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He shot to success in 1988 as the twitchy, quick-witted host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the long-running improvisation game-show that helped usher in the era of comedy’s new cultural dominance. It gave me more confidence. “It’s the Scottish Presbyterian this-will-never-work thing,” he says, the flip-side being a similar sense of humour. When we were big on telly, that was probably the time to do a stage-show.” It’s not quite Terry Gilliam dissing the Python reunion shows, but the pessimism is palpable. When his chat show moved to the BBC around the start of the New Labour era, it looked as if things could only get better. But I also wanted to assume… not intimacy, exactly, but the sort of conversation you might have with a workmate. “He was quite a funny man himself. All rights reserved. [6] He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1976 and became a practising barrister, specialising in criminal law. He doesn’t divulge too much about her, but says he thinks she might have disapproved of his career choice – “I think she would probably have thought it was being too trivial to stop being a lawyer.” Was she artistic? So just a bit of joshing, really. And that’s one of the reasons we walked off Clive Anderson,” he says of their famous 1996 TV show clash. You’d go: how do you know how to do that? That was that. His daughter Flora is a comedian. He has also hosted many radio programmes, and made guest appearances on Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week and QI. This was all distinctly television of its time, and Anderson concedes that his brand of “talk”, such as it was, would no longer work in today’s climate. But I think I’m always going to be something of an amateur who drifts in to doing things – gifted or otherwise!”, ‘What Does the Title Matter Anyway?’ is at the Underbelly’s McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, Aug 6-19. I wanted to be funny and to take the conversation into slightly different areas’. “I’ve matured,” he says, by way of explanation. “I still feel like I’m an 18-year-old in awe of the world,” he continues, in disbelief. He was an awkward, avuncular presence who remained thoroughly barrister-like in his bearing, grilling his guests the way you imagine he once grilled criminals in the law courts. Perhaps the most memorable scene in all the very many episodes of I’m Alan Partridge was the one in which the inept broadcaster responded to the BBC Controller who denied him a second series by thrusting a particularly ripe stilton in his face, and demanding that his now-former boss “Smell my cheese.”. “I’m not Clive James.”, Me, Macbeth & I tours the UK from 13 March to 24 May. A bit craggier, to be sure, now he’s 61, but the twinkle in the eye is there, the grin comes naturally, the dimply cheeks remain endearingly cherubic and, surprisingly, there is still a lot of hair for a man who appeared to be going bald in the late-Eighties. Winner of a British Comedy Award in 1991,[2] Anderson began experimenting with comedy and writing comedic scripts during his 15-year legal career, before starring in Whose Line Is It Anyway? The frown returns, and the monologue resumes. He looks momentarily exhausted by this stream of consciousness, then casts his gaze out of the window and across the rooftops of London. Barrister-turned-comedian Clive Anderson was the nation's darling - and then he seemed to vanish. “I had thought it was all just a bit of jollity, but they had obviously taken an intense dislike to me.”, Breeders: Martin Freeman’s hilarious comedy series is almost uniquely truthful about parenthood. For legal reasons, the improv show has been named, after a slight muddle, What Does the Title Matter Anyway? When Clive Anderson learned that he was not going to get another series of his BBC1 chat show in 2001, overt displays of antipathy were conspicuous by their absence. When the idea was first suggested, he explains, it was less a case of leaping at the opportunity than struggling to find an excuse to show it the door. Clive Anderson. on BBC Radio 4, then later Channel 4.He has also hosted many radio programmes, and … The show's name was changed to Clive Anderson All Talk and it was aired on BBC One. [7], Anderson was involved in the fledgling alternative comedy scene in the early 1980s and was the first act to come on stage at The Comedy Store when it opened in 1979. Is that how much it cost?”) and unambiguously rude to Jeffrey Archer (“Is there no beginning to your talents?”). Things became quiet for a while. “It could have been me sentencing light-entertainment figures to periods of imprisonment rather than being me having worked with those figures.”, Oh yes: he has interviewed Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris in his time. Anderson lives in Highbury, North London, with his wife, Jane, with whom he has three children. “ ‘Oh … radio,’ they say. ", he swiftly replied, "About as much as you do.". "I was diagnosed with leukaemia then I had COPD which is a fancy name for emphysema and my immune system packed up. Clive Anderson's big break came in 1988 when he began presenting.

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