delonghi ec702 portafilter

You don’t have to lubricate anything on this machine, only super-automatic machines with movable brewing units require it. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_design = "in_content"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "b456f3f721061d6bbedaf9fd927b566a"; waltoc. Contact: [email protected], I would also appreciate your starred review at. How to Choose the Right Espresso Machine or the Coffee Maker? But it doesn’t automatically make it outdated or less functional – there were no major improvements in Delonghi espresso maker’s construction for the last 10 years. With a few patented technology by the own brand. You may upgrade to unpressurized baskets and/or naked portafilter and/or change a steam wand. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Please rate my review: Have any questions? After yet another question "Which coffee machine should I choose?" The construction and all the main parts – boiler, pump etc – didn’t change over the decade. They help you to get a decent cup of espresso with rich crema on any beans. The biggest in the class of budget espresso makers. Does not include coffee baskets. I would be happy to help if you’ll give more details! Regards, Any suggestions? During my travels, I discovered the same problem everywhere on the earth - there is too much marketing tricks in coffee machines sales. Mid to upper price range. Because of the success of the Russian blog, I quit the job and became a digital nomad. I had a Delonghi espresso machine S07 41922 which just makes one shot at a time, does not have a grinder, and manually froths milk. From a technical point of view, the EC710 is a modern Delonghi ECO310, which was put in the wide full-metal body – see photos of the disassembled machine at the end. After that I had a job at an Eastern European distribution company, being in charge of the coffee makers. The steam goes out of the boiler via solid copper made connector (like on Gaggia Viva), while all the modern Delonghi’s has plastic tubes. Perhaps only that in the nearest future, this machine will be discontinued and in 2-3 years it could become a problem to find spare parts. Have you bought this coffee machine? I also think that this machine has a greater potential for upgrading and tuning it up than it’s modern counterparts sold for the similar price. Not just a thin layer of aluminum alloy placed on the plastic frame like it is made on the Dedica for example: The only cons of this model are usability issues: mainly huge dimensions and very limited cup height. Thanks for your thoughts. Delonghi genuine part coffee sump. The water reservoir is located on the left and has no access from the top. ( a by pass for in-laws would be nice). However (to start with the cons) there are some problems with ease of use: If compared to any modern Delonghi espresso machine, the old EC702/710 has: That’s probably all the negative facts about the Delonghi EC710 15-bar espresso maker. Expert's Blog. And it became popular in several years. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Better buy seprately or turn to super-automatic. After that choice it would be much easier to recommend particular model. De'Longhi USA | Spare Parts. And sorry for my late reply, hope it’s not too late. An Old Premium, Still Worth Buying. Part number 7313280779. For example, many Delonghis are upgraded with Rancilio Silvia’s professional steam wand, there are many videos on youtube about it. De’Longhi Signature Espresso Blend, 100% Arabica, Whole Bean, Medium Roast, (for Automatic or Manual Espresso Machines), 12 oz - 5513284031 $14.99 Professional Coffee Tamper, Stainless Steel - … Hope I will help you. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "101coffeemach-20"; You have to froth milk manually for your cappuccino, the frother isn’t automated like on, Delonghi EC702 – as well as the EC710, which is the same machine for the European market – uses filter baskets of ‘old’ type. Good Afternoon It’s not very quick also, but it’s always the case if you choose among espresso machines with boilers, not thermoblocks. Why it’s better? Thanks to a classic design with large Inox boiler and metal body. It has the same internals as modern boiler-based Delonghi models (ECP, ECO, ECZ, ECI series), but with better built-quality and the full metal body, which not only looks better but also helps to pull better shots. You need to move it out of the machine to add the water. Very simple. DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker is born to skyrocket the experience of a consumer-grade coffee brewing. However, our intention to craft this whole post is to give you a hands-on DeLonghi EC702 … I need to replace the tap in my EC-702 DeLonghi… After that, the temperature will fall and the extraction process spoiled. amzn_assoc_asins = "B001CNG7RY,B003AK5BFQ"; I NEED your opinion. 710 useing it primarily only for espresso shots and would like to service it but can’t find out how to, nothing on YouTube or breakdown diagrams, I’ve bought the silicone lubricant ready to service it, also I ” think that this machine has a greater potential for upgrading and tuning it up than it’s modern counterparts” How can I tune it up please ? from my friend's friend, I started my first blog in Russia. This means that with one load you can make up to 2-3 oz. The integrated tamper is no good. That means that you need at least extra 10-15 cm/4-6″ space on the left of the machine. 2016-2019. It really affects the taste of the coffee and the functionality: I will briefly repeat the key feautures that any boiler-based Delonghi espesso machine have in commons, the EC702/710 is not an exception: As you may notice there are two tubes in the reservoir. And by ‘metal body’ I mean real metal body – solid, heavy and thick steel. That helps to make bigger portions of coffee with the right temperature. Thanks for my go to impartial info provided by your site, First of all I ❤ ☕That's why I worked as a barista for three years. I primarily drink lattes, flat whites, and an occasional cappuccino. The Delonghi EC702 espresso machine (EC710 in Europe) is one of the last models from ’00s, which is still available on the market. However, 90% of the internals are interchangeable with modern Delonghi models, so the only pieces I would worry about are unique parts like a water tank, for example. It was a ‘pre-flagship’ model in Delonghi’s range and it’s still worth buying it – it’s better built if compared to modern models, however, have more usablity issues. I would like your advice on purchasing a new espresso machine. But what is more important is a solid full-metal body. If you require a spare part for one of our products, please check the individual product page for a direct link to our partner encompass Delonghi EC702/EC710 Review. Please ask in comments below! Among popular brands you may look for Baratza, for the Classic it’s better to choose something upper that Baratza and Virtuoso. Since my drinks are mainly milk based that part is important . De’Longhi BAR32 Retro and EC190/201/220/221 Test & Review, Jura D6 Review: A Basic Automatic Machine by Expensive Brand,, Top 9+1 Espresso Machines Under $300/€200, Gaggia Classic Pro Review 2019 (RI9380/RI9480), Delonghi EC702, EC710: An Old Premium Machine, Saeco Poemia, Gaggia Gran and Gaggia Viva Review, Old Delonghi models: BAR32, EC190/200/220 etc, Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Machine Review (+clones), Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista, Oster Prima Latte and other clones, Delonghi ECP: 31.21, 33.21, 35.31, 3220, 3420 and 3630, Delonghi EC680, EC685 and SMEG ECF01 Retro, Philips EP1200/EP3200/EP3200 Series Review, Jura D6 Review (tested & compared to E6 and C60), Delonghi ECAM series with manual frother review, Delonghi ESAM: 2600, 3000, 3200, 3300, 4000, Saeco X-Small, Philips HD8651, Gaggia Besana, 1Zpresso and Timemore Grinders = MYY and MYM from Aliexpress, Saeco/Gaggia vs Delonghi super-automatic machines, Original Bialetti Venus vs Cheap Chinese Moka Pot, 15 bar Pump Espresso Machines Ultimate Test, Original And Compatible Capsules (unfinished), 28.5 x 23 x 32 cm (11.2 x 9 x 12.6 inches), The 180ml stainless steel boiler. Overall, I can recommend it if you are ready to sacrifice usability issues to get a machine with a maximum of metal both inside and outside. P. S. If you want semi-automatic + grinder combined in one body, then there is almost no good options in these niche (except Lelit Combi, probably, but it has other weak points). Discussion for the DeLonghi EC702 Coffee Maker . I am interested in moving up a step to something with a grinder. Amazon Associates Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to coffee maker. So many to choose from and after reading reviews of leaking, noisey, weak shots, low pressure I am overwhelmed of which one to choose. The most important defining criterion would be the type of the frother: manual (as you had on your machine), semi-automatic or automatic (see differences here ) or both: manual (for latte art at weekends) and automatic (for automatisation and speed on the weekday mornings). Theoretically, you may install a PID and/or modify over-pressure valve to make it adjustable, however I never heard about such tuning of Delonghi machines, so there is no videos/articles which I can send you and which you may rely on (only your own experiments). It's hard for people to make a choice of the best (for them!) But the EC702 could be an affordable starting point for future experiments. The EC702/710 espresso machine is an old model. It will make no sense to switch to unpressurized baskets in case of the Krups Calvi, for example. Discussion is closed. Angie A. And/or if you are a home-barista wanna who has a limited budget for your first set up. Question: Ec702 . Another option to consider in that case is Delonghi America EC330 – also an old, well-built and affordable espresso maker by Delonghi: amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; It’s always the case, so it’s better to buy a separate one. I have a D.L. Hello, Craig. The Journalist template by Lucian E. Marin is used. If compared to any modern Delonghi espresso machine, the old EC702/710 has: Very low space under the portafilter – the maximum cup height you can use is only 67 mm/2.6″. Just compare the following photo with photos in my 15-bar pump espresso machines test: It also doesn’t have an auto shut-off function as modern models do. One sucks the water, while the other is an emergency tube that returns the water back in case the boiler is blocked for some reason (scale is the most common reason). Its capacity is 1.3 L/44 fl oz by the way. Powered by WordPress. You’ll need a 51mm tamper. EC220CD Coffee Maker EC330 Coffee Maker. Sum it up with the width of this espresso maker (29 cm) –. Craig. The only difference is a steam wand output, which is way more durable. With drip tray removed, which is … I have the time for a semi automatic but not sure if I would could learn all the tweaking to perfect an espresso shot. Should you buy Delonghi’s outdated espresso machines in 2019? Also known as a portafilter to suit the following models: ECO310BK Coffee Maker EC155 Cappuccino Maker EC702 Coffee Maker. Some internals have even better quality.

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