dayz sa solo

Playing solo sucks, I just got alot of dedication to Dayz's progress to stack almost 900 hours into it. But if you're up for an apocalyptic survival style game then (imo) there's none better. Reddit Rescue Force are now your friends. I'm just walking along a windy road, enjoying the scenery. We shall eat of the bambi, and thank it for the gift of its flesh. I refused spoiler maps until I could confidently navigate around Chernarus with in-game items (collecting and piecing together in-game maps is fun, plus the in-game map doesn't spoil loot locations, etc. Or I'm eating beans on top of a castle, checking out the view. To be honest, I'm getting a little burnt out now, but it's been one Hell of a ride. Traveling place to place is now SUPER boring. I usually play solo, mostly because my friends who bought the game hate how patient you have to be, and I have fun. :D, Time will bring bigger servers i hope :D Thanks for the answer :D. It's far less fun when it comes to things like building settlements and acquiring high-end loot since you have no buddies to share your goals with but there's still lots of room for that intense hunt or be hunted suspense as a solo player. A mod that changes 0.63 offline stress test into a Singleplayer Survival game mode. same for me... and I'm closing in on 1000 hours. It's easier to do with a group, but not impossible with one person. © Valve Corporation. DayZ is placed at a … Of course, I suck at PvP and always die, but I still have fun with over 500 hours combined between mod and SA. (Big one). Sometimes it can be quite quiet. Adds 4x times increase in Stamina and a 3x decrease in thirstiness. How can you even focus at all after smoking weed? I hope you decide to try it out, and good luck out there if you do! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,48693,3087134.html,,5290.html,, I dont wanna fucking spent that money and raise the hands after few hours of playing, cuz to me 30€ actually is a lot of money. Cons:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. You could be outnumbered and you dont have the emotional backing that a buddy provides. my heart pumps every time I face another player, although I have played for 700hours. Ive put in close to 400 hours into it so far, and ive played solo and with groups. Player interaction is now rarer. Your scared shitless and paranoid all the time.

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