du hast mich meaning

Treu ihr sein für alle Tage? Most Translated Songs of all time (old and new) (Part 1), https://lyricstranslate.com/en/german-folk-o-h%C3%A4ngt-ihn-auf-lyrics.html, Petri Laaksonen - Täällä Pohjantähden alla. I am a german student of 9 years, fully fluent and bilingual, and even my brother of whom is too you to be bilingual knows it is, And to the person who threw random German phrases into his interp, most of the grammar there is wrong. And even the hundreds of a banded and at that time the most technologically-advanced bases there as a remembrance do not let such a thing happen again but I believe they could all be torn down. Sun, 04/09/2016 - 09:20 . Which is where, as stated before, a play on words comes from. Geschenkband auf Amazon.de bestellen Als E-Card verschicken (in Deutsch) Footprints in the Sand. In their Reise, Reise and Liebe ist für alle da tour, flames shoot several feet into the air and Till Lindemann fired with a different bow into the air, "starting" a chain reaction that fired rockets over the audience. It is a play on German wedding vows; however, it can be interpreted many different ways. Feel free to add your translation via "Add another translation" button! There are two versions of the song: the original version completely in German, and a second version partially in English (found on special editions of the Sehnsucht album). The verses, which are the vows, aren't actually vows. It’s ambiguous, as is the chorus, which you’ve no doubt mangled in an abattoir of vowels whenever you’ve sung it: ‘Willst du bis der Tod uns scheidet, Treue sein für alle Tage.’ Which, roughly translated to gibbon’s English, is something along the lines of: ‘Do you want, until death separates you, to be faithful to her for all days?’ Wedding vows, essentially. The first known performance of the song dates from 9 April 1997 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sie lässt sich Bürsten schicken nach Amerika, Nicht zu vergessen das schöne alte Volkslied "O hängt ihn auf" Guys, believe me on this one. "you hate me"? " Warum hast du mich allein gelassen, als ich dich am meisten brauchte?" if it is the one with the long blond hair, that is Christian “Flake” Lorenz – Keyboardist/Sound Synthesizer, Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz, the keyboard player. * haben (to have) conjugated is hast but Please read the Terms of use. as a response. But then, in the penultimate refrain, Till switches it up: ‘Willst du bis zum Tod, der Scheide, Sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen?’ Depending on where you apply stress to that sentence, it can mean: ‘Do you want her, until death separates you – and also love her during bad days?’. And to clear this up, "hast" comes from the word "habe" that means have, which conjugated with "du" makes the e dissappear and an st to be put in, making "du hast" or "you have". We have a strong awareness, a strong sense of tradition in this band. Hasst (which was changed a few years ago from Habt, means hate. The rest, when translated, pretty much speaks for itself. PLEASE! You might not know what the words mean, but you know what the words are. ‘Du hast’ = ‘You have’. I think she asked him to marry her (du hast mich gefragt) and he did not say anything (und ich habe nicht gesagt). Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Hey you guys it means both when its in the video its you have wen he's with the girl and you hate wen he's with his boys because its him picking the girl or his boys that's wat the song is about being tied down wen you might have to make a decision between your lover or your friends. For those saying it can be taken either way, only the pronunciation can. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) = be trusting for all days, Willst du, bis zum Tod der Scheide, = Would you, till the Death break us apart It could mean both. "Du hasst mich" means "you hate me." Simple as that. you guys are so stupid get a life. artist: "Rammstein", And fucking yes again. Rammstein: the story behind their debut album Herzeleid, Rammstein Deutschland: the song and video, explained, Rammstein's Christoph 'Doom' Schneider: My Life Story, Hear Wednesday 13 raise hell with a vicious version of INXS’ Devil Inside, ‘Making amo was a real ball-ache,’ admits Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes, Bill Bailey: 10 albums that changed my life, This genius Metallica vs Mariah Carey mash-up is the greatest Christmas song in history, This Megadeth/Slayer update on AC/DC’s Riff Raff is a brilliant way to kickstart your week. That's just one of the everyday things these guys find to sing about. “We see Rammstein like a kind of family. what the hell. Eine Verwandtschaftsbeziehung ist ein Verhältnis zwischen zwei Personen, deren eine von der anderen biologisch abstammt oder die beide einen gemeinsamen Vorfahren haben. It is very different than the literal translation of the lyrics from German to English. The term “du hast” is what is referred to as a homophone in that in German, it sounds the same as “du haast”, despite the two terms having different meaning. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. "Du hast mich gefragt und ich habe nichts gesagt" "You have asked me and I have said nothing" When translated word for word . In other words, du hast, as in the title of this track, translates to “you have”. Who is the blond guy in the “Du Hast” music video? They say 'she' in the song, but never specify who 'she' is. The song is about a play. 'du hast mich' also found in translations in English-German dictionary. But this isn't even correct. Du hast. Dort wo du nur eine Spur gesehen hast, da habe ich dich getragen." Feel free to bash. This song is by and large Rammstein’s most well-known song in their entire library. ... which is quite typical in traditional German popular party songs for beer tents or private festivities, after the Schnapslevel has risen to a certain degree. While du hasst, its homophone, means “you hate”. haben (Präteritum) + Partizip II = Plusquamperfekt: ich hatte gemacht. All the information presented are for personal usage and educative purposes only. It’s catchy. The late King of Pop is the youngest group member ever to top the Hot 100. If the line is read as "Tod der Scheide" it would be "until the death of the vagina" and not "until death, which would separate" ("Tod, der scheide"). It is an anti Nazi song and refers to “The Fuhrer Principle” of obedience to the leader without consideration. They love to sing songs that start seemingly with dirty lines, but after several repeats, when the line is completed turn out being comletly inoffensive, putting the ones who had been frowning initially in the place of a person with a dirty mind. Did she gain 60 pounds for a movie role that went to Mariah Carey? The song “Du Hast” they sing in English is sung by Rammstein and they say “You hate me to say and I did not obey”. At the end of the verse, he says, "nein." Get rid of the stage show, the perceived gimmicks, all the stuff people tell you Rammstein use as a crutch. Hast means have. Haben is to have. Laura Nyro talks about her complex, emotionally rich songwriting and how she supports women's culture through her art. Its pounding, militaristic drumbeat supports a riff reminiscent of Ministry’s Just One Fix, but less heroin-y; Till’s rich, bassy voice juxtaposes Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz’s cheeky, video-games-meet-goth-club synthesisers across the song’s four-minute duration. song: "Du Hast", Du du hast du hast mich, I belive is where he implies she hates him. The first lines of the song can have a double meaning; the phrases Du hast and Du hasst mean You have and You hate, respectively, but they are homophones (in the official German it means “you have”). The first word play could be the explanation to why the character answers no. ‘Du hasst’ = ‘You hate’. I literally hate all of you und das ist hasst dumkopf. They're what the priest is supposed to ask the couple, about living together in sickness and health. "Du hast" (German: You Have) is a song by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. Why would he say "no" to a wedding vow? "), and he says "Nein" (No), because he just don't wants to marry her, okay? Their alleged crime? "Du hast", means "you have" Hast, haben hatte = have, have, had. In the beginning when he says "Du hast mich" (which is an incomplete sentence) can also be understood as "Du hasst mich" ("you hate me"); the ambiguity is only partly resolved when the sentence is completed ("Du hast mich gefragt" = "you asked me") since the two meanings still can go together: "You hate me... You asked me and I didn't say a word". I don’t understand how wedding vows would be a song theme or focus. One of the most successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin' La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and "Livin' On A Prayer.". You have (hate) Born from a recently reunified Germany in ’94, the industrial metal newbies had already enjoyed a fair amount of native success with their debut album, Herzeleid. Rammstein`s well known for their wordplays (at least here in germany)... Ooooh no no no no NO! Verb: haben: ich habe, du hast, er hat, ..., hatte, hat gehabt, hätte, habe Das Verb "haben" Das Verb "haben" ist ein Hilfsverb. Du hasst would be 'you hate', it is written DU Hast which is 'you have', guest 1 is sort of right. [3] Over the years, several stunts have been used during the live performances of "Du hast", ranging from the dildo used in "Bück dich", to the bow used in "Du riechst so gut".

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