expedition unknown: hunt for extraterrestrials season 1 episode 1

How do they make one of the world's oldest pain remedies, tiger balm? all copyrights go to the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel . Tony battles the cursed cut and greenhorn Fred Lewis calls in a mining legend. Expedition Unknown" chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates unsolved iconic stories across the globe. An unknown competitor invades Mike's turf, forcing him to change his strategy. Buy Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti: Season 1 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Plus, the guys dig through barn grime to get to a '69 Camaro in... Mike and Edd decide that the 80s classic, Ford Mustang GT, is the ideal affordable muscle car for a young aspiring mechanic to cut his teeth on. Disaster hits Big Red for Brennan. Documentary Pool. Josh's epic search for extraterrestrial life comes to a close in the USA, where a legendary investigation team brings him to a hot case in Arkansas. Josh begins his search for extraterrestrial life with a once-in-a-lifetime visit to NASA. © 2019 Discovery Networks International. The Monkeys race to finish the '68 Ford Galaxie XL before its owner comes to Dallas. Plus, Wild Bill faces an unruly greenhorn. The Raneys help Beth and Mike, who live in a ghost town in Montana. Humanity's rapid technological advances have transformed the way humans live. Meanwhile, Atz Sr attempts an unconventional bear hunt. Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials Episode 2 - The Debrief 2 - Travel Channel. Johnathan goes under the knife at sea and Junior bets it all while chasing the elusive Golden King crab. The hunt for alien life continues in Zimbabwe, where Josh interviews witnesses from one of the largest UFO sightings in modern history. Episode 1 Close Encounters Josh Gates starts his extra-terrestrial search with a visit to NASA and an alien-hunting expedition in Chile, where scientists make new discoveries. Captains must choose whether to risk their lives for a big payday. Josh heads into the heart of the Himalayas in search of the elusive Yeti. How do they build the dodgem? Sludge wrestles flooded roads to deliver fuel to farmers. Season 1 (2015) In the series two-hour premiere, Gates seeks new evidence on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. He then hunts for evidence of aliens in Chile, where he views a UFO video captured by the military and … By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. He then hunts for evidence of aliens in Chile, where he views a UFO video captured by the military and assists scientists at the largest telescope on Earth. Then, he goes to the site of a recent meteorite strike in Zimbabwe that could prove life on Earth began in outer space. Barn construction is all hands on deck, but someone isn't pulling their weight. Josh Gates conducts a world-wide search of life outside our planet. Josh Gates investigates the truth behind the world's most iconic and captivating legends. These authentic, roughshod journeys lead Gates closer to the truth behind these compelling stories, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in the south Pacific, the location of Captain Morgan's treasure in Panama and the city of gold, El Dorado, in Peru. The family confronts Bam when he pays more attention to his own projects. A customer wants the talented team to transform a 1965 Ford Falcon Club Wagon into a family cruiser. Then, in England, he investigates an infamous case known as "Europe's Roswell.". To separate fact from fiction, Gates immerses himself in different cultures to understand the world as they do. 42:01. Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials, Expedition Unknown: Search for the Afterlife, Cookies help us deliver our services. As the fleet begins its race against the Russians, ferocious typhoon Hagibis hits the Bering Sea. ... Expedition Unknown: Season 1 Episode 3 - Worlds 8th Wonder - Travel Channel. Could extraterrestrials be involved and aided these scientific innovations? Legal and outlaw distillers compete to make the best rum. Season 1, Episode 4 Roswell Revealed. Expedition Unknown: Hunt for ExtraTerrestrials. Download to watch offline and even view it … Part 1 of a special 4 part mini season. Constructing their stills and mashing in their own raw ingredients, who earn the title of Master Distiller? Russell 'Crusher's' 30-year-old truck feels the strain on a run from Alice Springs to central Queensland. Rick races to finish the build of new washplant, Monster Red, but faces shutdown when forest fires cut off his fuel supplies. Plus, he finds the world's most expensive football. Josh and Jesse head into the desert of southeast Arizona to investigate the legend of an Apache chief, who is rumoured to have buried gold somewhere. Join Josh Gates on the mother of all hunting expeditions as he sets off to find the Yeti, a legendary man-ape living high in the Himalayas. Then, he visits with a researcher who may have new information on the mother of all UFOs.

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