fenix guitar serial number check

Fenix telecaster with serial number stamped on neckplate E73... Hello KCBuck i found this on the net its away to date MIJ guitars... *F = F... Hi I have just bought a FENIX 12 string, D12 ME serial number 9053857. Trivia. I have a fenix bass, serial number : E 902717 The price was $1,400 and two were produced. George and Diana currently build two models of steel string guitars, along with the nylon string OM, and a 17 inch archtop. About 6 of these were produced. This prefix consists the one or two digits of the production year and applies to all models. Fender Strat Custom Shop serial number????? However, because of the similarities to the Fender brand and instruments, Young Chang could not sell the Fenix instruments due to licensing issues with Fender, and production stopped. They will be expanding their guitar making class (a weekend only class), and expect to build 30 or so guitars per year, along with doing repairs. Check serial number. Sources of inspiration for PRS include Gibson and Fender. Rock it, and keep the audience happy and buying more beers. Hi I have a phoenix model 004, can you please help me with more information Phoenix has been producing guitars since 1994. You good or do you have additional questions? I have an E91 too!I think it's a 91 model. In 1996, U.K. distributors Barnes & Mullins reintroduced the product line, for a short while. After a couple of years, he closed the shop, because he wanted to build guitars rather than manage a store. All PRS guitars have a serial number that starts with a prefix that indicates the year. kcbuck - Texas Boy. With acoustic guitars, the serial number is usually written somewhere in the sound cavity of the guitar. Acoustic or el... Hello,I have a Young Chang Fenix Guitar, serial. Thank you. No reference is given to Fenix as to their serial number code or system. But if Fenix is in align with Fenders serial number scheme based upon Young Chang experience with Fender the "E9" prefix would equal 1989 to 1990 as the year of manufacture. Several manufacturing runs of Fenix guitars were pushed out of the same Young Chang factories in Korea as the Squier guitars. Can anyone date A FENIX strat. I have a fender strat squier serial number cxs 061402805 in near mint condi... Can anyone tell me the value of a fender squire strat serial number ICS1708... Fenix stratocaster E9107817 can someone tell me the thread s... Fender Electric Strat Guitar serial number. Sorry, can't help you out on this end. S6098713 serial number...date of manufacture and what facility please. You have quite a bit of history on your guitar right now with all the above information that is provided. If you want to know the production year of your PRS guitar, you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below. In 1994, he formed the Phoenix Guitar Company, and hired several luthiers to build custom instruments and do repairs. Peeling back the onion to the early 1990's…... you read and agreed to the. Be Good, Posted by ... CORT bass GUITAR, SERIAL NUMBER 313829.. ageing a kay guitar by serial number Fenix telecaster with serial number stamped on neckplate E73... Hi I have just bought a FENIX 12 string, D12 ME serial number 9053857. Thank You from Spain, Luis: What year is a Fexnix Telecaster,with Fenix and underneath by Young chang E... What do we know about Young Chang guitars (pre Fenix brand) ? Phoenix guitars are currently produced in Phoenix, AZ. In early 2006, George moved his shop into a larger building, and began focusing on his guitar making full time. We cannot tell you the history of your guitar after it left the factory. Can you date my Fenix stratocaster serialnr. If not, try going through the other blog posts for some helpful information or do an inter-net word search for "Guitar Set-Up and Intonation".

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