facebook marketplace not showing number of views

A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one. I go to appeal and get no response for days on end. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. Is this an automated system or are people flagging my posts? Did you piss someone or a group of people off lately? Trying to sell my mom's Michael Kors purse and I've sold a few other ones before. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When I post a phone, it'll usually hover around 15 or so views for a while, and then jump up into the 300's over the next day or two. The item itself (obviously) -- a pair of old dirty New Balance sneakers will understandably get less views than a brand new shiny TV. Marketplace is kinda hit or miss for me. I tried to get my GF to see if she could see the post and she can't access the marketplace at all (hits an error page and searching for answers on Google doesn't yield any quick answers). No one goes on Kijiji for that in my experience. Email us. it attracts many more views than the phones that are just simply pictured in somebody's hand, with their dirty fingernails wrapped around the phone and smudges all over the screen. As previously mentioned, Facebook wants to see that accounts are active. It doesn’t get more than 1view, which is from me, and I don’t get any responses at all. If this is the typical user experience, I can see why views would be low. A Phone call? If I’m more generic (Men’s watch, men’s shoes) the posts remain up. Facebook Marketplace issues, No views, posts always being flagged!! The item itself (obviously) -- a pair of old dirty New Balance sneakers will understandably get less views than a brand new shiny TV. I try to repost or post a new ad for perfume or a purse my mom is trying to get rid of and it gets flag for "prohibited item"....yeah how about the other thousands of purses on marketplace. According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, the call was made that users wouldn’t be interested in how many people saw the content they passed along — just how many reacted to it. But even if Backstrom is right, and Facebook has no ulterior motives here, it’s an interesting point. Maybe it was competition. The pictures of the item. Social media is all about engagement; does it matter if you view something but don’t respond? Only 5 right now but 3 of which are experiencing the issue where I can't find my own ad, -Ive checked the location and tried to even shift the map a bit as some posts have suggested, -Ive never had a bad experience selling so I doubt anyone could have reported me. A Dream Come True: Facebook Will Pay Some Users to Deactivate Their Accounts Ahead of the Election, Facebook Promises To Do the Bare Minimum, Restricts New Political Ads a Week Before the Election, Mark Zuckerberg Blames Kenosha Militia Page on “Operational Mistake”, Trump Ad Tries to Stoke Fear of Protesters With 2014 Photo … From Ukraine.

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