donna reed show seasons 6 7 8

Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. Device ID: 84c85e87-b2da-4287-a863-c242d9a2bd11. 1.7K likes. While trying to sleep on the plane Alex gives Donna a tranquilizer to help her sleep. Things quickly get out of hand and Jeff panics. Donna Reed Show: Season 1 Donna Reed. The piano becomes a parking lot with everyone dropping things on it, like books, the newspaper, so Alex decides to sell it. When Donna's letter-to-the-editor about parents needing to make sure that their children follow through by finishing what they start gets published, it prompts Donna to follow through herself. Can the family get the rest of the stamps in time for Alex to get the new putter to use in an upcoming golf tournament? Alex takes advantage of a tip on the market. Neighbor Dave Kelsey gives Trisha a tiny fawn he found on the roadside. After one social engagement too many Jeff explains to his how disappointed their parents are. It's a matter of man versus machine: is the parking meter keeping correct time or did Donna? Frantic Donna and Alex try to stop Jeff and Bebe from getting married. Each member agrees to contribute $27 using her skills in moneymaking to make up the budget shortfall. Donna tries to prove women can out smart men when Dr. Stone is called away to treat a patient. It's another good ""Mary learns a lesson"". The show revolves around housewife, Donna Stone, and her family--husband Alex who is a pediatrician, 14 year-old Mary, and 11 year-old Jeff. Yeah, she wants to go to the dance now! While driving through Hilldale, Tony Martin is arrested for speeding by a policeman using radar. Donna tries everything she can think of to get Midge to repay the $13.26 she owes. Jeff's excitement turns to disappointment when it appears that Don Drysdale can't deliver the interview. Mary has a crush on George the basketball star George who wants to take her to the varsity Prom but can't dance. She dispenses advice, discipline, humor and wisdom to her family, something that was usually reserved for the TV Dads of the era. This prompts Donna and the other mothers to create a nice meeting place for the children. Alex's wild room-mate from college is getting married, and Alex is invited to the bachelor party. However, it turns out that Alex doesn't like the song. Mary gives up boys when Roger and Elroy let a coin toss decide which one will play tennis with her. He won a sports car with a raffle ticket he picked up off the ground after the original owner dropped it. Donna was the perfect American housewife and mother. An ex-patient seeks refuge at the stones. Will Donna and Alex allow him to go? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Jeff dates the daughter of a philanthropist. Income tax time, so Alex decides to save money and prepare his own taxes this year rather than have Harvey do it. Trying to save enough money to build a boat, Jeff and Smitty make a pact to give up dating. Then they all go to a college dance and Jeff and Mary wind up being the wallflowers. Love love love. Donna decides to fight city hall when the city tries to cut down a tree in front of her house. It would help if they could just remember what it was! A friend of the Stone family generously offers them the use of his lake house. Donna is crushed, knowing that she may have let Kay's secret out. Alex takes care of the baby's health, and Donna hires the husband to do odd jobs in their house. It turns out both shows are set in the town of Hilldale...but Dennis probably lived in a different neighborhood than Donna. Donna and Alex attempt to assemble a "do it yourself" stereo kit. $86.99. Host Jerry Parker is asking the ladies if housewives find questions like ""While baking an upside down cake,do you recommend standing on your head?"" And what's Jeff going to do to pay it? He plans to join the Foreign Legion and wants Mary to help him. Donna has three family occasions on one night. Mrs. Haskell needs the money to pay for the bus that will take the class to the picnic. How can Petie catch Mary's eye? As Alex puts it, ""springtime has come to Petie!"" Not wanting to disappoint his parents or ruin his father's practice with a small-town scandal (i.e., Jeff (to Mary): ""I can see the headlines now: 'Doctor's Son Injured as Police Chase Hot Car'. The Donna Reed Show Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Why can't the Stones get a Lesley Store credit card? The Stones campaign to help the Kelppers marrige backfires on them! Jeff decides to join him. Jeff and his friends try to prove men are the stronger sex by dominating their girlfriends. She avoids him and quickly changes it back to the color it was whew! Donna and Alex's attempts to narrow down their plans for a vacation are complicated by too many well-wishers with too many ideas as to where they should go. Dave and Midge have a minor disagreement and decide to reminisce about how they met. When Alex figures out he owes money, he gets mad about a hat he thinks Donna bought for $49.50. The radio show ""Housewives Corner"" is broadcast from McClure's Market. Donna decides she is being too sweet to everyone. Boys are back in her life when she discovers the new boy Stanley mowing their yard and conducting a science project at the same time. rebels against being used by Jeff (Paul Peterson). Jeff and his friends get into trouble when they are discovered using an abandoned house as a hang-out. Alex must judge a beautiful-baby contest. Please try again. A stranger is measuring the Stones' back yard. But don't monkey around with Donna … Donna sees that he is an inventor and helps Mr. Popkin market his product. To top it off, Ricky comes over and brags about how his dad is taking him on an exciting camping trip this weekend. This drives him to find out who she might be, anxiously looking around at school, but no luck. A lady spots Donna and Mary having lunch in a restaurant, so she stops to say hello. The Stones' cleaning lady has troubles. Donna then attempts to immerse the whole family in culture, by buying Jeff a Dickens book, Mary a Tchaikovsky record, and a copy of Tolstoy's epic for her and Alex to read together. Now gorgeous Dolores wants Jeff to take her to the prom.

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