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Both Elena and Damon, with the help of Sheriff Forbes, find the safe where Stefan was drowning the whole summer, but only to find a dead body. The scene is a nod to the cemetery scene in the show's pilot episode of season 1 when Damon can control fog and crows. Stefan and Bonnie find Damon and Enzo after a turned-on humanity Enzo gives clues to Bonnie on where they can be found. Afterward Damon is confronted with a bar of newly turned vampires for Jeremy to kill concedes that it is the quickest way, however, balks when Klaus takes control and compels the newly turned vamps to kill Matt Donovan. Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about "friends backstabbing friends", "cheating exes", or "cast members exiting shows" on low-brow websites that are just perpetuating trends that preceded us,” she wrote in the caption. It is later revealed that there is nothing fated about Stefan and Elena, but that they were merely drawn together by a spell. Verbal Behavior Examples, Chicago Rooftops, However, after Cade gets to land, he appoints Damon and Stefan to replace the sirens. Lizzie reveals that it was Damon's gift to her and Josie for their Sweet 16. Damon and Elena then both individually discover that Elena is sired to Damon, making Elena's feelings unfortunately known; however, Elena insists that her love for Damon is the most real thing that she has ever felt in her entire life. Cutthroat Kitchen Chef Wins All Money, After the actress was done shooting the show, a viewer asked Nina about her relationship with the couple. He tells her that "when (he) drag(s) (his) brother from the edge to deliver him back to (her), (he) wants her to remember the things (she) felt while he was gone." He kisses her forehead and says he wishes she could remember this, but she cannot. She recalls a memory from season 4, where Damon declares that there would be nothing more miserable than becoming human again. The name Stefanie is inspired by Damon's late brother Stefan. My Fedex Account Number, He says that it is the only time that he becomes a good brother to Stefan, compelling him to leave and stay away from the tunnels. In the episode "Rose", Damon confesses his love for her only to compel her to forget about it because he does not believe he is worthy of her. Hand Of God Painting, They later discover that they are trapped in a 1994 Prison World. At the end of the episode, Elena proclaims her love for him stating that of all the decisions she has made choosing him will prove to be the worse one. Damon Salvatore, Stefan's older brother, was transformed into a vampire when he was 25 and was played by a 30-year-old Ian Somerhalder. Damon finally finds Stefan inside a hut where he is tied up in the chair and Qetsiyah makes a link of Stefan with Silas which fries Stefan's brain. In the episode 'We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes', Damon helps Elena in dealing with her hallucinations and saves her from committing suicide. After that it turns out Elena is sired with Damon, first they think it is the reason why Elena loves Damon, but in the episode "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" they found out that it only affects how a person acts, not how they feel. The tide changes when Mary Louise helps Julian. Damon chases Jeremy throughout Mystic Falls and advises Jeremy that he is compelled and he needs to kill him. Kenosha Pass Leaves 2020, How Many Stars Are There, If you've ever watched The Vampire Diaries, you've been in love with Damon Salvatore at some point.And, if you say you haven't been, you're lying. At Bonnie's funeral, Damon consoles Elena. Damon walks in and tells him, "You did really well tonight." Later in the episode Elena calls Damon and confesses she is in love with him and it is the "most real thing she's ever felt in her entire life", in a moment of weakness Damon tells her to come to see him. When she meets up with him, they talk until he runs to Amara. "[15] After Stefan gives Damon the cure to vampirism, turning him into a human, and Bonnie unbreaks the spell on Elena, Damon and Elena finally reunite. Rebekah is shot at through the Window and Damon escapes. When Damon wakes up from his sleep, he visits Bonnie to read out his letter to her and promises to her that he will never leave her. After dispatching the deputies, Damon decides to take out some aggression on Matt and is about to snap his neck when stopped by the new vampire Elena. Elena takes the cure, which breaks the compulsion, and her memories of Damon return to her. Alaric is brought back to life by the Gilbert ring. When Elena makes it back but Damon is trapped on the collapsing Other Side, Elena is devastated. At the hospital the doctors tell him that she is medically healthy and they see no reason why she is not awake. Damon Salvatore is a fictional character In L. J. Smith's novel series The Vampire Diaries. Klaus shows up and threatens Damon, wanting him to get Jeremy's mark completed earlier rather than later. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just like Kai, Aisha and Enzo, Sybil also doubted that Bonnie and Damon are more than just friends. Damon wants to help Silas so that Silas can do a spell to swap his life with Bonnie as Silas wants to die. At first, Bonnie did not want to have anything to do with Damon, saving his life only for Elena's sake and soon blaming him for Caroline's transition into a vampire. Damon confronts Bonnie, who had taken the Ascendant, and tells her that Lily is threatening to destroy the cure if he does not return with the means to get her "family" back. – Environmental Media Award. Stefan then gets left with no choice in order to protect Caroline and their friends. After asking Stefan why he wants to cure Elena, Damon tells him that he loves Elena as a vampire or human. Alaric tries to find a way to get his wife Jo back from the dead. Lovely Apartments, A century after Damon and Stefan leave Mystic Falls, they both return and meet Elena Gilbert (also Nina Dobrev), a mortal who looks exactly like Katherine. Damon Salvatore Quotes (11 quotes). On knowing that Bonnie is dying, Damon leaves no stone unturned to make sure she lives and asks for her forgiveness. Damon, who is trying to stop Alaric, accepts what she says and she tells him that maybe if she had met Damon before she had met Stefan, her choice may have been different.

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