essex yacht club membership dues

+ Non-Resident Membership (41-99 miles from Club) Includes Dining, Golf, Tennis, Fitness & Swimming + National Membership (100 miles plus from Club) Includes Dining, Golf, Tennis, Fitness & Swimming. Membership rates are more affordable than you may think! For more information, please contact our Membership Director, Andrea Randall, at 973-731-1400, ext. 34 or . West Mersea Yacht Club Ltd, company limited by guarantee. As of October 1, 2019, the GLYC initiation fee is $750, $806.25 including sales tax. A monthly Minimum of $25.00 is required to be spent at the club on food or drink by each family. Email. Applications for membership are invited from yachtspeople and others with a genuine interest in sailing and the sea. You are here: Home / Shop / Dues / Membership Dues. Open to, swimming, diving lessons & swim team competition, supervised playground activities for youngsters 7 to 12 years of age, a sandy beach and beautiful sunsets for parents and tots to enjoy, Friday night dinners and B.B.Q’s, on the terrace, for adults, the traditions of a more than 100 year old club. Newly elected members will be advised by the Club Secretary and informed of the charges due and these should be paid by cheque in the first instance.

The Secretary will be happy to arrange introductions if required. Family membership is available for couples and their children, especially where both partners are genuine sailors and are applying for Full membership. Membership Dues. Download Application Form. Why n, Counting down the days until this is our Friday ni, Have you heard? Registered office 116 Coast Road, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex CO5 8PB. Candidates must be prepared to provide references, if required. If the application be approved by the Committee and the candidate thus elected to membership of the Club, he or she will become either a Full or an Associate member. HYC baby !! . Come on, That view though What are you doing this summ, HYC in all its glory. And... programs are a go! It is like having your own piece of waterfront property! Maybe the boats aren’t in but the su, HYC is proud and happy to offer a variety of fitne, This Saturday @ HYC - Annual Work bee - Are you co, Raptors game ..Monday night at HYC bar !! Essex Corinthian Yacht Club Membership Application Key notes for ECYC Applicant Sponsors (Nominating and Seconding Members) The Nominating Member is responsible for ensuring the application process and guidelines are followed and that the application is completed in its entirety and submitted to the Club with the appropriate information and application fees. Rated 5.00 out of 5 … Membership. It’s a place to relax with family and friends. Crew membership is offered to sailing people under the age of 35, who do not own a yacht other than an open dinghy. Applicants should complete the current membership application form found below and submit it to the Secretary, who will post the application on the Club’s notice board for a period of at least 6 days before consideration by the Committee. MONTHLY. Expenses for food, beverages and entertainment that are not subject to paragraph 18(1)(l) are still subject to the provisions of paragraph 18(1)(a) and sections 67 and 67.1. Sailing-beer-cheese, If ya can’t take the heat... jump in the pool! Prior to having an … MINIMUM. First Tuesday night White sail of 2019 !!
A direct debit form will also be sent, which must be completed and returned so that all subsequent subscriptions may be collected by direct debit. It’s a place where your participation and involvement are ways to have fun, establish friendships and keep it all affordable.
Crew membership is offered to sailing people under the age of 35, who do not own a yacht other than an open dinghy. There is no entry fee for Crew membership. E, IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: CLUB CLOSURE It is like having your own piece of waterfront property! WMYC/DSC Combined Sailing Official Notice Board. Membership. Registered in England no 00300433. #sailin, @hycpool bringing all the noise for tonight’s me, Root, root, root for the home team @hycp, @hycpool vs Westmount It’s a place where your participation and involvement are ways to have fun, establish friendships and keep it all affordable. The Hudson Yacht Club is way more than just Boats!!!

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