dreams of being chased by a killer

Chasing it away means disowning it, banishing it from your conscious life. As when they got close enough for me see their face, I woke up. Is it someone you are afraid of or weary of? To dream of being a serial killer represents you enjoyment of making other people fail. Animals can be killers too, especially if you’re dreaming about larger-than-life animals or ones that have giant teeth, such as a lion, shark, or gorilla. This could be possibly be a covered area, bush, closet or alternatively underneath a rock - it indicates that there are problems in life you cannot get away from. This dream is symbolically associated with change and new beginnings. By Thing or shadowy creature: usually past experi­ence or trauma, a hurt from childhood. You may also be running away from feelings, whether it’s something sweet yet scary like love or something more intense like hatred or jealousy. If you have similar dreams in the future, then address your concerns with whoever appears, as this will help reduce similar dreams from appearing. In some cases dreams of being threatened or attacked by animals may be telling you that you are repressing your instincts—perhaps being too civilized— and you should try and loosen up more. The Joker from the new movie (which I haven’t seen) came up to me and my friends and started talking to us and scaring the ever loving shhhh out of us. Chased by opposite sex: afraid of love or sex, haunted by a past relationship. To see a killer whale in your dream signifies distrust and suspicious motives.... My Dream Interpretation. Fight or Flight? Dreams about being chased are often indications of concerns or worries that you may have in your life. To escape from a window onto a roof in your dream suggests that you are trying to understand yourself better in waking life. At the very least, get to know it and understand it.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols. Something in your life is creating a fear-based response to a threat. The murderer can also be a symbolic symbol of threat in our waking life. My friend told me something about a mental illness for this or something, I’m not sure. According to Jung, being chased or stalked as prey is a primal memory of your human collective unconscious and may refer to early times in the history of humankind when it was common to be chased, often to the death, by an animal. The next day at work, my 2 friends(tall boy and a girl) were here and i saw Brandon looking for me with his eyes. really shook me when I woke up. There is a shadowy and inflated connection to the depths of awareness that the whale brings. The way we respond to anxiety and pressure in real life is typically manifested as a chase dream. If he treated you well, then he simply may have been a placeholder for someone else. The dream seems to show a fear that unknown people or influences will have a negative effect on your life, and you don’t feel like there is anything you can do to stop them. Again, pay close attention to your dream and what’s happening in your own life. I can’t take it anymore . So what does this mean? It could be that in your dream you saw yourself running away or hiding from a killer. That threat may be real or imagined.

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