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She adored Overwatch as a child and wanted to join but was denied her dream when Overwatch was disbanded. [40], Angela Ziegler was head of surgery at a Swiss hospital when she developed specialized applied nanobiology to heal injuries. In the years following the Omnic Crisis, Mondatta and a group of other omnics abandoned their pre-programmed lives and settled in a communal monastery in Nepal, where they meditated on the nature of existence and came to believe that they were more than just "artificial"—they possessed their own souls, just as humans did. (Explained), How To Get Out Of Diamond In Overwatch (7 Ways), 4 Ways To Fix Your Rendering Device Is Out Of Memory Error In Overwatch, Discord Not Working With Overwatch (3 Ways To Fix), Game Initialization Failed In Overwatch (4 Fixes), LawBreakers vs Overwatch: 3 Main Differences. [60], Sigma, real name Siebren de Kuiper, is a Dutch astrophysicist associated with Talon. [40] D.Va's ultimate ability, Self-Destruct, overloads and detonates her mecha, dealing massive damage to all enemies in a huge radius within line of sight. She is the strongest woman in the Overwatch world and earned the title in the Olympics. Bastion isn’t fast in movement but can deal serious damage, especially in his sentry configuration. 3 Ways To Fix Overwatch Unable To Authenticate, 4 Ways To Fix Screen Tearing In Overwatch, Overwatch: Recoil Recovery Aim Compensation. [120], Gameplay-wise, Genji is a flanker and an infiltrator, best suited to one-on-one fights. [232] He and D.Va have been working together in the MEKA unit. They developed her personality to be somewhat between that of RoboCop and GLaDOS, with the veteran experience of the existing Omnics Zenyatta and Bastion. As an omnic, he receives much prejudice from society, including being the recipient of assassination attempts. Even in game-play Hanzo is one of the strongest characters but is very difficult to use. [43][44][45], Orisa is a four-legged female Omnic built by 11-year-old robotics prodigy Efi Oladele, to be a "mechanical peacekeeper" of Numbani. The MEKA squad is overseen by Captain Myung, and besides D.Va, includes pilots Kyung-soo "King" Han, Yuna "D.mon" Lee, Seung-hwa "Overlord" Si, and Jae-Eun "Casino" Gwon. [200][201], Baptiste is voiced by Benz Antoine. Her abilities are Concussive Blast, a rocket with powerful knockback but no damage, and Jump Jets, a quick jetpack-assisted vertical ascension comparable to a rocket jump. [20][21] The game's story centers around a technological singularity in which humanity assembles a team of its best heroes, Overwatch, to fight off a rogue artificial intelligence and its robotic army of Omnics in an incident called the "Omnic Crisis". (4 Ways To Fix). His abilities are very powerful, especially his immortality field which does not allow you or your allies health fall below 40 when inside. Her involvement with Blackwatch was kept a secret until inquiries following an incident in Venice (played out in the story-based game mode "Retribution") revealed her work, forcing Overwatch to publicly disavow any ties to her or her work. His name is a play on famous real-world director Alfred Hitchcock, and the computer HAL 9000 from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. [156] In the "Bastet" short story released by Blizzard in January 2019, it is revealed that Soldier: 76 at one point had a gay relationship with a man named Vincent prior to fully investing his time into Overwatch, making him the second confirmed LGBT character of the Overwatch roster after Tracer. [204], Brigitte is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm, Overwatch's former chief engineer. Lena Oxton, quite popularly known as Tracer was a pilot for Overwatch who was in an accident which caused her body to be stuck in-between time. He joined Talon where he served for a short time before realising Talon’s true intentions. Each class has its own different and diverse characters with unique playstyles. She has 2 useful abilities that can be overpowered if you know how to use them. Reaper was one of the lead commanders of Overwatch and the head of it’s covert Blackwatch team. Satya Vaswani's potential was discovered at a young age, and she was taken from a life of poverty to train at Vishkar's architect academy in Utopaea. Support heroes are mainly most helpful when staying back and providing healing to Tanks while only going to support DPS heroes at the frontlines in the most crucial of moments. [32], The team envisioned the characters akin to superheroes in this narrative, each with their own abilities, background and personality that could stand on their own, but could also fit into the larger story; this notion translated into the characters being agents for the game, which Metzen said still captures the "heroism and vibe" that superhero stories carry. 1. Becoming one of the top students in her class, she combined the light-bending technology with the traditional dances of her homeland. The ability to heal from dealing damage helps him in taking out tanks, due to their large bodies and health pools making it easier for him to heal rapidly. His main attack method is to throw three Shurikens, either in quick succession or simultaneously in a horizontal spread. Each hero character has fundamentally different attributes such as health and movement speed, at least one basic attack, and at least one unique skill, collectively referred to as a skill kit. She also has a Focusing Beam that damages a target in the beam, with damage intensified for targets that are below half-health, including barriers. He has a short-range Hand Cannon on his off-hand that fires shotgun-like bursts and regenerates ammo over time, but most of his abilities come through melee attacks from the Doomfist Gauntlet. [133] His loud personality often drives him into trouble, one of them is by blowing away their deception when attempting a Trojan-horse plan to get revenge on the Queen of Junkertown after banishing him and Roadhog from her dominion. Blizzard found players reacted negatively to this deployment, and have opted to avoid this type of prolonged teasing for future characters. He chose the latter, believing he could make amends for his past crimes, and revelling in the lack of bureaucratic oversight. The Numbani wonder-kid, Efi, collected her broken parts and remade her into a new and improved version of herself with a cute personality but a not so cute arsenal at her disposal. Overwatch and its sequel, Overwatch 2, will share the same hero roster in the multiplayer mode. [138], McCree is considered one of the easiest characters to learn, enabled by the Flashbang/Fan the Hammer combo which can kill most low- to mid-health opponents in one shot. Ogundimu agreed and thrived within its ranks, though he eventually grew dissatisfied with Adeyemi's monetary ambitions and killed him to take his weapon, mantle, and control of Talon. They wanted to create a female gunslinger, but needed to differentiate her from either McCree or Reaper, and some initial designs felt too goth-like. [95] Bastion was also the first character to be made available in Lego form through official collaboration between Blizzard and The Lego Group. To protect its cities against a massive omnic that rose from the East China Sea, the South Korean army developed automated battle mechs, deployed in a task force named MEKA (Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army). [50], Orisa, the game's 24th hero, was revealed on March 2, 2017. He went on to join Overwatch but only by fate. [135], McCree, full name Jesse McCree, is an American bounty hunter and vigilante with a cybernetic arm and a Wild West motif. A week later she was found by Overwatch operatives and brought back. Due to conflicts with fearful humans, Bastion largely avoids populated areas in favor of exploring the wild. Her ultimate lets her fly and boosts her abilities while decreasing her ability cool-downs. By making her a damage hero, this did not interfere with the team's support roles, nor overlapped extensively with Pharah, an existing flying hero who does not have as significant control over her flying movements as Echo. With her career stalled, Moira received a lifeline from an unlikely source: Blackwatch, the covert ops division of Overwatch under the command of Gabriel Reyes. [94] It is usually accompanied by a small bird named Ganymede, who was building a nest on it when it reactivated, and both humanizes Bastion and makes it relatable. Satya Vaswani is an employee of Vishkar Co. [120], Mei is the focus of the animated short Rise and Shine, showing the moments after she awakened from cryostasis and had to find a way to call for help. His brother Mondatta was assassinated by Widowmaker in London during one of his speeches.

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