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Students will use their MNPS email and password and an access code from their teacher to log in. Clever Badge log in The MNPS Help Desk is offering support for Parents and Students who need to access their online resources including Clever. Instructions for students to login to Schoology and check their courses. Student Passwords are provided at the beginning of each school year. Web Design by Horton Group. MNPS aims to make sure all students who need a computer and/or internet access receives it. Pre-K teacher Jessica Arnold shows students, and their parents, how to log in and use Flipgrid. Yes, you can make this request from your personal or parental email account. What are the system requirements for virtual learning? To enroll in free wi-fi for 60 days, call 1-844-488-8395. Do you need in-person help with your computer or WiFi hotspot? Clever. If you are not part of the San Pasqual Union School District, please do not reach out to this contact. Safety Requirements: To keep our staff, students and families safe, everyone in attendance must wear a mask, get their temperature checked and maintain social distance. While using your email account, click on the "New Message" button in the top left of the screen. Please be patient and allow the noted time to pass before reporting an issue with password changes. To reset your student email password, send an email to and provide your: And, this is an important step: Make sure you add to contacts so our response doesn’t end up in your spam folder. The asset number can be found on a white sticker and starts with "IT" followed by six digits. 1 learning management system for students. Non-Discrimination Statement. Questions? The Clever portal provides 1-click access for many applications that students access with their own MNPS username and password. If your laptop is damaged, please contact MNPS Tech Support by calling 615-269-5956. Get an access code from any of your student’s teachers. Having trouble? Contact your school to schedule a time to exchange your laptop. After logging into the laptop, GlobalProtect may ask you for a username and password. log in to your account at, View Student Activity in your Parent Account. If students need help logging in to any of their school accounts, or or cannot email in a request to reset their password, they can call the MNPS Help Desk: 615-269-5956. Please contact your teacher if you are missing any Apps in the Clever Portal, Sign up for a Parent Account using your access code, On the welcome screen of your computer, hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and tap Delete to unlock your computer, Move your laptop closer to your Wi-Fi router or hotspot, Re-check your Wi-Fi password and make sure you are typing it in correctly, Check other devices in your home to make sure your internet is still working, Turn your computer completely off and back on, Hold down the power button for 15 seconds, release and push the power button again, Plug your power adapter into the laptop and try to power it on again, If the image is blurry, try wiping the lens with a soft cloth (Do not use any type of cleaner on the lens), If you are not seeing any image using the camera, restart your computer, Move your laptop closer to your WiFi router or hotspot. Charter/Spectrum: free public wi-fi for 60 days and free broadband for households with students through college age who don’t already have a subscription. Log in with your MNPS username and password. For more information, visit Schoology’s website. Your feedback is essential to help us improve employment practices, streamline processes and better understand staff needs. Students can log in with their MNPS student ID to access: Digital Tools & Resources for Students & Families. Support topics include: Passwords ❙ Laptop ❙ Wi-Fi & Hotspot ❙ Office 365 & Teams ❙ Clever❙ Schoology. Students log in to classes with the MNPS credentials. Access to everything, for everyone. The password must be at least 8 characters but we recommend making a more complex password of least 8 characters using a mixture of special characters, capitalization, and/or numbers. Families can create a free educator account with a personal email address. The T-Mobile hotspots delivered to families provide unlimited internet access for MNPS students. Do not worry, you can continue using the hotspot. Once your laptop has synced and is working, it should work while connected to your home Wi-Fi network. MNPS STAFF TECH SUPPORT . If your laptop is lost or stolen, please have a guardian or parent contact MNPS Tech Support by calling 615-269-5956. Visit the MNPS Tech Support page page for answers to frequently asked technology questions about our devices and commonly used digital apps and tools. Type a short SUBJECT in the subject line and compose an email in the main message box. If you need a translator, please call (615) 259-8787 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For information on digital learning resources, visit the Digital Tools page. Parents can create accounts using an access code givento them by their student’s teacher. While access to the inside of the building is restricted, connecting to the Wi-Fi from outside the building is possible in most cases. Important information for current employees is on this page, and if you’re interested in teaching the future of Nashville, we’d love to have you join us at MNPS. Teachers can provide students with access to files, links, videos and collect student work, plus provide academic feedback. Click on the paperclip icon at the bottom and find the document you want to send to your teacher. Android Fire tablets are discouraged from being used. Although all Nashville Public Library branches currently are closed, students have access to all the digital tools by logging in using their student ID number and PIN. Download Quick Start “How to” Guides on topics such as laptop basics, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Clever and Flipgrid from the topic folder in any of these languages: Reset your password: If you are an MNPS employee and have previously enrolled in the Self-Service Password Reset program, reset your password on  the password reset page. MNPS aims to make sure all students who need a computer and/or internet access receives it. The preferred browser is Chrome. Hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Download a quick start guide to MNPS laptops for information on how to: Visit the Tech Support page for quick information and for the Help Desk phone number. Free resource for our students. Simply connect to the school’s Wi-Fi and try Steps 1-4 above. If you try these steps and still have issues, please contact MNPS Tech Support by calling 615-269-5956, If you try these steps and still have issues, please contact MNPS Tech Support by calling 615-269-5956, To rotate your screen, hold down the "Ctrl", "Alt", and Right Arrow Key at the same time. Homework Hotline: teachers are available by phone or online chat. All employees who are resigning from the district are encouraged to complete the MNPS Exit Survey. If you are unable login using the tips above, try resetting your student password. To reset your password, send an email to and provide your: You can check the your volume by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen. Log in with Clever Badges. Families who a language other than English can receive technology assistance by calling 615-259-8787. Download Quick Start “How to” Guides for: Download Quick Start “How to” Guides from the topic folder in any of these languages: This page offers information on the digital tools and apps Metro Schools students use, such as: Plus, “How To” Quick Guides in several languages and tech support information for students, whether they are learning at school or at home. Please contact your teacher if you are missing any Apps in the Clever Portal. For all employee content, please visit If you are looking for a teacher, you can search the directory by their last name. On you school laptop while logged in and connected to Global Connect, press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time and select the 'Change Password' option on the menu screen that is presented. It is the No. Use the same username and password you used to log into the laptop. It works the same everywhere, so your community is remote-resilient. Fill out the. In the TO box, type in the email address you wish to send your email to. Who to contact and how to get the support you need for virtual learning. A tech support representative will email or call you back at the time you choose. Log in with your MNPS username and password. The MNPS Accessibility and Accommodations Resource Guide assists parents in accessing a variety of different strategies for our  district’s diverse learners. Re-check your WiFi password and make sure you are typing it in correctly. Everyday, more than 11,000 employees support the success of our 86,000 Metro Nashville Public Schools students – in the classroom, in the lunch room, on our school buses and on our campuses. So, if the student's name is Maria Smith, the log in with her name and ID would look something like this:, For laptops received prior to October 19, or on older model laptops, log in requires only the student's user name and not the part of the email address. 2. Complete the Tech Support Request Form. In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts and students respond with short videos, whether they are learning in class or at home. Does your student need a laptop or internet hotspot? Your school will let you know what dates and times to pick up equipment before school starts. Schoology works on most devices with web capabilities Any device (Chromebook, iOS, or Windows laptops such as Dell or Surface) with an internet connection will allow students to access Schoology. If you are having issues logging into your computer because of Global Protect, please try the following: Syncing your laptop with the MNPS Network may fix your issue. MNPS will use Schoology for most virtual learning activities in K-12 courses. Sign up for an email digest of student activity and grades. Student Login. 2601 Bransford Avenue Nashville, TN 37204 (615) 259-INFO. It allows our teachers to both see and hear from students in class. Plus, it is easy to use. With single sign-on, everything is one click away for students, families, and educators. Need a translator? Check with your school to see if free MNPS hotspot options are available, Connect to your Wi-Fi network or hotspot (Click the Globe in the lower-right of your screen and select your network), Check to make sure Global Protect is connected. For the start of the 2020-21 school year, laptops and hotspots will be handed out at schools to families who are in need. For the laptop to connect to the internet, Global Protect must be enabled. AT&T: Click on the topic for more information for students and parents: Teachers and Students can access Clever at Or get help logging in. Log in with Clever Badges. School Name To reset your password, send an email to and provide your: Does your student need a laptop or internet hotspot? Contact If you have additional questions about getting a computer or internet access, please contact your child's school. Installation fees will be waived. Format for email addresses are:, Still having trouble accessing Schoology? Why Schoology? If you have additional questions about getting a computer or internet access, please contact your student's school. Download: Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide. Glencliff HS tech support is at the back of the building, off Holbrook Dr., near the tennis courts. Additional students can be added to the parent account, but parents will need to get a new code from one of your other child’s teachers if he or she attends a different school. The Clever portal provides 1-click access for many applications that students access with their own MNPS username and password. This page offers technical support information for MNPS student and parents.

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