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Another piece of evidence is that they are poor in everything: “All of them go around as naked as their mother bore them; and the women also . In general, the suffering of natives began from the time that Columbus claimed to have discovered a new world. The Indian population would soon dramatically decrease, as smallpox and other diseases given to them from the Europeans would kill them ( The sailing of Columbus towards the present day America explains how colonization and settlement of more European people at the territory was conceived. He tells of how "his Highness" defeated the Moors, who had control of Europe at the time, and how he also routed all of the Jews from his lands during… This essay analyzes the journal, Developed Through the Uncovering of San Salvador in 1492 Instead, he discovered something much more: a new, undiscovered land with futuristic opportunities. Throughout the annals of American history, there exists a plethora of interesting people. This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. At this point in a dinner conversation, he may actually change the topic. Given the formality of his time period, the dinner would most obviously be a formal one. The expected answer would be that he was stunned, but there may be more to his feelings than mere surprise. Asia and the Middle East were contenders as well. In 1492, Christopher Columbus made an unexpected discovery of the Americas while trying to accomplish his “enterprise of the Indies” that was supported by the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella (Levine 58). TO LEARN There was a never-ending struggle for power among much of Europe. How about making it original at only $7.00/page. Christopher Columbus is famous for obvious reasons: he is credited with discovering America, he was an explorer, and he was a navigator in the time before GPS no less. The entire book isn’t all about Columbus, Bergreen will take perspectives from Ferdinand, Mendez, Diego and Ferdinand (Columbus’s sons) and Caonabo. Before I read Columbus’s account of meeting the natives, I did not know that he thought the native inhabitants of the West Indies were deserving of torture, murder, and enslavement; Soccer : My Favorite Game : The Influence Of Soccer, Analysis Of Dulce Et Decorum Est By Wilfred Owen, Odysseus Reflection Questions And Answers, Descriptive Essay On The Abdominal Snowman. . Sorry, but it's not possible to copy the text due to security reasons. This was in the October of 1492. In summary, it is significant to acknowledge and appreciate the success of Columbus first voyage to the New World as the conception of the present-day America. “European Voyages of Exploration: Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Empire”. Christopher Columbus was interested by map making and geography, which he tends to study between voyages or trips. Philosophy Department iii Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Given the opportunity to sit down to dinner with him may provide some problems for a non Spanish speaker, so the first thing one would ask for would be to have an interpreter present. To gain the upper hand, Spain financed many voyages to find shorter trade routes to the West indies and Asia. Although each voyage was significant to the territory expansion of the Spanish, much emphasis is put on the success of the first one. Introduction/Background Information Christopher Columbus’s father was a poor weaver. 1736 Words 7 Pages. we can write an original essay just for you. Recent Titles in Library and Information Science Text Series Print, Stannard, David. There are many questions one may want to ask Columbus. Available from:, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. According to Robert Royal, the “Indians were portrayed as poor savages, too primitive to be taken seriously as worthy members of the human race,” and they are to soon suffer and perish from Europeans discovering their land. In what ways are the factors that cause job dissatisfaction universal across cultures? He alludes to the fact that the natives do not understand how the world works and that they are cannibals who are a threat to society. One of Columbus’s promises to Ferdinand and Isabella was to spread Christianity and speaking of the religion, he said, “They would easily be made Christians, because it seemed to me that they belonged to no religion” (14) about the Spaniards. BY CONTINUING TO USE THIS WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO THE USE OF COOKIES. Christopher Columbus had little schooling just like most of the people during that age. As covered by Stannard and Gallagher, the monarch government had declared to enforce Christianity while eradicating other forms of religion. However, in a dinner conversation, he may not be so bold as to mention his desire for fame and wealth. After discovering the new world, Christopher Columbus becomes a changed man focused on riches and conquering the new world, and is described as “a man whose good motives were corrupted by his bad motives” (Berner). 1-7. Division of Business Administration Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio "The American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World." WE USE COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE. KERZNER, Perhaps he realized right away what his discovery would mean as far as garnering him the fame and riches he so desired. He praises his king multiple times during the prologue. Enter your email and we'll send you a properly formatted printable version of this essay right away. 1-16. The two were responsible for the age of exploration for the Spanish Empire and through their leadership; Columbus was accorded the much-needed support to make the exploration. updated: April 26, 2016 The main argument of Columbus in his diary from October 11-15, 1492, is that the natives that populated America before he “discovered” it are ignorant brutes who should be enslaved into servants and taught to be Christian. The first piece of evidence he gives is that the natives are ignorant: “They do not carry arms nor are they acquainted with them, because I showed them swords and they took them by the edge and through ignorance cut themselves.” He writes about how they do not even know what a sword is and how they use primitive weapons without iron. Columbus, an Italian explorer, attempted to sail west from Spain to India, funded by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile (Christopher Columbus’s Exploration). The natives that Columbus arrived back with after the first voyage were all converted to Christianity. He sailed west using three boats: the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus the Italian Explorer). Symbolism in Heart of Darkness, Sula and The Things They Carried, Application to the EMBL International PhD Program. “In fourteen hundred ninety-two / Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” © 2020 All rights reserved, First name should have at least 6 letters, Phone number should have at least 10 digits, Digital Transformation of Banking Industry, Application of the assistant management position. The first and most obvious question would be to ask him about his feelings regarding stumbling upon America when he was not even looking for it. Enter your email to get this essay sample. He would probably regale his dinner guest with his experiences of bringing life to a new nation, and he would go into detail about his time in the war and how his presidency came in to being. While all these was going on, it is important to note that the natives, who had inhabited the land for more than 30,000 years were still living there. Columbus was born around 1451 in the republic of Genoa (what today would be, when Queen Isabella of Spain hired Christopher Columbus, an explorer from another Genoa, Italy, she had a lot to gain for her country from providing means to sponsor his voyage. More European settlers, from other countries, also saw an opportunity to grab a New World that was deemed free for grabs. ii This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Show More. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. He discusses how generous and loving the people are, and “they are convinced that I, with these ships and men, came from the heavens” (Levine 61). After close to eight months, Columbus arrived back in Spain in March 1493. Columbus wrote to Luis de Santangel, the financer of his first voyage, titled “Letter of Discovery” on February 15, 1493, regarding what he discovered (Levine 59). Free Essay: On Oct. 12, 1492 Columbus found an island with his ... Exploration Of Columbus Summary. “The Letter of Columbus in the Discovery of America.” Print, Gallagher, Carole. With the use of violence, Columbus forced slavery upon the Indians in the new world ( 1736 Words 7 Pages. The monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile, felt they could dominate trade, increase wealth, and bring unity to Spain through these trade routes. (“Christopher Columbus.” As controversial as the context of the word ‘discovered’ may be used in, the first Monday of every October is the day Americans take their time to celebrate the heroics of Columbus sailing through the Atlantic Ocean to discover the new land in the October of 1492. Disclaimer: “Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of a New World.” (2000): 1-30. He describes the people, whom he names “Indians,” as, “the people of this island, and of all other islands which I have found and of which I have information, all go naked, men and women…” (Levine 60). From a historical perspective, it was the beginning of colonization. You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. Most people think of Christopher Columbus as the person who discovered the Americas. SpeedyPaper website, please click below to request its removal: By clicking “Claim your discount” you agree to be contacted via email, Already used you can also find it in your mailbox, Our support manager will send this sample That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and Christopher Columbus first went to sea as a teenager. America, as it is today, is a place that many people aspire to visit. All that was about to change with the arrival of Columbus and his discovery of their territory as a New World, initially East Indies. As an experienced explorer, Columbus had been commissioned by the Spanish Monarch government to explore the rough waters and find the location of China or Japan for trade purposes. Would you like to get this essay by email? He praises his king multiple times during the prologue. Columbus traveled to countries such as Portugal and England looking to find a sponsor, but ultimately failed. As described by Columbus in the letter he wrote back to the King and Queen; the natives were more affectionate to the outsiders regardless of the fact that they also feared the Europeans. Controversies associated with the whole issue emanate from the term ‘discover’. He would use them to help get his riches and conquer the new land. They reached the island of Guanahani, of time. Need A Unique Essay on "Christopher Columbus Essay"? Such incidences can be traced to the voyages of Columbus quest, which was originally set to locate China or Japan for economic reasons. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST REFERENCE THE MODEL PAPERS OFFERED AS PART OF OUR SERVICES. In conclusion, Christopher Columbus can be considered a hero for discovering America in 1492, even though it was accidental. As Royal states, “these diverse peoples should have been respected for their own cultures and peacefully brought into interaction with the Europeans.” The Indians had a negative effect on Columbus’s discovery of America, and they would never get their lives back.

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