examples of rogerian essays

Reading … Why do others care about the issue? Models feel the pressure of the fashion industry and use all possible ways to remain skinny and meet the standards. The essay topic discusses the use of mobile phones while driving. “A Simple Solution for Distracted Driving.” WSJ, 2018, www.wsj.com/articles/a-simple-solution-for-distracted-driving-1446218317. A mobile phone becomes an additional item in the driver’s hand, so that the driver has only one hand to control the vehicle. They claim that a mobile phone is only one of the distractive factors, and its impact is not bigger than adjusting a radio, eating while driving, or talking to passengers. Write the introduction. Despite the fact that the use of mobile phones during driving cannot be banned entirely, the government must take measures to reduce the number of victims of traffic accidents. This approach can be successfully used for sensitive and highly controversial issues. Furthermore, it was found that “merely listening to somebody speak on the phone led to a 37% decrease in activity in the parietal lobe, where spatial tasks are processed” (Spice). Your email address will not be published. 2 As a consequence, hands-free conversation technology only increases the number of traffic accidents. You tell yourself you know them better than anyone else. The middle ground argument takes a middle position between the main opposing positions on the issue. The explanation of the speaker's stance, 4. And that is how another problematic issue arises. Find the topic. There’ something like a general acceptance or justification that […]. Over the past few decades, America’s obesity rates among adults and children have been continuously increasing. Spice, Byron. Proofread the first draft. A Rogerian essay differs a lot from the other types of academic writing. For example, a special program could be implemented that starts when a car begins to move and restricts the access to calls, social media, texting, and other distractive applications. Not every driver can react properly in this situation, even without distractions. Make sure that the topic is also interesting to your intended audience. * CAPTCHA * What can be done to resolve the issue considering all sides? Accessed 16 Aug 2018. And the conclusion, during which the speaker highlights the concessions made by the speaker and the benefits of changing viewpoints. The use of mobile phones during driving puts in danger all road users. Don’t criticize or use bias. The Jejunocolic Bypass was a type of bypass that rerouted and shortened the intestines creating weight loss by mal-absorption. .hide-if-no-js { Then you need to depict the problem (or issue) and how it affects both you and your readers. It is crucial for the design houses that all the models fit one size, as fashion houses create the collection in one size. .disclaimer::before { It gives real solutions to conflicts and debates. About 68 percent of the respondents believe that drivers mustn’t use mobile phones (“Should People Be Able to Talk on Their Cell Phone While They Are Driving?”). Mobile phones have interfered in almost every sphere of modern life and have become an essential part of our culture. Show how you position will meet the values of both sides. A passenger is able to monitor the situation on the road and to understand whether speaking with the driver is safe or if it is better not to distract them. You will receive mail with link to set new password. 1. In reality, you didn’t know anything about them and what they were thinking. Don’t rely on your knowledge about the common thought. In this section you can state your own position. Unlike President Robert Freeman who said that the US had no alternative resolution for the WW2 that would save more people than the population of the two cities, the other participants of the war claim that the bombing was a demonstration of the military power of the US armed forces. Are references cited correctly? display: none !important; All rights reserved. There are several other positions which are accepted by both of the parties to the conflict. “Think Before You Speak.” The Economist, 2011, Resolution. Next thing you know one day they just suddenly take their own life out of nowhere. Find an interesting and quite controversial topic like tobacco advertising, euthanasia, social media dependence, etc. Good Rogerian argument essay topics - a few relevant and interesting examples. The latter half of a students high school experience is a very stressful time, not only have to […], Imagine having someone close to you a family member or loved one. Find common ground to pin down common values and goals. Terms & Conditions. It only creates new objects of distraction for a driver. It is necessary to notice that the distraction itself is manifested in two ways. There is a consensus that drivers should be allowed to use mobile phones in emergency situations. Didn't find the paper that you were looking for? } Think what values and beliefs you share with the opposing side. In 1963 the first Jejunocolic Bypass was performed, replacing barbaric procedures such as jaw wiring. Point out the shared values of opposing viewpoints and your own. When they realize that answering a call is not as important as human life, the number of traffic accidents will significantly decrease, and thousands of people will continue to enjoy their lives. These parameters have changed over the years, and recently most fashion models are between 172cm to 180cm and wear extra small to small sizes. The most important thing, which makes it so unique, is that it has practical application. Commonly, teachers give a certain topic, but sometimes students are allowed to pick the topic by themselves.

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