doniya malik husband

Zayn Malik’s sister Waliyha has defended their younger sibling for tying the knot just three days after her 17th birthday. She also admitted how the meteoric increase to fame of Zayn has influenced the family.

The sixth former wed her boyfriend Martin Tiser in a traditional Nikkah ceremony on Monday 16 September in their home city of Bradford.,,,,,,

And while she gushed over the stunning bride, Safaa, in the caption, it seems her followers were concerned the sixth former was ‘too young’ to be getting married. She has over 463,000 followers on Twitter and more than 666,000 followers on Instagram. She has admitted that it has changed their lives quite a lot, adding that it has also brought about many opportunities.

Source: Tricia Previously Worked as a Chef As a consequence, she started to work to become a blogger of beauty and fashion along with her younger sister Waliyha Malik. She did so to understand her husband and follow his faith and culture. At some point, she set up a website under the name Doniyabeauty, which is currently used to market Armani products. Doniya Malik was born on April 19, 1992, to Yaser Malik and Patricia Brannan "Trisha" Malik in Bradford, England. Karen Gillan mocks Tom Holland’s Avengers death and we’re still not ok, K-pop news of the week from BTS World special edition to SuperM’s first ever gig. Yaser is a British Pakistani while Trisha is of English and Irish descent. Doniya was raised in Bradford, England, and like the rest of her siblings, attended Tong High School.
It is unclear whether her big bro Zayn, 26, was present at the wedding, but he was not included in any of the photos of the big day shared by their mum Trisha. In early 2016, Doniya, along with her mother Trisha and sister Waliyha, set up a beauty salon called Waliyha Beauty in Bradford.

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Doniya Malik was born on April 19, 1992, to Yaser Malik and Patricia Brannan "Trisha" Malik in Bradford, England. What’s wtf about it?’ she said to one, before throwing shade at another: ‘It’s there life so please tell me why ur so concerned? Doniya and Zayn share a deep bond.

However, this was met with backlash, as someone commented: ‘Is that Safaa’s wedding? After she graduated from college, she decided that working in the field of fashion would be the ideal profession for her.

After graduating from college, she decided that it would be the perfect profession to work in the field of fashion.

But the big sis wasn’t there for the trolls, as she rushed to Safaa’s side in support and hit back when replying to her followers. As of 2020, Doniya Malik’s is not dating anyone.

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