dream of losing purse and finding it

I wonder if all those mean kids are laughing at her now? Were you recently up for a promotion but didn’t get it? Perhaps you have lost someone or something that you have depended upon. A relationship that you are having at the moment with another is complicated and causing you stress. I had a dream that I was moving shopping carts out of the way with my purse in the cart. The item you lost gets handed back to you by another person. She showed me a merun with pink handbag which she bought newly priced Rs.96/-. Your email address will not be published. You might soon have more responsibilities. I don’t know why though. You want to keep your personal business to yourself instead of broadcasting them to the world. It could relate to your state of mind and feelings. “I used your book this morning and decoded my dream. If only the money is being stolen from the purse; it suggests that someone close to you will betray your trust by sharing your secrets. It suggests your negative attitudes about a particular situation/person. Lauri: To your dreaming mind, your purse symbolizes your sense of self, your credibility and your self worth because that is where we keep our IDs, credit cards and money. by Lauri the Dream Expert1 | Feb 17, 2010 | Uncategorized | 3 comments, Losing your purse, or even having it stolen is actually a very common dream. If you are finding your own lost purse in the dream; it suggests that you are picking up old habits or identities that you have long forgotten. Dream About losing a wallet then finding it A dream of this nature could mean that you could have lost something important in your life but in a way, this thing came back somehow. The dream is reflective of how you feel about your wealth and how you are placing your assets. The "lost" items in your bag or purse indicate that you are worried about losing your own security blanket. In my dream I got a bus load of people gone a long way before I realized I left my purse and though trying to get back to the street corner where I had left my suitcase and my purse, I felt I knew it would not be there when I returned. He had made it to a truck but I got it back . Dream About Reaching Inside a Purse To dream about someone reaching inside your purse, symbolizes unwanted sexual advances that you may have encountered in … Hope this is a good preminnition, as the one comment about dreams of expensive dreams suggest.. Lol, I dreamt last night that a man I’ve been seeing gave me a red patent leather purse with white trim and my full name stitched at the top of the purse. Dream About White PurseWhite purse in dreams relates to virginity or some form of sexual innocence. To find a purse would suggest that we have found something of value whereas to lose a purse suggests that we may be being careless. I thanked him profusely. It may be that this is for the better! This dream implies that you should come to a decision concerning something important, and this may suggest the … To shop for a more expensive purse in the dream would mean that a promotion is in sight. I had a dream last night that I was in a mall and set my purse down to look at something. Trying to find a misplaced purse reflects your worries and fears about your financial security in the waking life. The content of the purse is often important and closely held and guarded. I took it with me and found that it belonged to someone else. It would happen in all different circumstances. The MTV Video Music Awards Are Tonight and These Winners Have Had Some Crazy Dreams! THE DREAM Recently my dreams seem to revolve around me losing my purse. It’s sounds real then I was awaking . If you dream that you have lost a purse or cannot locate any money then this involves that you will be searching and looking for something important soon. It looks like I’ll have to try again, I thought. You might be adding skills or additional interests or hobbies that strengthen who you are. In the second dream I had I was looking and found a black leather purse I thought was mine. Dream About Leather PurseDreaming of leather purses denotes successful business endeavors where you will be able to save up a fortune for the long term. Dream About Dirty PurseWhen the dream features a dirty handbag or purse but all the items are intact inside; it is a reminder that you need to look past the exterior and focus on the inside. It could relate a coworker might be taking over your work and might eventually replace you. This may indicate the need or requirement to search for something important, in order to reach a decision. Grab your copy of  So, What Did You Dream Last Night? In the first dream I find my purse with my wallet in it everything is gone . In dreams it therefore becomes something of value it its own right. I never had a dream like this before a good friend was picking new Prada Purses for me. Dream About Empty PurseIf the purse in the dream is empty either after being stolen or lost, it could reflect a strong feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. I got a bad vibe like he was distracting me. You are too overly concerned about what others are thinking and doing. I realised from years of dream study that “I had lost my value or valuables.” He had not meant to imply that I was not a wonderful singer, only that I did not fit in a certain catagory. I have not been shopping for a purse and I never even thought about purchasing a Prada in the past. What could it mean, I had a dream I hop u can help me to undrerstand it that my oBGyn Dr gave her old purses but I it was black it had small design in red I opened I found 4 quarters inside other things can’t remmber what what it means. I realize I DON’T HAVE MY purse. It could also relate to your credibility and trustworthiness to others around you. I dreamed that I found a purse that I thought one of the girls in my group had forgotten to take it with her. Just yesterday I got very disturbed with a remark in which the person said, I was not a Jazz singer but could be one but, that I was more of a Broadway show singer (which I am not)I felt like I was being told I did not belong in their club. Did you dream about purses? If you dream that you have lost a purse or cannot locate any money then this involves that you will be searching and looking for something important soon. You might be able to find pleasant surprises in the future. And you can look our website about love spell. Read on to find out what it means…, Dear Lauri, I had a dream about my ex boyfriend giving me a maroon leather wallet with some keys and one of keys looked like a house key and some little money inside. You may be going through a life-changing event. my Mom came in my dream this early morning. In this case, the purse may symbolize the female genitalia and the womb. Celebrating over 10 years online. A very odd dream for me as I don't usually carry purses in dreams.

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