figure 8 puffer behavior

and other quick, short-finned fish that tolerate a similar salt grade and temperature. There have been no reports of figure 8 puffers being bred in captivity so far. I will feed them snails twice a month and frozen bloodworms every day. Some internal illnesses can be hard to treat since puffers don’t readily take medicated dead food. Like all puffers, figure eights are very aggressive and the easiest way to keep them is a single-species setup with a single specimen. As a result, they need sufficient open area to swim, however also require locations to conceal and check out. Regular water changes to maintain beautiful water conditions are recommended for this fish. There’s heated debate surrounding purchasing wild-caught fish, so it’s best to do your research beforehand to learn where you personally stand on the issue. If you want to fix this so they can live a long and happy life, you’ll need to start adjusting things ASAP to match the guidelines mentioned. food with a touch of garlic to entice the fish, Growing dwarf hairgrass | Eleocharis parvula care & info, Convict Cichlid {Amatitlania Nigrofasciata} Care Guide. Having engineering and medical education, in recent years actively engaged in the study of the development, reproduction of domestic animals. In a brackish community tankmates can include monos, bumblebee gobies and salt-tolerant Chanda species. They are deep brown in color on the upper part of the body and white on the underside. We have large cherry shrimp colonies in our other aquariums, so sometimes I release a bunch for them to hunt down, which is challenging since there are so many hides and keeps them occupied. You could keep quite a few gobies, though, they are very small. It’s also not 100% the most ideal situation; bumblebee gobies do best in a single-species setup. Controversy exists over whether any puffers are true freshwater fish, but some people think figure 8 puffers fall under that category. Right now I’m using a large LED squeak filter that came with the set of my tank. Hope things end up okay with them. In the different celebrations they have spawned in captivity, they have laid eggs on a flat surface area, such as the substrate. Figure 8 puffers choose a neutral pH and tolerate soft to moderately tough water. I agree it’s probably possible to keep them together though you should always have a plan B for the gobies in case your puffer turns out to be a cold blooded killer. Figure 8 puffers are little for pufferfish, reaching an adult size of fewer than 3 inches. As a rule of thumb, don’t anticipate to keep them in a typical freshwater neighborhood tank successfully.

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