child in question was her child, and suddenly all that mattered was getting the right connections through to university alumni and the right kind of classmates who spoke proper English. Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City ... June 9).
This subsidized home-buying boom led to one of the broadest expansions of the American middle class ever, almost exclusively to the benefit of white families. 8. Hadn’t we worked hard, he asked, frustration building in his voice, precisely so that she would not have to go to the types of schools that trapped so many black children? Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City: The New York City public-school system is 41 percent Latino, 27 percent black and 16 percent Asian.Three-quarters of all students are low-income. It is a major focus going forward.”. In the burbs yes, but in the city it is all centralized.
“Are we putting her at a disadvantage?”. When it was time to submit our school choices to the city, we put down all four of the schools we visited. Faraji believed that our gains were too tenuous to risk putting our child in anything but a top-notch school. Faraji’s eyes widened as I explained that if we removed Najya, whose name we chose because it means “liberated” and “free” in Swahili, from the experience of most black and Latino children, we would be part of the problem. 8’s overcrowding would be relieved at least temporarily. School guidance counsellors all over the city were in the habit of discouraging certain students from taking that test, and in some schools the counsellor would refuse to help even highly motivated students sign up. The F.H.A.’s explicitly racist underwriting standards, which rated black and integrated neighborhoods as uninsurable, made federally insured home loans largely unavailable to black home seekers. 307. 307 was that rare example of a well-resourced segregated school, and these parents knew it. But while Brown v. Board targeted segregation by state law, we have proved largely unwilling to address segregation that is maintained by other means, resulting from the nation’s long and racist history. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel pulled in the way other parents with options feel pulled. P.S. 41 percent Latino, 27 percent black and 16 percent Asian. They continued to rent while many of their white neighbors bought homes and built wealth. By Nikole Hannah-Jones June 9, 2016 n the spring of 2014, when our daughter, Najya, was turning 4, my husband and I found ourselves facing our toughest decision since becoming parents.

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