cold steel srk vs gerber strongarm

Here a few knives that have solid reputations and while they didn’t make it into my top picks, they are still worth looking at. A square spine is also great for batoning wood since the flat top gives you a better surface for hammering down on. The highlights of this knife are really the handle and the sheath. Knives have tons of different grip materials and styles. Too many moving parts; too many threaded fasteners; too many corners, gaps, and edges on the handle wearing out my hands. Check out our beginners guns video course. It makes for great grip, especially when wet, without the need for over-aggressive, fatiguing texture. This means you need a rugged and sturdy knife that drives its way through a nice thick piece of wood. Bravo Tango. The product engineers at Gerber really outdid themselves: it’s completely ambidextrous and modular, snapping together in several configurations for secure attachment virtually anywhere. I know it’s not a fixed blade, but I EDC my Cold Steel 4-MAX and I think it will hold up as a decent survival knife as well as a self defense knife. A full tang knife that comes with partial serration or a straight blade. Should your blade be serrated or straight? I'd love to hear about it. When I was in, we got Ka-Bar bayonets issued over the standard Ka-Bar but at a machine gunner, I didn’t carry a bayonet very much. The Garberg is Morakniv’s first full tang knife, and it’s made for the outdoors. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. Awesome budget, but very solid option and I'd definitely prefer it over the ones you listed. Many times, if a Cold Steel lock fails to catch, it is because there is dirt on the lock face (on the back side of the blade). Even though the blade is 3/16 of an inch thick, the broad, high flat grind gives it surprising cutting power and strength to match. a slicer and a knife you can abuse a bit. Mora Bushcraft comes with a longer and thicker blade. This will provide a very comfortable grip and help reduce fatigue when you are working for extended periods of time. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by jedi391, Sep 20, 2011. Should be in the museum of industrial art. “Survival knife” is one of those terms that everyone interprets a little differently, probably because “survival” is such a broad idea that no two people are bound to see it the same way. Why do we always get obsessed with size? The Ka-Bar has a pretty defined clip point that gives the knife a nice belly for deep slashes or skinning game. Cold Steel SRK. These rods need a nice sharp spine to create the friction needed to create the sparks required to start a fire. It’s not so inexpensive that you sacrifice reliability or general utility: the SRK platform is trusted and proven. I think of it as a “wrecking knife:” a tool that is at its best when used with brute force. My only complaint is I wish it was textured a little more.

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