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One was at Spa when Willy Mairesse nudged him from behind, caught the linkage at the back of the gearbox and pushed it into neutral. I was at Brands Hatch for the BOAC 500, running the 47 for Jackie Oliver and John Miles. “After that I felt even worse, so he phoned Pete Arundell, who was driving for us in Formula Junior then, and told him he had to drive PMT, the 24 and me to Dover. Bob again: “For Colin, Jimmy’s death was a crushing blow. Incredibly, 55 years on, he is still with Team Lotus – Classic Team Lotus as it is now, still at Hethel and with Colin Chapman’s son Clive at the helm. And if something scary happened to him his eyes would go big. Incredibly, 55 years on, he is still with Team Lotus – Classic Team Lotus as it is now, still at Hethel and with Colin Chapman’s son Clive at the helm. Like in the 1963 French Grand Prix at Reims: he got a bad misfire, the engine was at least 1500rpm down, but he managed somehow to stay in front. Laz sums it up: “One of the old Team Lotus guys who went on to Cosworth, Dick Scammell, was talking to a current F1 mechanic and said, ‘What do you do after the race? At midnight on the second night Jim Endruweit suggested I got a couple of hours’ sleep in the Bedford, and he woke me at 2am to get back to work. But Parnelli? Laz was very much involved in the Lotus effort at Indianapolis. The second wave of the pandemic is racing through Europe as riders prepare for the triple-header finale…, The company that claimed a 331mph top speed for its road car has admitted that it may have got its figures wrong and is now planning a second run to…, You've spent £1m+ on your no-holds-barred supercar; customised it in the colour of your spouse's eyes and built a heated garage to keep it warm in winter. At Pau once Ferodo gave us some new brake pads to try in practice, DA2s instead of DS11s. Bob: “We also got seconded into Ford’s Lotus-Cortina operation. Was this car run in Formula C? Which is why I find myself enjoying a pub lunch with three men who have lived that life, and been an integral part of some of motor racing’s greatest days. I don’t reckon one of today’s F1 superstars would trouble to take a gang of mechanics round like that.”. It was that 1962 Silverstone International Trophy when Graham Hill caught Jimmy napping and they crossed the finish line side by side, with the BRM’s nose just ahead. And like that he got to the flag.”, Cedric has another story that underlines Clark’s natural talent. has … At Zeltweg, after a late night working on the cars, coming back to the hotel which was quite smart: the sort of establishment where you put your shoes outside the door to be cleaned when you went to bed. Because of this Hill was catching him, but Jimmy managed to stay ahead and won by 3.2sec. Last weekend, I attended the Cape Town Book Sale where book sellers offered as much as 50% off on a wide range of titles. The original bolt hole for the bottom radius rod was still there. 2.8K likes. “He’d come rushing through the workshop, spot something he didn’t like, tear you off a terrible strip, and storm out. Once there they’d unload the cars, prepare them, run them through practice, carry out the drivers’ requested set-up changes, and repair any Friday and Saturday mechanical failures or accident damage. I worked on, making up a throttle linkage, doing all the last bits, and Colin came in and said, ‘Right, time to go. I’ve also got a lead on the prototype Lotus 32 that Peter Warr sold; the owner from 1965 now lives in Spain. He had some big accidents, but usually they weren’t down to him. He’d raced it for years, it was totally familiar to him, and he was very quick in it. Yesterday Bob celebrated his 80th birthday: a surprise party was laid on, and to his astonishment more than 100 old motor racing friends and colleagues turned up. Thirsty work: Future Tui designer Allan McCall perched between Bobs Dance and (left) Sparshott, “After national service I tried to join Lotus, and they offered me three-and-six (17.5p) an hour. But still one or other of the cars would sometimes run out before the end of the race. He was what we used to call a big hammer man. )… Continue reading Review: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins Tagged 2017 books , bad books , blogs , book , books , fail , Fiction , fiction books , honest reviews , into the water , Mystery , paula hawkins , the girl on the train , wordpress 2 Comments On the ovals those cars had two gears, starting and racing. But I remembered what Colin had said to me once: ‘Nobody is indispensable. Pete, still grumpy, turned PMT round and shot back to Cheshunt. The next year, also at Spa, on a fast part of the track he went straight through a marshal’s post, completely demolished it.” The history books say the cause of that one was a puncture. “But he could get uptight. In the pub, over steak and kidney pie (Laz), baked potato with prawns (Bob) and beef lasagne (Ced) the stories pour out. He said. “I thought, we’ll fix him. And it wouldn’t have brought Jimmy back.”]. Is Lotus in financial trouble? I do a couple of laps, get back to the garage, switch off and shut the doors. Sometimes you had absolutely no idea what he’d been so mad about.”, Bob agrees: “I remember once he was in the race shop and he got so angry he was banging his head on the sliding doors, bang, bang, bang, shouting, “No, no, no, no!”, Yet for all of them Chapman was an inspiration. I don’t think he liked it much! When I got to Calais the others were there waiting for me. “Colin Chapman would get into a huge paddy about nothing,” Laz remembers. When I arrive to take Bob to the pub he is appropriately working on Lotus 25 chassis R4, the very car with which Clark won the 1963 world championship, and now raced by proud owner John Bowers. A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg is the story of Sara, who poses stiffly for a photo… Continue reading Review: A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg by Harry Kalmer [Penguin Random House], If there’s one thing I really admire about people, it’s their ability to experience life-shattering events and still progress in life. They impounded his car, and they didn’t release it until years later.” Two years passed before an Italian court finally decided that Clark was blameless. Inevitably these men were very resourceful characters. Pure Lotus 27 so a different car and for those interested I think it was 27/JM/7 the 5th team car that never raced in FJ and is now in Mexico. How do you relax, how do you socialise?’ And this guy said, ‘We go to the gym.’ What a miserable existence! At once I was asleep. Peter raced a Lotus 27 at Fuji in May 1964 and after a bit of searching I bought a Japanese book with some close-up body off shots. “At the 1964 French Grand Prix at Rouen there was a support race for historic cars, and Patrick Lindsay won it from pole with his ERA, Remus. Many joined full of excitement and optimism, only to leave as the rigours of the job wore them down. Thanks to the legendary Frank Monise Jnr I got to talk to his pal, Art Brisbane. Then on the straight the engine would cut in, sounding fine and healthy. The car was red from new, so no go there. The chosen hostelry is the Bird in Hand in the Norfolk village of Wreningham, just up the road from the traditional home of Team Lotus. Then this book by admitted attorney and tax specialist, Daniel Baines, is for you! Trevor had a serious one at Enna, too. We shoe-horned a straight-six Zephyr engine into it, and you could wind it up to 80mph going downhill. The public were allowed into the paddock in those days, of course, and with everybody milling around The Old Man shouted at Jimmy: ‘You’ve let the mechanics down. Still has two Tecnos, both for sale, one a chassis only. He said: “We had a good commercial relationship with Firestone. Possibly something to do with the weird Chapman designed oil pipes to the front cooler, a pipe within a pipe and the flow rate is, frankly, crap. “The Yanks still weren’t sure about the Limeys. The bonus was that I now know where that car is today, and it was a delighted owner that I was able to give the entire history of his car. Well, it seemed funny then.”. He was always interested. This all matches but … I hit it off with Jim straight away as he mentioned his F2 De Tomaso, “Not the very first one that raced at Sebring?” I said, (knowing full well the answer) “Yes” he said “0001”. Bugger! Mimi, his wife, told me how much he’d enjoyed our correspondence – like minded souls, she said. For a handful of others it became the only life they knew. And David’s entrepreneurial ingenuity is still at work: he has dreamed up a new type of mandrel pipe-bender, and formed a company to make it. If you were in the left-hand seat in Europe it was your job to shout when it was clear to overtake, but overtaking anything would commit you to the wrong side of the road for a long time. They all agree that the bond between Chapman and Clark was very strong. Race mechanics usually gave each other nicknames: it went with working endless hours in small spaces, and being thrown together in primitive accommodation which, Cedric remembers with a grimace, once involved him and David sharing a narrow bed. I must have smelt like a polecat. The cars might be quartered in a back-street garage with an earth floor, or sometimes the paddock was just a grass field, and when it rained everything – cars, tools, mechanics – got wet. Research is addictive and highly rewarding sometimes, so here are some snippets found so far, (excluding those delivered new to the US). At Kyalami Mario ran out of fuel two laps from the end, spluttered into the pits for a couple more gallons and dropped to seventh, and Ronnie won. It swerved into the kerb, knocked off the left front wheel and somehow ground to a halt. A Lotus 27 has rubber bush suspension whereas a Lotus 32 has rose joints, but the tub is identical save for a steel centre bulkhead on the Lotus 32 and different suspension pick up points. He was quiet and reserved, but he’d take the time to come and look at what we were doing. I started off in our garden shed. “But the thing about Jimmy, one of the ways he was so much better than everybody else, is that if there was a problem with the car he just drove round it. And hotel rooms hadn’t been laid on for us: that was the time Laz and I had to share a bed.”. Working conditions at races weren’t always easy. He only did four laps – but at once he got several seconds under Lindsay’s pole time. There was a lot of money involved, so the Old Man said, ‘If you can get that car repaired I can get AJ Foyt to drive it.’ So we set about another night and day repair job. “In the Tip Top bar after the race I found the Team Lotus chief mechanic Jim Endruweit and asked him for a job. When he arrived he pulled me to one side, looking very serious. Out of the car he used to bite his nails a lot. In the Cheshunt car park, one of those old-fashioned stick-on demister bars disappeared from the windscreen of a colleague’s aged Rover. But it never lasted. Here’s a little insight into Cape Town’s brand new online second-hand bookstore: Do you have books at home that you've read and want to donate? $21,000 and three months later the car landed in Melbourne, derelict but having been dry stored in his house for 37 years. After Lotus moved from Hornsey to Cheshunt I tried again, and drove over in an Austin 7 Special I’d built. He was in the lead, Hill’s BRM was second, and suddenly Jimmy was coming through Woodcote every lap with his engine apparently dead. They trundled across Europe squashed into the cab of a dodgy flat-bed Ford Transit that carried one car and towed the other on an open two-wheeled trailer. “After Watkins Glen in 1962 we took Jimmy’s little 1500cc F1 car to Indy so he could do some test laps.

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