elite dangerous how to use railguns

The clip size is only a single shot, which takes 1s to reload. So maybe I should try in the next ship up from the eagle? Learn to track targets effectively and manoeuvre so you have the best shots available to you. Cobra is a hard ship to hit with any one-shot fixed weapon. Don't really bother with rails until you are very good with fixed weapons. They indicate your convergence of your weapons. Other than that, practice makes perfect. Each shot costs 75 CR. My main tips for using it would be: Don't use it as a main gun. Second: Use your Pitch and Roll rotation to orient your self towards the target, then use the Yaw with your Rudder (or twist if you got that in HOTAS) with the Aux Thruster (on the thruster) to do the precise adjustment necessary to align with the target while charging up. You pop your shot off perfectly, but by the time the shell gets there, the target has changed vectors and you miss. I think it's the Viper, the one that cost a hundred and sixty six thousand (i think)? Another variant is the Imperial Hammer Railgun. Boost in towards the enemy to get a salvo or two off. Don't use it as a main gun. As for myself, I'm going to contemplate the reasons why I gave away my PS2 that still worked, and also mull over the thought of practicing with fixed weapons again... ARMOURED CORE ARMOURED CORE ARMOURED CORE ARMOURED CORE ARMOURED CORE. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now, only time I've used railguns is on my iEagle (a side project to see if it can do some damage). After that, keep boosting past the enemy, then FA off and flip around to start firing while reversing. More posts from the EliteDangerous community. Make sure you assign the secondary fire button to something you can fire comfortably. Basically make your shots count, and use the charge delay to your advantage when doing your shots: First: Get familiar with the sounds of your rail gun charging without discharging. This is a bit late, but my best results always occurred when I used a fixed beam laser to help guide my aim while the railguns were charging (ie. Try taking on bigger ships first. add one level of long range, then use an experimental, super penetrator or feedback cascade, and that will drop the heat produced per shot by 40%. Yes, when in doubt, multicannons are always the best answer. (Feedback Cascade, Superpen, and Fuel Slug). Fourth: If your alignment goes off, or they are coming right towards you at a fast speed (so that they will run past you) and you havent fully charged yet, Release your railgun trigger. Short range rails run very hot but the damage output is absolutely brutal. For my two cents, this should be your final solution rather than your first choice - running cold rails means sacrificing firepower and range, I personally am loath to do that. Make sure to manage your power distribution as well. Alternatively, ammunition storage capacity upgrades are also available. Don't shoot at the back / sides if you can avoid it. I had a railgun and a fixed beam assigned to the same fire button). Once the enemy catches up, boost forward again and rinse/repeat. I'm not going to pretend to know nearly as much as a lot of the CMDRs here, but I'll give my two cents. You definitely need to engineer them LR (long range) to make the best use of them. Sad day for me. A good trick to is to aim where the target will be once the railgun finishes charging so you don't have to track the target. The online play was pretty good as far as connection goes, just if you matched up against a Japanese pilot be prepared to get destroyed in about 20 seconds! Using one burst/pull laser as a pointer in the same fire group helps a lot, if the enemy gets away from the line of fire you just release the trigger button. Third: Like with any fixed hit-scan weapon in Elite Dangerous, pay also attention to the tiny dots inside your reticle. It requires a large amount of power to use it and generates a large amount of heat in the process compared to other weapons, but can cause severe damage to the target. Otherwise, they have a damage fall off of a mere 1000m. I have a feeling it is going to get 200% heat whenever it starts shooting. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I'm using the Imperial Hammer (and before that the stock standard railgun) on my clipper. You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, participate in bounty-hunting wanted ships, and even pirate other ships for their cargo. But none of my consoles work anymore... As for tips, less is more. Good way to practice Railgun use is fly with Fixed Burst or Beam weapons as a start. The total capacity is 80 shots which can be altered by engineering. As the railgun projectile moves so quickly it effectively acts like a laser, with no measurable travel time; this makes it easier to use than many other fixed hardpoint weapons which would require leading the target and estimating its movement. Less than 1.25KM. I think it was four that I probably had the most fun with in the entire series. Railguns are phenomenal but you'd be better off engineering them for heat or power than trying to make them slightly less ineffective at the ranges you're trying to fight from. The railgun has an armour piercing value of 100, meaning it always does full damage to hull regardless of Armour Hardness - though it is still affected by kinetic and thermal resistances. All weapons have a degree of the automatic tracking within that small field. If you happen to get bored of long range railguns, try short range ones on a nimble ship like the FDL or FAS. If you've recently changed control setups, it's probably better to relearn how to fly before trying to learn how to use rails. Make sure you assign the secondary fire button to something you can fire comfortably. They did a revamp of the control scheme to make it more intuitive, as well as added a quick boosting system for agile maneuvers. Damage begins to fall off at 1000m with a total range of 3000m. It is also an impulse attack, causing the target to be physically pushed out of its previous trajectory. Railguns are pretty fun, but on the smaller ships they eat up a lot of power and thermal capacity. But I got a couple problems with that. So I'd recommend unlocking engineers asap, as railguns are the most fun weapons in the game in my opinion, not to mention the extremely useful experimental effects (feedback cascade and super penetrator). For long range fights you have a limited selection of ships that can use them as primaries. Wait for opportune shots. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. YMMV, as you want distance and the way I use the rails is sticking close to the enemy ship and keep hitting them from their 6.

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