ember island players great divide

Here’s my verdict: I wish that “The Ember Island Players” had never been made. At the Fire Lord's beach house, Aang and Zuko continue their firebending training as Katara and Toph watch. The real Katara cannot believe Zuko said that to his uncle, but Zuko laments that he might as well have. This isn’t much of a reply, because I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail of the head. I suppose they wanted to have that argument scene “for the fans” since there were so many shippers at the time. Zuko, seems displeased about that. Toph is played by an extraordinarily muscular man with Toph's signature hairstyle. Or how Katara has to be the moral center of the group when she’s broken more of her own morals than anyone else in the group combined. Or perhaps if I did in fact go to one of those comic-cons and they showed this for the fans – I would definitely get a kick out of it. And Toph is not quite an idiot, so…. Not to mention that him not feeling bad about being dishonest is also OOC, as all the other times he lies in the show, he feels bad about it. What are you waiting for? In fact, they actually, Several of the scenes are out of order. Go figure.). I’m very interested to know. Are we honestly supposed to agree with her that these silly knock-offs are really like the actual characters? Speaking of Toph, why is she—and DiMartino and Konietzko and company, I’m assuming—so convinced that this is “the truth” they’re seeing? This episode is the biggest mistake ever inflected upon the good name of Avatar. Yes, even bigger than “The Great Divide.”* Wot’s…uh the Deal. I try not to judge it too much because it's just a filler episode but it does more harm than good. I guess that’s why one should never use FLCL as an inspiration for character designs! By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms Sokka dresses as a Kyoshi Warrior with Suki's actress and wonders if the dress makes his butt look fat, which embarrasses Sokka and makes Suki giggle. That is a very, very good point regarding the characters not getting a real chance to confront their personal flaws, and it definitely is one of the major missed opportunities of this episode. This scene causes the real Sokka to shed tears and stuns the real Suki, who could not believe he kissed the Moon Spirit. At that point in my life, I didn’t like Avatar anyway, and this didn’t help. | You are ignoring the author of this comment, https://terribletvshows.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=The_Great_Divide_(Avatar:_The_Last_Airbender)&oldid=82116, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). It was the victim of too-long seasons that predated the popularity of Netflix 's 10-episode arcs. There’s a reason for this delay. “The Great Divide” was the most pointless episode ever. 317 The reason is pretty obvious. Note, that just like you, I’m not saying that it was “bad.” I mean, in a way it was, but in another sense I enjoyed it.. much like I’d enjoy watching something if I was very bored. “The Western Air Temple” will always be the funniest episode in my book), and they all evade the fact that this episode is basically twenty-four minutes of pure Trolling. Sokka crying over the depiction of princess Yue's death is a reference to the fans' reaction over that particular scene where she sacrifices herself to save the moon spirit.

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