clayelle dalferes accent

I forgot her name. I don't recall the question but it started with "I assume you . Absolutely worst voice in radio. Who's the lispy health/medical reporter? Terri Gross: What's up with the "great interviewer" stuff? Fun and charming. R229, have you ever seen a photo of her? Such fake plummy tones! Believes in gay marriage. Garrison Keiller switches his voice around. Sorry, didn't make clear in my previous attempt to post that I was talking about the sponsorship announcer on WNYC. I am so distracted by Dianne Rheim's horrible gravely voice and way too many unnecessary pauses between words, that I can condentrate on whatever it is she is talking about. But it's so affected it's almost embarrassing to listen to. I agree about Zoe Chace's voice. And his interview questions just suck. But the most grating, annoying, irrational murder-inducing to me is one of our local KQED personalities who only pops up during pledge (already super-annoying): Cynthia Marcucci! Every time I listen to Diane Rehm I feel the Grim Reaper closing in on me. I think Kai sounds good; intelligent and pleasant. Diane Rehm's voice reminds me of my mom's, whose vocal cords have been affected by MS, so I don't think much about how she sounds. Good times. and adittional funding by bla...DOT COMMMMMMM. Whenever I hear it on NPR (and I look forward to it I must admit), I picture Cruella De Vil saying, "...Ofeibea Quist Arcton, Dakarrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Lisa Mullins has breast cancer and is frequently out for treatment. The grave, somber tones or the riotous laughter just feel a little much. It's impossible for Renee Montagne to ask a question without whining. Although it has only been in effect since last year, if you bring up a thread from the archives of two or three years ago, you'll see that this idiotic bigot accusation now infests old threads and increases the numbers of bigot accusations. Excellent at sequeing into a commercial while talking about food. Spasmodic Dysphoria itself sounds like the name of an exotic yet dulcet-toned NPR host. She's wonderful, and I look forward to the Supreme Court sessions for the pleasure of hearing her.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D. Her pieces are good but her voice is just too affected. GOD. Dr. Zorba Paster - a huge purse falls out with every word interspersed with squeals of delight. %0D %0D Now, at this very minute, the total opposite. Alix Spiegel: first - who ever named a child Alix? Though I can see how her 'sweet' voice can annoy. Eleanor Beardsley sounds just like Holly Hunter to me. She comes on, I turn the station off. The last is a guy that's on morning Marketplace sometimes, he does financial and real estate market updates. It just drove me bonkers! The only other time I clearly recall being mesmerised by a radio voice was in the heyday of radio drama in the 1940's. Her voice makes me turn off my radio. Everytime I listen to Fresh Air, Dave Davies is filling in for her? I first thought Garrison was Thurston Howell the worst. Joanne Sylberner and Patricia Namen - both SO nasally!!! Excepting Diane Rehm's, I find most of the voices on NPR pleasant and soothing. I agree with the comments about Diane Rehm's voice - it makes me want to clear my throat - but I think in some ways helps her because you can't detect any emotion (like irritation) in her voice and she does ask tough questions and doesn't let people off with light answers. Thanks for letting me vent - I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who is irritated by this stuff. Ewww. ie. [quote]Someone should do a remix on NPR's unnecessary vocal affectations. She really does her homework before she interviews anyone. It was nice to hear pleasant voices saying "This NPR program is brought to you by..." instead of the nasally drone by Tavares. Unbearable, that fake treacle in her voice. You barely remember what was ruined because the horror of the explosion was so awful. Week after week, the voices on "This American Life" are horrendous. Neda Ulaby: pretentious, self-important, can't pronounce the words "the" or "a" like normal people do. What happened? The condition which damaged her voice was not of her choice. But, Frank Tavares haunts the place at all hours of the day and night.

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