enki created man

The male and female offspring by Enki and the earthling human women had greater intelligence. Enki was also the keeper fo divine powers referred to as “Me,” the Gifts of civilization. He made the grain grow and is the father of all plants. Image credit: Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. He provided seeds of wheat, bean, and barley and raised corn on the fields. His mother Nammu “brings the tears of the gods” before Enki and speaks. The Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis attributes this sudden evolutionary leap that led to modern humans to the intervention of the Anunnaki that is not accounted for in standard History. Home » Ancient Mysteries » Ancient Astronauts » How Humans Were Created By Anunnaki Ancient Astronaut Aliens. The ancient symbols representing Enki were a goat and the fish, which later merged into a single being called a Capricorn. He created fish in rivers and wild animals in the steppes. As you can see Enki is not just the god of man, but his teacher. He provided seeds of wheat, bean, and barley and raised corn on the fields. Streams of water flow from his arms to the ground, sometimes with fish swimming along the flow, which symbolizes the subterranean waters of the abzu. He is the father of all wisdom. According to Zechariah Sitchin, when Genesis says: “And the Lord took Adam, and He placed him in the Garden in Eden, to till it and tend it”, it is actually referring to the activities of Ancient Astronauts and their role in the creation of humans. It is also mentioned that the Anunnaki several times, they ‘do homage’ to the god Enki and sing his praise, they ‘take up their dwellings’ in the midst of the people of Sumer, in the cities and in the countryside and twice it is said that they ‘decree the fates of mankind…’, Written by – A. Sutherland AncientPages.com Staff Writer, Copyright © AncientPages.com All rights reserved. According to the Babylonian creation epic, the 'Enûma Elish', taken from the library of Assurbanipal (c 630 BC), Enki  lived in abzu (Akkadian apsû) with mythical creatures, such as the seven meditators who were created to teach humanity and Isimud (Ismus), a messenger god with two faces looking in opposite directions, who was the servant of Enki. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Against Enki’s wish, the Gods decide to slaughter Kingu, after which Enki finally agrees to use Kingu’s blood to create the first human. He was wise and skillful at all crafts; he was a brilliant scientist, geneticist and engineer. Enki remains in an excellent relationship, the very first of the 7 sages, 7 wise men or also referred to as the “Abgallu” (Ab = water, Gal = great, Lu = Man), aka Adapa. In particular, the speed at which mankind evolved from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens was staggering considering how long it had taken evolution to reach the stage of Homo Erectus from other forms of Man. He created fish in rivers and wild animals in the steppes. He is the father of resurrection and all plant life. Gene-Splicing the Reptilian Man. After sending Tiamat with the “arrows of his winds” down her throat and creating the heavens above, using the arch of her ribs, Enlil places her tail in the sky as the Milky Way, and her crying eyes become the source of the Tigris and Euphrates. It was this decision by the Ancient Astronauts that set them firmly on the path to create modern day Humans. Enki then assembles a team of divinities to aid him, creating a host of “good and princely fashioners.”, Adapa, the first man created, later goes and serves as the advisor to the King of the ancient city of Eridu, when in the Sumerian King List, the “Me” of “kingship descends on Eridu.”. Enki was depicted as a male figure carrying water or pouring it. © 2020 EIC Media LTD. All Rights Reserved. Enki–the savior–promises to help out and manages to put Abzu to sleep, imprisoning him in irrigation canals and places him in the Kur, located beneath the ancient city of Eridu. Enki is considered both the creator and protector of humanity according to the poem of Atrahasis or the epic of Gilgamesh. Excavations Of Ancient Theater In 2,400-Year-Old City Of Smyrna, Turkey, Mystery Of Gilmerton Cove: Underground Maze Of Caves, Passages And Tunnels, History Of Middle Ages Altarpieces Has Been Re-Written, Airmid: Irish Goddess Of Healing And Herbs And One Of The Tuatha Dé Danann, Strange Ancient Accounts Of Fourth Dimensional Phenomena, 10 Spooky Ancient Places That Are Home To The Feared Living Dead, Cupbearer – Prestigious And Dangerous Profession In Many Ancient Cultures Throughout History, Magnificent Pre-Dynastic City Of Sais And Its Lost Neglected Ruins. At first, the Ancient Astronauts tried to get Gold from the rivers of Mesopotamia in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates and there was no need for the additional labour that would eventually result in the creation of man by the Anunnaki. After around six generations of deities, in the Babylonian Enûma Eliš, in the seventh generation, is states that the younger gods referred to as the Igigi , believed to have been the sons and daughters of Enlil and Ninlil, strike and refuse to perform their duties of keeping the creation work. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It was then that Enki had the idea of modeling a clay figure that Inanna, the mother goddess, would give birth to: the first man on Earth. But the universe is still in great danger, as Tiamat, angry because of the imprisonment of Abzu and at the prompting of her son and vizier, the great  Kingu, chooses to take back the creation herself. This ancient Mesopotamian deity is also the creator of the apkallu (ab-gal-lu “great man-fish” in Sumerian) who during the day taught men in different kinds of subjects, and at night retired to the bottom of the sea. In this way, various myths not only explain the creation of man and why he was created but also explains the existence of human beings with some kind of physical or psychic tare. After a heated debate in the Anunnaki Council Of The Gods, where it was eventually decided following a suggestion by Enki, that the Igigi be replaced by the creation of a ‘Primitive Worker’ obtained by combining Anunnaki DNA with the DNA of the most advanced Primate on Planet Earth at that time, probably Homo Erectus, approximately 440,000 years ago. Enki was worshiped at Eridu and there he had his his temple, E-abzu (‘house of the abzu’), which was also known as E-engur-ra (‘house of the subterranean water’). In order to assist with the gold-mining project, the Anunnaki were initially served by the Igigi until they revolted after years of hard labour, forcing the Ancient Astronauts to find an alternative labour source. Enki, an Annunaki leader, after creating Adam and Eve (originally sterile) and others created that could reproduce, had sexual relations with two earthling human women. The Lord of wisdom, who understands the land. Privacy Policy. This is when Enki advises the other deities they create a servant of the gods, humankind, out of clay and blood. He is referred to as the god of wisdom, lord of magic, construction, arts, design and most importantly, creation. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Enlil leader of the Anunnaki then took matters into his own hands by forcibly taking some of the Humans created by the Anunnaki Gods Enki and Ninhursag and placed them in the Garden of Earth Station 1 to look after it. As a result they created mankind to make sacrifices, create temples and create grand musical presentations to entertain and appease them so they did not harm mankind. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In response, the goddess produced all kinds of deformed beings, but Enki found for each of them a place in the world and Sumerian society. Enki (from “En” Lord, “ki” Earth), or Ea (“E” Temple, “A” Water ) is recognized as one of the three most influential gods of the ancient Mesopotamian culture. As things turned out, it would be the relocation of Anunnaki Gold Mining activities to Africa that would set off the chain of events which would lead to the Ancient Astronaut decision to create Humans. However, Enki and Innana drank too much beer during a banquet, they fought, and the goddess boasted that she could spoil her creation when she wanted to. These cookies do not store any personal information. It was in the western Eden, also known as the Abzu or Lower World, that Enki and Ninti created the LU.LU slave, a detail which is confirmed by finds of the oldest Homo sapiens fossils in Africa. In the Babylonian myth, Enlil’s role is taken by Marduk, son of Enki, and in the Assyrian version, it is Asshur. Into the speech of man that had previously been one…” Enki created fertile lands and cities of Mesopotamia. Enlil leader of the Anunnaki then took matters into his own hands by forcibly taking some of the Humans created by the Anunnaki Gods Enki and Ninhursag and placed them in the Garden of Earth Station 1 to look after it. It would be the quest for gold that would lead to the creation of the Humans by the Anunnaki. He created sheep and cowsheds, brought civilization to humankind and taught humans how to construct canals and plan temples, ‘putting their foundation pegs in the right places. Abzu considered the God of fresh water, and the co-creator of the cosmos, threatens to destroy the world with his waters, and all of the Gods gathered in terror. These beings advised the first kings to rule on Earth. Father Satan IS NOT the evil deity you hear about through the lies of "the church". Enki’s Challenge to Ninmah When man had been created, the gods celebrated with a feast and much drinking. However, the Anunnaki soon discovered that the amount of Gold in the Ocean was not adequate, and so the Ancient Astronaut gold-mining operation was moved to Africa where huge gold deposits were found. Enki is associated with the aquatic world and reigns the Apsu, located in the depths of the earth, where the “primordial waters” flow, one of the most important places of Mesopotamian cosmogonic geography. Ea (seated) and attendant deities, Sumerian cylinder seal, c. 2300 BC. (Gene-Splicing the Reptilian Man) from a 1993 reading . The abzu, which was a magic place full of divine powers, was frequently visited by gods who wanted to steal some of Enki’s powers. “Enki, the Lord of abundance, of trustworthy commands. The Ancient Astronuat Theory continues to provoke interest and debate concerning the possibility that Humans were created by an Alien Race called the Annunaki by questioning whether the Historical Timeline of Civilization provided by the current historical paradigm is correct. A male and female.

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