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Portsmouth , NH USA – Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 20:50:14 (PDT): Correction to previous post. So she is a ‘Mystery woman’ which is fine for me she is like a Hawaiian-Chinese-Caucasian version of the Mona Lisa. New Faces is a 1954 American film adaptation of the musical revue New Faces of 1952 directed by Harry Horner and sketches directed by John Beal. It was confirmed that it was indeed Elizabeth Logue – the model from the Hawaii Five-O opening scene. She lives somewhere in the USA, and under a different name. Ray, She is since remarried living in California. I actually was able to put her in touch with Elizabeth, since they had not seen nor heard from each other in over 50 years. The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Grasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Grasse. I can tell he has great affection, love and pride for his mom. As in 2020, Elizabeth Logue‘s age is * years. I think that if she, or someone from her family, were to come out and say hello to everyone, then I’m sure that will happen someday. Buffalo, nY USA – Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 05:02:19 (PDT) I read Nadja’s comment too and laughed. Isn’t she the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? She is stupefyingly beautiful – a Hawaiin gem. When I read the IMDB article I knew it had to be wrong. ), thanking me for contacting her and for my goodwill and discretion. Elizabeth Logue, Actress: Hawaii. I know all too well about privacy issues. 8. LOGUE WILL TURN 70 YEARS OLD! 7. Rather, they simply reported that Elizabeth Logue dropped out of sight in the early seventies after a brief one week marriage to a Las Vegas real estate mogul. I located most, if not all, of the scenes in which she appeared, so that you can capture a more comprehensive look of her acting talent and quintessential Hawaiian beauty. Scroll down a bit on this link. But, when I first started this quest of finding out whether or not Elizabeth Logue was still alive (because something just didn’t add up in the IMDB database), I never realized it would take me down another road. Seems like this page is becoming the storehouse for all information about Elizabeth Logue! Keoki then gets a dressing down from Reverend Hale for his intention of marrying Noelani, his sister: Part 7, Hawaii….at exactly 4 minutes and 35 seconds, you will see Noelani screaming and fighting off the ‘sailors’, ‘whalers’, who are trying to abduct, molest and rape her. I believe, for the first time ever since the rare and obscure film Nude Odyssey first appeared on 35 mm in the early 1960s, a digital color trailer for the film has now been released online. Gerri would love to reconnect with your mom again. Her name is listed on the ad, which took me to google, which brought me here. With all due respect, Elizabeth had a second husband until 1997 or so, a very long marriage, and it was not to George Logue. There is also considerable sources online that indicate Andrew Duggan married a ‘Betty Liz Logue’, a broadway dancer — but I’ll save that for another day. Elizabeth Logue was born in 1941 as Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White. Re Jim’s comment, Elizabeth Logue has not died of cancer, or any other cause. I hope someone is listening. Well done! Is there any way I can meet your mother? If there is a way to post a photo of the ad let me know how and I will. I totally enjoyed it. No big deal. will see the lovely Elizabeth Logue in her role as an iconic image representing the HVB’s promotional efforts to encourage more tourism to the islands following Hawaiian statehood and as jet aviation got underway in the early sixties. It won a Silver Ribbon for Best Cinematography by the famed Allessandro D’Eva. Clearly we’re talking about two different woman who just happen to have the same name: Ray She is not dead. I’ll see what I can do…. Official Sites. I wish to preserve and protect that delicate relationship at all costs, and do not want to do or say anything that might jeopardize that reunion. I can’t seem to find any information about what happened to Logue (although I’ll admit that I didn’t look very hard). Born 10 August, 1931 Please keep any updates posted here so we know if Elizabeth ever decides to appear again. Her voice is so warm and peaceful! Don’t always believe what you see in the IMDB or other online bio sketches. http://www.answers.com/topic/elizabeth-duggan I would like to know more about ms. Logue. In the 1960s, a poster girl for the Hawaii Visitors Bureau; and also worked as a reservation agent at Hawaiian Air Lines, according to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. from 1966 until 1970. I did notice that too. It would not surprise me in the least if that is the reason there is so little info on her, since there are many folks out there who do eschew cell phone communication and all forms of internet publicity. She is best known for her appearance on Hawaii. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ, AND GOD BLESS YOU. Dropped out of sight in early seventies, after brief marriage to Las Vegas real estate mogul. Imagine if you enjoyed some notoriety earlier in life, and subsequently chose to withdraw from all of that intrusive media attention, opting to live a peaceful life somewhere far from away. I think I clearly established, several posts below, that she was 24 years old when she appeared in the October 8th, 1965 edition of Life Magazine. She lives in O.C. I think that one in particular could be a pic resembling one of one of several island beauties, besides Elizabeth, who were cast in the film and who I have seen in various promotional movie posters. http://www.cine-images.com/moteur_photo/exportation_images/chapitre_photos_presse/odysee%20nue_01.jpg. You get it, and by now I suspect and would hope that most everyone will henceforth cast a critical eye on the murky data concerning Ms. Logue posted on IMDB. Logue was not, by the way, the “hula girl” from the credits. I’m picking up more airline trips to Hawaii these days, so life is good! https://www.buzzfeed.com/nylawissa/here-is-100-years-of-hawaiian-beauty-and-its-stunning-as-all. Hi Y’all; That would mean the Hawaii Five-O Elizabeth Logue would be about 12 or 13 years old when she married him. Brett…….. Her birth name was Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White. Elizabeth Logue was born in 1941 as Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White. The key links below that PK referenced, draw a sharp contrast between the haole Betty Ann Logue, destined for a brief Broadway dancing career in the early fifties and who eventually married Andrew Duggan, and that of the HVB tourist production which features the mixed Hawaiian/Chinese/English Elizabeth Logue, age 24, circa 1965: Ever wonder why so many references show her retaining the name Logue, instead of Duggan? I lived in France for a bit. Do you have an email that I could send a private message please. Sorry for the confusion. It was her second husband whom she remain married to for many years, and who helped raise her two sons. I was friends with her younger sister in San Francisco 1966-67. How appropriate it would be if she was to grace the opening sequence of the Hawaii Five- O remake, strolling along Waikiki beach. Appeared on the pull-out cover of Life Magazine, 8 October 1965, photographed on Kauai island for the lead story: "Vigor and languor on glowing tropical isles, Hawaii, 50th state, in color". Having lost my mother on the very day and year that Elizabeth lost her mom, I can very much relate to the bond between mother and child. |  Hello ray. I too think Elizabeth is a simply stunning beauty!! My boyfriend was convincing me that he saw her today while visiting his Doctor in Newport Beach (she was exiting and he was entering). Note* Hi Elizabeth! That was Helen Kuoha-Torco, who went on to become professor of business technology at Windward Community College in Kaneohe, Hawai’i. About finding out more about our Miss Logue, has anyone thought of going through the Alumni association at the University of Hawaii? She then remarried, to her third husband around that time. Just a quick point of clarification. We became friends and ate lunch together three times a week. Anyway, I stuck around further and read your “About Me” page which was really entertaining and right on the button. I’m not sure though and I haven’t tried to download it. My only inquiry was to see if there was any new information on her as of late that may have come your way. The IMDB date is grossly inaccurate, as it is for many other bios on celebrities. Let’s all enjoy this blog, along with the unique, beautiful images of this sixties icon. See link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0517790/bio. See my previous comment above. “You heard?” Your source? Apparently she was known as Ms. Logue at some time in her life. If my mother were still alive she would be 78 years old. No reason would I ever think you are a crazed fan, and I have no doubt what you are saying, however, I’m privy to some info that I found on the internet and which was later confirmed by the correspondence I shared with a woman who went to college with Elizabeth. So, what I’m basically saying is, that what little I know, or may come to learn about Elizabeth, will go no further at this time. She did send me a wonderful HAND WRITTEN ‘gold embossed’ note to me personally ( such a classy gesture….who does that anymore? It’s very easy to come to the conclusion that she passed away of cancer in 88. Life Magazine, 11 August, 1947, featured story on emerging talent for dancers destined for Broadway, Betty ANN Logue, from Flushing NY, 15 years old My wife and I spent 2 glorious weeks at the Moorea Lagoon in 1981. Perhaps too, this information on the internet may be able to be changed someday, if it can be refuted from other, more credible sources. Here is a youtube clip of her in a 1966 Hawaii Tourist film… Enjoy! And I am so happy to learn from you that your mother is still very much with us. This brief synopsis and photo shows actor Enrico Salerno and another Tahitian actress who appeared in the film (not Elizabeth Logue). Featured as one of the original poster girls for Hawaiian Visitor’s Bureau, circa 1960s. We took him up on is offer and had a great day all to ourselves. This is also the cover for the new remastered CD I referred to above: http://tinyurl.com/8tu2qd9, On this ‘movie lobby card’, I believe Elizabeth can be seen in the two cards on the bottom, left and right, the one where she is placing a Lei around the neck of Enrico Salerno, and also the image directly above that one, (second from the bottom, right column): http://tinyurl.com/bvskbzm, Here’s a fantastic image that I found on the official site of lead actor Enrico Maria Salerno. I am so jealous…if that was me, I would have proposed right then and there! At the time of the pilot for Five-O, that would make her about 36. After exhaustive online research, I have come to the conclusion that yes, Elizabeth Logue, from Hawaii Five O, may be still around. Unfollow. The suggestion of her maybe appearing in a small cameo role has been broached with Liz, and althought I sense she is extremely flattered, she has indicated that she would prefer more than anything else to be remembered by fans as she was, and does not in any way wish to distract from that, or the current production of the new series, by appearing in some cameo. (Some of you are confusing her with a 56 year old who passed on in 1988. She is very happy and enjoying her sunset years. http://www.mistermikesbooks.com/guestbook.html. Here is a link if anyone is interested: http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/20116/ODISSEA-NUDA-NUDE-ODYSSEY/. She was a stage and Broadway actress and dancer from New York and known for starring in New Faces (1954). I have come to appreciate and am now more sensitive to her privacy concerns than I was when I first came online to chat about this with other fans.

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