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0000001581 00000 n 0000001769 00000 n Copyright, Humanities and Cultural Studies Theses and Dissertations, Lost Without a Connection: Analyzing Netflix's, Redefining Representations of Trauma & Modes of Witnessing in Damon Lindelof’s, Roots in Antiquity: A Comparative Study of Two Cultures, The Concept of Freedom in American Literature at the Dawn of the Nation, How Audiovisual Composition Reveals Gendered Limitations and Possibilities in, Horror’s Aesthetic Exchange: Immersion, Abstraction and, Blaxploitation’s Revolutionary Sexuality: Rethinking Images of Male Hypersexuality in, Plasticity in Animated Children’s Cartoons: The Neoliberal Transforming Bodies and Static Worlds of, Mobilizing Images of Black Pain and Death through Digital Media: Visual Claims to Collective Identity After “I Can’t Breathe”, The Peruvian minstrel: an analysis of the representations of blackness in the performance of, An Ecology of Care: Training in Dependence and Caretaking in, Anti-Fascist Aesthetics from Weimar to MoMA: Siegfried Kracauer & the Promise of Abstraction for Critical Theory, Poetics of Sixteenth-Century Widowhood: Vittoria Colonna’s Use of Gender and Grief as a Means of Social and Spiritual Transcendence, Performing "Hurt" : Aging, Disability, and Popular Music as Mediated Product and Lived-Experience in Johnny Cash's Final Recordings, The Promised Body: Diet Culture, the Fat Subject, and Ambivalence as Resistance, Concerning Virtual Reality and Corporealized Media: Exploring Video Game Aesthetics and Phenomenology, Failing to Move Forward: Journalism, Media, and Affect in David Fincher's, Eliminating the Uncertainty of Hong Kong in 1990s: Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China (1, 2, 3), A Woman's Place in Jazz in the 21st Century, Get Ye A Copper Kettle: Appalachia, Moonshine, and a Postcolonial World, The Dislocated Spectator's Relationship to Enchanted Objects in Early Film and Modernist Poetry, Playing-With the World: Toy Story's Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Play, Distinguishing Patterns of Utopia and Dystopia, East and West, "There's a real hole here": Female Masochism and Spectatorship in Michael Haneke's La Pianiste, "You want it all to happen now! Modular Kitchen Furniture In Vadodara ": A Study of the Performance of Geek Identity at Comic Book Conventions, Eric Kahler, Tell Sir Thomas More We've Got Another Failed Attempt: Utopia and the Burning Man Project, Gracen Lila Kovacik, Finding a Home: Latino Residential Influx into Progress Village, 1990-2010, Christopher Julius Pineda, Auteurs at an Urban Crossroads: A Certain Tendency in New York Cinema, Rene Thomas Rodriguez, The US Response to Genocide in Rwanda: A Reassessment, Camara Silver, From White City to Green Acres: Bertha Palmer and the Gendering of Space in the Gilded Age, Barbara Peters Smith, He_rtland: The Violence of Neoliberalism, Hector Sotomayor, Let's Go to the Carnival: Hybridization of Heterotopian Spaces in the Films of Kevin Smith, Anthony L. Sylvester, Sobering Anxieties: Alcohol, Tobacco, and the Intoxicated Social Body in Dutch Painting During the True Freedom, 1650-1672, David Beeler, Four Women: An Analysis of the Artistry of Black Women in the Black Arts Movement, 1960s-1980s, Abney Louis Henderson, The Black Experience in the United States: An Examination of Lynching and Segregation as Instruments of Genocide, Brandy Marie Langley, The Problems and Potentials in Haunted Maternal Horror Narratives, Sarah Laura Novak, "Die Mauer im Kopf": Aesthetic Resistance against West-German Take-Over, Arwen Puteri, Masculinity, After the Apocalypse: Gendered Heroics in Modern Survivalist Cinema, Sean Michael Swenson, Caribbean Traditions in Modern Choreographies: Articulation and Construction of Black Diaspora Identity in L'Ag'Ya by Katherine Dunham, Viktoria Tafferner-Gulyas, Spectatorial Shock and Carnal Consumption: (Re)envisaging Historical Trauma in New French Extremity, Christopher Butler, Collecting Stardust: Matter, Memory, and Trauma in Patricio Guzman's Nostalgia for the Light, Nora Szegvari, Refiguring Indexicality: Remediation, Film, & Memory in Contemporary Japanese Visual Media, Janine Marie Villot, The Sopranos Experience, Eli Benjamin Weidinger, The Black Freedom Struggle and Civil Rights Labor Organizing in the Piedmont and Eastern North Carolina Tobacco Industry, Jennifer Wells, Out of Our Depth: Hyper-Extensionality and the Return of Three-Dimensional Media, Justin Alan Brecese, More than Words: Rhetorical Devices in American Political Cartoons, Lawrence Ray Bush, Postcolonial Religion and Motherhood in the Novels by Louise Erdrich and Alice Walker, Kateryna Chornokur, Butterbeer, Cauldron Cakes, and Fizzing Whizzbees: Food in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, Leisa Anne Clark, The Early Works of Velázquez Through a Phenomenological Lens, Elyse June Cosma, Tales of Empire: Orientalism in Nineteenth-Century Children's Literature, Brittany Renee Griffin, When Bad Things Happen to Good Mothers: Rethinking Motherhood Through the Single Mother Image in American Films from the 1930s to the 1970s, Tanna Alice Mancini, "You Understand Me Now": Sampling Nina Simone in Hip Hop, Amanda Renae Modell, Monstrous Dialogues: THE HOST and South Korean Inverted Exile, James Lloyd Turner, _Alien_ Thoughts: Spectatorial Pleasure and Mind Reading in Ridley Scott's Horror Film, Cecilia Madeline Bolich, Sexually Explicit, Socially Empowered: Sexual Liberation and Feminist Discourse in 1960s Playboy and Cosmopolitan, Lina Salete Chaves, Shifting Blackness: How the Arts Revolutionize Black Identity in the Postmodern West, Reginald Eldridge Jr, Sorting Through the Junk Box: Dickens's Objects and the Great Exhibition of 1851, Audrey Raymi Grounds, Fantasy, Leisure, and Labor: A Story of Temple Terrace's Historic Architecture, Rachelle Hostetler, "Take Another Look At 'Em": Passing Performances of Gender in the Junior-Freshman Weddings of Florida State College for Women, 1909-1925, Sarah Lynne Jünke, The Return of the 1950s Nuclear Family in Films of the 1980s, Chris Steve Maltezos, The Holistic Complementary Structure of Western Bio-Medicine and Traditional Healing and Achieving Complete Health, Candace Gail Oubre, The Hippocratic Corpus and Soranus of Ephesus: Discovering Men's Minds Through Women's Bodies, Megan Michelle Slaughter, The Abjection of the Pythia, Alaina Dyann Tackitt, Painting Parisian Identity: Place and Subjectivity in Fin-de-siecle art, Chelsea Anne Watts, Closet Space: Investigating Gay Identity through Advertising in Gay Media, Jonathan A. Hanna, The Sunshine State's Golden Fruit: Florida And The Orange, 1930-1960, Scott D. Hussey, “Some Marvelous Thing”: Leonardo, Caterina, and the Madonna of the Rocks, Michael Thomas Jahosky, Struggle In The Sunshine City: The Movement For Racial Equality In St. Petersburg Florida 1955-1968, Peyton L. Jones, Visionary of Control: The Efficiency, Expertise, and Exclusion of Alexander James Inglis, Heidi Tilney Kramer, Visualizando la Conciencia Mestiza: The Relation of Gloria Anzaldúa’s Mestiza Consciousness to Mexican American Performance and Poster Art, Maria Cristina Serrano, Artemisia Gentileschi : The Heart of a Woman and the Soul of a Caesar, Deborah Anderson Silvers, From Night to Dawn: The Cultural Criticism of George A. Romero, Christopher Paul Wagenheim, "Which Way to the Honky-Tonk?"

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