fabfilter saturn alternative

This complex modulation system is ripe for some tasty and exotic delay patterns. But the price… is not for everyone , Your email address will not be published. Some reviewers noted Volcano 2’s incredible presets, particularly the vocal filters, which can transform flat sounds into something out of this world. For example, you can choose from over 150 ready-to-go killer presets or you can configure your own custom presets. At the end of the day, this plugin is great for subtle drive and weight on a master or group channel. However, distortion is generally when you add random frequencies to a waveform which gives it a ‘dirty’ sound. 4) Alternatives? Real Mix Example: Tape saturation recreates the sound that resulted when saturation was added to physical tape recordings prior to digital mixing. Just insert it on your master channel before the limiter and leave it alone. Considering how small it is and how powerful its features can be, we believe it deserves a spot in our list of the best FabFilter plugins. And there you have it — 20 Saturation Plugins for electronic music, and some specific examples as to how to apply them. Grab a deep-house sounding bass from Reaktor’s Monark. The interface has two modes, normal and wide, which can be easily accessed according to one’s needs. This tells us that the Pro-L 2 was made with the serious mix engineer in mind. “Hyperbits is one of the most reliable and talented producers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”, Top 20 Saturation & Distortion Plugins for Electronic Music, here is a free recording of a live, in-depth workshop I’ve given on the topic. In addition, Saturn is very simple to use–just drag and drop for most of the software’s actions! Switch the Saturation type to ‘Keep High’ and dial in the saturation knob to 30-40%. Pick ONE element in your mix that needs some attention. Instead, dial in some subtle drive (maybe 3-4), switch the style to the EMI (E) setting, set the mix between 70-80% and listen to your vocal gain new clarity, edge, and brightness as it starts to cut through the mix. Most avid UAD users will likely talk about how great it sounds on guitars, but the warm, crunchy distortions I’ve been achieving in my bass sounds is what makes this thing so special. So with that in mind, here are my favorite 20 saturation and distortion tools, paired with a real-mix-example which demonstrates how I might use each plugin. If you’re like me – this plugin most likely has fallen into the ‘I own it, I use it, but have no idea what I am doing with it’ category at some point. Each step can take on a Sine, Linear or one of the two Square curves. This helps in monitoring the changes to the sound. I would be happy using Limiter 6 GE over Fabfilter Pro-L at any point. In keeping with the Dutch company’s shining reputation in building high-end audio plugins, FabFilter’s update to their much-acclaimed compressor is a reliable gem of a plugin. It has four multimode filters that can function as low-, band- or high-pass types. Volcano 2 is a fun filter to use and is perfect for producers who want something powerful, approachable, and easy to play with. For instance, the Space control parameter consolidates usual parameters such as room size, diffusion, early reflection, and others into a single module. The scream and overdrive settings will add bite and aggressiveness to your sound while tape and tube settings will create a warm and charming aura. One of Timeless 2’s most interesting features is Freeze Buffer. Two other features, Unity Gain and Audition Limiting, allows further control for monitoring the effect of limiting. It also has a MIDI Learning capabilities and a Smart Parameter Interpolation to properly coordinate parameters during transitions. The plugin also feels totally weightless in any machine, making it easy to plop in a signal chain without creating significant latency issues. Try just a touch of saturation to bring your bass to life in the mix, or smash the drum room mics for a huge, aggressive tone. These little things can be tweaked according to one’s needs and whims. Functions include all of the best features of tape including HF compression, transient-smoothing and saturation with full control over asperity noise, head-bump, wow and flutter, etc. With another simplistic interface, don’t over-think this plugin. Your email address will not be published. This means that you can reduce the gain in a specific frequency band using the peaks in another band as triggers. Learn how your comment data is processed. The sidechain section has been revamped, adding a few mid-band slopes such as Bell, Tilt Shelf, Notch, Band Pass, apart from the standard lowpass/ highpass filter section. This is pretty much the most incredible plugin deal in the entire industry because you are getting the entire Sound Toys Bundle for roughly the cost of just one Sound Toys plugin. Don't feel like you can only run guitars through amp simulators and pedal plugins. The world-class u-he team spent months of research and painstaking measurement to develop this plugin which magnificently captures the magic of magnetic tape machines. The Satin comes with extra effects such as 4-tap stereo delay and a flanger. The Saturn has some really powerful presets emulating some crunchy amps and tape saturators. Using words such as Brightness, Distance, and Character in lieu of the usual reverb terminologies, the Pro-R definitely has a user-friendly feel. Assuming sound-choice and other processing is in place, this should be a nice energy layer. While the plugin is easy to figure out, the accompanying manual provides a lot of useful information not only about the plugin but about the principles of mixing and mastering.

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